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How To Get Out Of Debt

I Could Not Live My Old Life Anymore. I’m Seeking Happiness But With Debt. – Patrick

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“Dear Steve, Thanks for your time. I’ve read through your site, your publications, spoke last month with a financial consultant (Damon Day – I think you might know him or know of him?) and wanted to drop you a line to get your thoughts. I see the site requests a substantial amount of information, so I hope what I share ... Read More »

    How Can I Stop My Husband From Spending Money We Don’t Have? – Marie


    “Dear Steve, I was an asst. director at a computer company for 4 years of the 10 years I worked ( I am a medical laboratory tech by trade) at this company. When I quit to be a full-time mom (and follow my husband as he did contract work as a nurse anesthetist) I was making ~$75,000. I had ~$45,000 ... Read More »

      What is the Easiest and Quickest Way to Get the Debts Paid Off Sooner? – Donise

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      “Dear Steve, We are struggling to get out of debt from our mortgage, car payments,and be able to live the life style that we want. and for my husband to retire sooner. We just keep getting deeper in debt What is the easiest and quickest way to get the debts paid off sooner? Donise” Dear Donise, Win the lottery. But ... Read More »

        I Have an Old Traffic Ticket. How Can I Get My Fines Reduced? – Michelle

        traffic ticket

        “Dear Steve, I have a speeding ticket that went to collections 3 year ago I believe, I could not pay it at the time because I had no job and the judge wanted me to do community service, but I could not drive because my license was suspended and had no reliable transportation, so I cannot get my license back. ... Read More »

          How Should I Use My Inheritance to Reduce My Debt? – Jason


          “Dear Steve, Huge amount of credit card debt. One card 40K @ 7.99%, another 7K @ 11.99%, 8.5K @ 3.99%, and 4K @ 21.99%. Plus, 2 car loans total 20K @ 6.99%(these vehicles are used for work/pleasure – 85/15). My income is down from an average of 100K to now about 45K( economic influences beyond my control). We also have ... Read More »

            I’m a Single Mother. How Can I Get Out of This Debt and Get Ahead in Life? – Shauna


            “Dear Steve, Hi, Steve! My name is Shauna and I am a 22 year old single mother attending a community college and living at home with my mother and three other siblings in a 3 bedroom apartment. A lot, right? Well, the thing is that I used to attend an university but was kicked out due to a substantial financial ... Read More »

              I’m a CPA But Feel Trapped in Credit Card Debt. I Want This Monkey Off My Back! – Renee


              “Dear Steve, I am a CPA, have been one for several years (one main reason it makes it hard to ask for help). I have a great job, and just got a promotion. When I reclocate- I will be making approximately $75k (gross) a year. My husband is self employed and for the past two years, his income has decreased ... Read More »

                My Sone Went to Jail and I Paid for His Lawyer on My Credit Cards. – Norman

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, Hello, I owe a total of $10,000. ($5,000 to Visa $5,000 to MasterCard) I have had perfect credit for the past 15 years. I had to spend $10,000 on a lawyer for my son. (the plan was for him to be released and he would pay this off, he will be released on June 2013) Now I am ... Read More »

                  I’m Sinking. What Debt Consolidation Company Should I Go With? – Kathie

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                  “Dear Steve, have about 30,000 in debt ,single parent, teacher, son with cancer dependent on me financially etc. Want to find a reputable debt consolidation company as im sinking . Who do you recommend as a debt consolidation company? Kathie” Dear Kathie, The first step is not what company you should go with but what debt relief solution is the ... Read More »

                    Husband Had Cancer and American Express Won’t Help Me With Reduced Payments

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                    “Dear Steve, I lost my job 2 years ago and have been searching for one ever since. I am 63 years old and have spent my whole working life in a management position. Now, if I get an interview, they say you are over qualified. In other words I am too old. So for the past two years we have ... Read More »

                      I’m a Teacher. My Husband Took a Pay Cut. We Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Jenifer

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                      “Dear Steve, I am married with two children under 4 and rent my house. My rent is 750.00/mo., car payment is 550.00/mo., daycare is 1000.00/mo., loan is 450/mo., and then we have the usual utilities and cell phone bills. Two years ago my husband lost his job, then last year he changed jobs. He currently gets paid $10.00/hr. and I ... Read More »

                        How Can I Convince My Friend to Start Over and Move to California? – Lindsey

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                        “Dear Steve, My question is about a very close friend of mine who is in a bad situation with his debt. He made some mistakes when he was about 20 which caused him to endure some pretty heavy credit card debt. Then, he had kidney failure and cancer in his mid-twenties, and thus incurred even more debt from medical expenses ... Read More »

                          I Will Not Do Bankruptcy But Have No Income in My Name. – Monica

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                          “Dear Steve, I have massive credit card debt. I thought I had it under control, but now that I stay at home with our son, I’ve realized how out of control it is. I have 3 major credit cards, 2 with balances over 10,000 and one with a balance of 6700. I thought i was “earning money” by paying bills ... Read More »

                            My Life Has Been the Perfect Storm of a Sinkhole and a Debt Nightmare. – Shannon

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                            “Hi Steve, I am the perfect storm of a life changing full life debt nightmare!( A little dramatic perhaps, but here goes) I am a 34 year old mom of a wonderful son. I started a small(and at the time, successful) business out of my home in 2005. Things were great, bought a house in Florida in 05 and thought ... Read More »

                              I Can Make the Minimum Credit Card Payments But Trying to Decide Between MMI and Bankruptcy. – Tony

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                              “Dear Steve, Own a home, divorced, alimony is $375/month through May 2013, a $500/month loan with lending club through July 2013. House payment is $1,250 including assessments. Credit card debt alone is $25,000. Lending Club loan has about $6,000 left. Total unsecured debt is about $35,000, including student loan. My house isn’t selling — the one two floors below just ... Read More »

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