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How To Get Out Of Debt

My Boss is a Bully and I Can’t Take It Anymore. – Sherry

Women fighting

“Dear Steve, I just stumbled upon your site. THANK YOU for this empowering information. I’m in a tough situation. I have been employed for the past 13 years at my company and am at the top of the pay scale for my position. I’ve got a lot of credit card and personal loan debt (36,000 all together) that I planned ... Read More »

    Is Consult America Legit?


    “Dear Steve, First of all, I want to say thank you for putting this site together. I hope God takes care of you and your family in the best way possible. I’m not sure if this will lead to anything or not, but I’m hopeful. I’ve currently accumulated quite a bit of debt (more than I ever imagined I could). ... Read More »

      I’m So Embarrassed About My Debt. – Patty

      Lifestyle choices.

      “Dear Steve, I’m scared about being scammed also, I can’t seem to save any money. I’m just too tired to keep from worrying all the time. To be very honest. We have a credit score of 760. I’m paying credit cards and no money left over so I keep the same pattern. Pay amount due and then have to charge ... Read More »

        I Want to Take Cash Out of My House to Pay My Debt. – Bruce

        Couple Buying House

        “Dear Steve, I live in Northern California and have approximately 90K in credit card debt and need help badly as we’re having trouble making ends meet! If possible I don’t want to file BK I make approximately 125k a year and my wife has been unable to work the past 4 years due to medical issues. We currently own a ... Read More »

          I’m Back on My Feet and Want to Start to Payoff My Old Debt. – Brandon


          “Dear Paula, In Debt have not made any payment in the last 5 years or talk to any creditors about it. I Have a bout 40 grand in debt from about 5 years ago almost all credit card debt. I have some medical bills as well. I am back on my feet and starting to make good money. I feel ... Read More »

            I Was Homeless and an Alcoholic and Have Some Debt. – John

            man - elderly

            “Dear Steve, I was homeless for a long time & had a drinking problem iv gone through some programs in one now that helps with rent. im 65 & on a fixed income of 730.a mo. letters say i owe 900 to a co. down so. i know theres more cant get a debt list. an dont know how i ... Read More »

              I Can’t Sleep Because I’m So Stressed Out About My Debt. – Bill


              “Dear Steve, I live in Georgia. 50 years old, wife is 41, two boys age 14 and 11. Boys are special needs and attend private special needs school, tuition paid in full by my Mom. Own home with $133K left on loan balance. Equity is anywhere from $2K to $10K. Home prices have stabilized in my zip code but area ... Read More »

                Should I Go With ClearPoint Credit Counseling or File Bankruptcy?


                “Dear Paula, I am at a crossroads with deciding between debt consolidation with a reputable lawyer in Manhattan, Clearpoint Consumer Credit Counseling, or taking a loan from Lending Club to resolve my debt. I realize I should have done something about this sooner but I always thought “things will change” – however, that’s not happening and I’ve finally come to ... Read More »

                  I Send My Credit Card Companies What I Can Afford to But They Say It’s Not Enough. – Dorene


                  “Dear Steve, Over 2 years ago I lost my job. A month later I got another job, it was part time but worked out to become full time. The pay I receive now is $150.00 less a week than what I was receiving from my previous job. My ex-husbands health is not good so I am not receiving allimony any ... Read More »

                    I Just Can’t Seem to Stop Spending Money. – Chase


                    “Dear Steve, Hi, a little about me. I am 29 years old separated from my former fiancé who is also the mother of our 5 yr old awesome daughter. We owned a condo together which I gave her and moved in with my mother :( so I am saving money there but I just can’t seem to stop spending money ... Read More »

                      Is DDS Debt Defense Services a Legal and Legitimate Company? – Martineau.

                      Magnifying Glass - Q&A

                      “Dear Steve, My wife and I are in a difficult financial situation. We ride to file bankruptcy in the past, but that didn’t work out for us, but we consider a debt consolidation or dispute. However we were contacted by the DDS for services, before we sign any agreement with them , we want to make sure the company ” ... Read More »

                        My Work Has Been Cut in Half and My Health Makes it Tough to Work More to Repay My Debt. – Kimberly

                        get out of debt

                        “Dear Steve, I have unsecured credit card debt. Have been with a few different debt settlement companies who have gone bankrupt. Still am trying to pay off these bills. Is there a statue of limitation on collecting money owed on these? And what can they do to you? Since the economy has crashed my work has been cut in half ... Read More »

                          My College Related Debt Creates a Lot of Anxiety. – David

                          stressed man

                          “Dear Steve, During college I moved out with a friend, which went sour and I end up owing about $1,200 when I had to move out because she didn’t pay. Then my father, who had promised to help me with school went on disability and I couldn’t afford my apt and bills. After this I decided to continue on with ... Read More »

                            How Can I Move My Debt Around to Pay It Off Faster? – Max


                            “Dear Steve, I’m back again. This time with a different subject, though I’m still working on the other issue we talked about previously. So, I want a credit limit increase or a new card, though I already have 4 cards. I want to transfer my $6,000 Chase card balance with an APR to one of my no APR cards (2 ... Read More »

                              Should We Deal With Our Old Debt or Use Our Cash to Build a House? – Shane

                              New Construction

                              “Dear Steve, newly wed 30yo male. i have around 95k in debt…. Around 70k is student loans from sallie Mae. 30k of which is co signed for my wife and her brother. all of which have defaulted…..The rest is made up of a reposessed vehicle 4 yrs ago..15k.. And various credit cards maxed out. wife and I have been ... Read More »

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