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How To Get Out Of Debt

I’m Repaying My Debt But Have Payday Loans. – David

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“Dear Steve, i am in 2nd year of credit proposal and got hooked up with wrong person now have pay day loans and at the end of my rope.dont no what to do how can i get out of this mess i make good money but just got to deep. Dont no what to do David” Dear David, Since I ... Read More »

    My Sons Went to College and Have Six Loans I Can Barely Afford. – Marcia

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    “Dear Steve, What is a smart way to be able to get debt free. I have two boys who went to college and we have 6 loans out there now all wanting there money, i am doing my best to catch up and pay on them , but it leaves us has parents and my sons with NO money to ... Read More »

      Current On Our Bills But Want to Get Credit Relief Settlement Help. – Michael

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      “Dear Steve, my wife and I have approx. 85K in credit card debt. We are current on all payments, however, are making little to no progress to pay these cards down. We would be interested in a debt settlement that would lower our interest rates on the debt so we could pay them off over a matter of time (say ... Read More »

        How Can I Lower the Debt I Owe? – LeoTheLion

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        “Dear Steve, I have between 70K and 75K unsecured debt (95% credit card balances and 5% medical bills). Credit cards are Chase, Citibank, American Express and Discover. A lot of these credit cards have 0% apr, so the apr is not an issue, but the amount of minimum payment itself is killing me. I need to decrease the amount of ... Read More »

          I Was on an H1B Visa and Had to Move Back to India. – Hardeep

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          “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I worked in the US for 5 years on h1b visa and maintained a healthy credit rating during those years.Due to sudden turn of events i lost my job and had to relocate back to india with lot of credit card debt still hanging on my head. I have all the intentions of paying back and ... Read More »

            I Missed My Credit Card Payments and I’m Freaking Out. – John

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            “Dear Steve, I am a student. Graduating from a university with a Bachelors Degree in business. I have 3 credit cards and a car loan. I am behind one month on 2 of my credit cards. I have applied for jobs and will have an interview next week, but even if I do get the job, the hiring process will ... Read More »

              I’m Falling Behind on My Credit Card Debt. – Danielle

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              “Dear Steve, I am 30 years old and make $45K and have racked up a lot in medical bills that was taken to collection. I am currently paying that debt off but my credit cards are falling behind. I currently have $12,000 to $15,000 in credit card debt and want to lower my interest rates and the amount owed to ... Read More »

                How Can I Deal With My Magazine Subscription Debt? – Shawn

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                “Dear Steve, I have been out of a job for a few years, I have been looking for work but so far there has been no response. My problem for me is that I am in debt to a magazine company and it didn’t help that I tried to go to school twice but I didn’t succeed and was forced ... Read More »

                  My Credit Score Dropped and I Want to Get Out of Debt. – Renee

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                  “Dear Steve, I obtained my 1st credit card 1 month after my 18th birthday.. that was 10 years ago and now I have 7. I have consoldated my cards with my credit union before, but due to lay off and emergencies, they are charged back up. I’m having a hard time keeping up with my payments. I used to have ... Read More »

                    My Active Duty Military Husband Wants to Retire Next Year Debt Free. – Tonya

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                    “Dear Steve, 35K in credit card debt needing to paid by Aug 2012 I am wondering where I can go to get debt relief. We have great credit scores but banks will not loan because of the debt to income ratio and credit cards keep going up,. My husband is active duty military and we would like to retire aug ... Read More »

                      Credit Arbitrators Keeps Mailing Me Stuff. – John

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                      “Dear Steve, I found you from doing some research on Credit Arbitrators, a company that has been mailing me their literature. I have been stressing out over my credit card debt for several years now. I can only afford the minimum payments and as a substitute teacher, it is becoming more and more difficult as the minimum payments get higher. ... Read More »

                        How Can We Pay Off Our Debt in Three Years? – Joey

                        “Dear Damon, My wife had a full time job, then stopped working for a few years when we had children, then went back to work part time for about 8 years. This was a big decrease in income and, regrettably, a lot of times we charged to compensate in doing or buying things needed during that time that we would ... Read More »

                          We Are Living on Overdraft But Want to Avoid Bankruptcy. – Ann

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                          “Dear Steve, We have about 35k in credit card bills. There’s 4 cards, one is the biggest, and it’s the overdraft card for our checking account and it’s steadily growing. We’re living beyond our means i guess. Trying to find ways to save money but medical bills and gas costs are killing us these days..We’re able to pay our bills, ... Read More »

                            We Got Our Loan Modification But Now Need to Deal With Our Other Debts. – Sandy

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                            “Dear Steve, We were in a bad/pick-a-payment/bi-weekly mortgage loan and in our struggle to keep our house, we used credit cards to supplement paying our household expenses. We have found ourselves with nearly $40,000 of debt. After three attempts, we finally have a loan modification, so now are making every effort to ‘catch up’. We have not used credit cards ... Read More »

                              I Have 16 Credit Cards, Out of Work and Living With Toxic Mold. – Jennifer

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                              “Dear Steve, I have about 16 credit cards that have a revolving balance for a while now (around 2-3 years or more on some.) and I’m in a situation now where I’m out of work and had to evacuate my home because of a toxic mold issue. Even when I was working I never made enough money to pay more ... Read More »

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