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How To Get Out Of Debt

Can We Afford the Debt Snowball to Get Out of Debt? – Julie

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“Dear Steve, We started our own business about 6 years ago. We had just finished building a new house and the business was one that takes a few years to build up. Not enough income coming in, lots of new expenses for the business led us to the perfect storm of debt. Now our business is starting to really thrive, ... Read More »

    The Worry and Stress Over My Debt is Emotionally Draining. – KL

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    “Dear Steve, I am a single person who has no help. Not only do I not have financial help in my life….but I go through the worry and stress alone trying to figure out how to pay all my debt. Its hard and emotionally draining by yourself. I have always wanted to do the right thing and pay my debts ... Read More »

      How Can We Deal With The House My Elderly Mother is Living In? – Carol

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      “Dear Steve, Husband medically retired I have very small income our total incone is approximately $40,000 after taxes. We have a primary mtg. Of $1800 a month,a second house of $1100 monthly where my mother in law rents for$ 740 a month. Both taxes & insurance are included. W can pay our monthly bills if we are careful but cannot ... Read More »

        I’m Short of Cash and Don’t Know What to Do? – Parker

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        “Dear Steve, My boyfriend and I live in an apartment together which my aunt paid a year for in advance to the complex and have been paying her back monthly at regular price since we were forced out of my parents’ house. Well it’s time for us to move out of our apartment now but there’s a problem… When we ... Read More »

          I Need a Good Kick in the Ass to Get Our Finances On Track

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          “Dear Steve, While we aren’t in financial dire straits yet, I fear that we are getting closer and closer. I would say that we have been in debt since we first got married. Aside from school loans, I brought most of the debt into the marriage – all of it credit cards. While we didn’t have an extravagant wedding and ... Read More »

            I’m a Teacher and Have to Go to the Food Pantry. – Andrea

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            “Dear Steve, I am a teacher and I make a decent salary. My problem is that I have gotten into a lot of debt through credit cards. It has gotten to the point where I have to choose what bills to pay in a given month. I even went to food pantry this weekend as I didn’t have enough money ... Read More »

              I Got Divorced and My Credit Card Debt Snowballed. – Hope

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              “Dear Steve, I was divorced 2 years ago and was awarded a $5000 credit card balance and a zero balance in my checking/savings accounts. Since I didn’t have enough cash flow to pay off the credit card, I carried this balance (for the first time…I’d paid it off monthly till then). I tried to use only cash to pay for ... Read More »

                Financial Hardship Installment Loan. – Tracy

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                “Dear Steve, I became disabled in 1993, and opened a bank account, purchased lfe insurance with Union Fidelity and 17 years later, with an immaculate payment record, and 750 credit record, the process for an unauthwith Unionorized draft on my bank, has crippled me, as I have not been able to work, and for two months my direct deposit did ... Read More »

                  My Husband is an Army Recruiting Commander and We Can’t Afford Our Bills. – Enisha

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                  “Dear Steve, We desperately need help. We have 3 children in our home (total of 5). We are in financial ruin. So much so that it has prevented my husband from getting a promotion. He is currently a Recruiting Station Commander in the Army. We have sacrificed and moved a few times to help progress his career and now because ... Read More »

                    I Can’t Afford My Home Anymore. Was Thinking of Using Curadebt. – Brenna

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                    “Dear Steve, I am a home owner in NJ. I am head of household and have had my house for 8 years. I took my whole family in and was doing just fine as my mother was helping with the mortgage as were my brother-in-law and sister. However, times have changed and I am no longer receiving the financial help ... Read More »

                      Can We Just Pay a Little Each Month on Our Credit Cards? – Nicholle

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                      “Dear Steve, My husband was laid off several months ago, and has thankfully found a new job! In the interim we fell months behind paying our debts. My husband’s new job is also at about a 30% pay cut…. When calculating our new budget, I was frustrated by the fact that we would only have enough money to cover our ... Read More »

                        Have You Heard About Barron Financial. It’s a Debt Reduction Company. – Lorraine

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                        “Dear Steve, I my monthly credit card payments are more than I can pay $820.00 a month. I have medical bill about $1200.00 I had surgery for breast cancer this year. I cosigned on some student loans for my son. I am receiving letters that they are not being paid. I did not pay American Express this month I have ... Read More »

                          How Do I Let Go Of My Credit Cards Without Hurting My Credit? – Sonia

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                          “Dear Steve, two major credit cards with each 16k limits.. one has 11k and one has 10k. I have 100 in interest each month. I pay 250 to 300 each month. I want to let go of them. How do I do this without hurting my credit? Sonia” Dear Sonia, The only way to get rid of your credit cards ... Read More »

                            Single Mother, No Help, Trying to Make Ends Meet. – Jennifer

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                            “Dear Steve, I am a 36 year old single mother of 1. By single, I mean no dad to even help with child expenses. I work FT and contribute 4% to my company’s 401k which is matched 100%. My monthly mortgage is 52% of my take home and I’m currently looking at refinancing from the 5.25% interest rate I currently ... Read More »

                              Getting Married But We Can’t Make Ends Meet or Afford a Wedding. – Katie

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                              “Dear Steve, I’m getting married in January to the love of my life. But I am concerned about our financial situation. I just went full-time at my job 2 months ago so we would have more money, but it seems like we still don’t have enough money for everything. Together, we have $1,500 in bills each month and we make ... Read More »

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