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How To Get Out Of Debt

How Can I Move My Debt Around to Pay It Off Faster? – Max


“Dear Steve, I’m back again. This time with a different subject, though I’m still working on the other issue we talked about previously. So, I want a credit limit increase or a new card, though I already have 4 cards. I want to transfer my $6,000 Chase card balance with an APR to one of my no APR cards (2 ... Read More »

    Should We Deal With Our Old Debt or Use Our Cash to Build a House? – Shane

    New Construction

    “Dear Steve, newly wed 30yo male. i have around 95k in debt…. Around 70k is student loans from sallie Mae. 30k of which is co signed for my wife and her brother. all of which have defaulted…..The rest is made up of a reposessed vehicle 4 yrs ago..15k.. And various credit cards maxed out. 10-12k.my wife and I have been ... Read More »

      We Should be Filing Bankruptcy But Want to Avoid Bankruptcy. – Mel

      covering eyes

      “Dear Steve, We owe over $100,000 in unsecured debt. Of course our outgoing is more than the incoming. BUT…somehow we have been able to maintain a current status with our payments. Technically, we should be filing bankruptcy but we are going to give repayment on our own a try first. I understand that your first loss is your best loss ... Read More »

        I Want to Know if Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, or Credit Counseling Work


        “Dear Steve, I owe $52,000 in credit card debt. I want to know if Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, Debt Counseling etc….Do any of them work? I do not want to file for bankruptcy. I have not missed any payments but mostly minimum payments. In the mail I get all kinds offers for Debt this and Debt that. It has been ... Read More »

          Halo Debt Solutions Doesn’t Seem to Try Anymore. – Pablo

          Speech Bubble - Q&A

          “Dear Steve, Large amount of unsecured debt, unsold/unrented manufactured house on 1 acre rural IN with mortgage, renting in SC due to job transfer, car with loan, another without. Haven’t used credit for years, had used halo debt solutions for some good low settlements, not using them now since they don’t seem to try anymore. Does debt ever disappear completely ... Read More »

            I Have Muscular Dystrophy and Overspent to Give My Kids a Good Life. – Stephanie

            mother daughter

            “Dear Steve, I bought a house 2 yrs ago for $168,470 and I owe $130,416.53 with an interest rate of 4.625%. My LTV is about 73%, based on a comparable home that sold for $178,000 a year ago in my subdivision. My home is new construction in an university town, where the market value is doing well. Here are the ... Read More »

              Single Mom Struggling to Make Ends Meet and Paying Off Debt. – Sam


              “Dear Steve, I have 3 credit cards and an auto loan. One card was recently paid in full after being delinquent for a year. The 2nd one I have made payment arrangements with and will be paid in full as soon as my tax return is received. The 3rd and highest balance (approx $7000 with Wells Fargo), I have payment ... Read More »

                I Was Unemployed But Now Have a Job. I’d Like to Start to Get Out of Debt. – Adan


                “Dear Steve, I live in Los Angeles, CA and was unemployed for several years and was not able to pay my credit card and student loan bills among other bills. Now I have a job with okay salary and my living expenses are not much. I can afford to start paying off my debt. I have credit card debt in ... Read More »

                  Debt Snowball is Reducing Our Debt But What Next? – Doris


                  “Dear Steve, We owe 172,000.00 on our house and live in CA. We are in our late 4o’s with a net worth of 200,000.00 not including my pension. We both have another 20 or so years to retire. My husband is self employed as a painter therefore we have to put away extra retirement for him. We have life insurance, ... Read More »

                    Is Ready for Zero a Scam? What Do You Know About Them? – Jane


                    “Dear Steve, Single income earner 32.50 – disable husband who owned own business pittance from SS 2 teenage girls. I work full time, and at least 4 hours every sat at 2nd job new opportunity for OT at work so switching to that almost 25,000 (on total of 6 cards) in debt plus 62,000 left on house and a home ... Read More »

                      I Can Make My Monthly Payments But Can’t Breathe. – Jas

                      End of stress.

                      “Dear Steve, I have 6 credit cards. One of which I am over the limit by about $500 because I didn’t read the fine print and ended up with a $900 interest fee. Between all six cards I am currently in over $20k in debt. I make $46k a year and still going to school which I use student loans ... Read More »

                        I Need Help Reducing My Credit Card Debt. – Norma

                        get out of debt

                        “Dear Steve, I need help reducing my debt which is in credit cards only-approximately 50,000. Some of the credit cards are in my name only, some are in my husbands name and some are in both our names. If I look to a credit relief organization, will the consolidation and relief impact my husband’s credit rating? Thanking you in advance. ... Read More »

                          I Can’t Make My Payments and Creditors Want it All? – Bridget

                          Financing a budget

                          “Dear Jon, I have 4,900 in credit card debt and all my cards have been turned over to collection. I am doing the best i can, but they are not letting me do payments they demand the full amount or they can split the full amount in to 4 payments. I can only pay about 100 each month to get ... Read More »

                            I Could Not Live My Old Life Anymore. I’m Seeking Happiness But With Debt. – Patrick

                            Arms Open

                            “Dear Steve, Thanks for your time. I’ve read through your site, your publications, spoke last month with a financial consultant (Damon Day – I think you might know him or know of him?) and wanted to drop you a line to get your thoughts. I see the site requests a substantial amount of information, so I hope what I share ... Read More »

                              How Can I Stop My Husband From Spending Money We Don’t Have? – Marie


                              “Dear Steve, I was an asst. director at a computer company for 4 years of the 10 years I worked ( I am a medical laboratory tech by trade) at this company. When I quit to be a full-time mom (and follow my husband as he did contract work as a nurse anesthetist) I was making ~$75,000. I had ~$45,000 ... Read More »

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