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How To Get Out Of Debt

Single Mother Trying to Raise 6 Kids While Working Part Time. Capital One is Suing. – Sunny –

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“Dear Steve, I’ve always paid my bills on time and eventually obtained a credit score as high as 720. I became pregnant in 2009 and 4 months into my pregnancy I started getting complications and was ordered to bed rest by my doctor. I was out on medical/family leave for my remaining 5 months so I only received half of ... Read More »

    My Boyfriend is Helping With the Bills But I’m Still Drowning in Debt. – Lindsay

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    “Dear Steve, — 30 Years old, unmarried, live with partner. — Sold car last year to pay off debts, but ended up having to use the extra cash for emergency expenses. — About $22,000 in unsecured credit card debt. Have been working on it about 10 years, but it has only grown. — Approximately $43,000 in student loans (Federal, not ... Read More »

      I’m Distraught, Depressed, and Anxious About My Debt. – Janine

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      “Dear Steve, I’m a 42 year old professional, recently divorced. I took all the debt, left him all the assets, i.e. collateral, for a 401k distribution as settlement, which I’ve basically been triple taxed on and came out still far down in the hole. Then I got laid off and have been in the process of starting my own company ... Read More »

        We Just Can’t Get Caught Up on Our Bills and Debts. – Beth

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        “Dear Steve, Divorcee’ with one child, remarried, living in home that is mortgaged under my ex-husbands name only and the deed is in my name only (don’t ask how-lol). Remarried we both work full time jobs My credit WAS descent, until the wedding, honeymoon, car issues and he got laid off. Now things are looking up, but my cards and ... Read More »

          Had Cancer, Retired, But Want to Avoid Bankruptcy. – Jack

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          “Dear Steve, Cancer forced retirement at age 65 (two yrs ago). Have no income except Soc-Sec and Sm-Pension ($3,000 total). I’m current on mtge (PITi $2300/mo) and on Credit Cards (4ea, w/$50K balance, paying $1300/mo). Yes, spending everything including ‘extra’ from wife’s $350/wk take-home pay. (She’d like to retire next year if she can–assuming we rid ourselves of the unsecured ... Read More »

            I Can Make My Payments But Want to Get Out of Debt Faster Before I Propose. – Joshua

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            “Dear Steve, So here is my question. I’m 32 years of age. I’m in credit card debt of about $25,000.00 with nothing to show but painful memories. I own no home, my vehicle is paid off, I have no kids. I am however planning on asking my beautiful girlfriend to marry me this summer with a wedding date to be ... Read More »

              We Have a Bunch of Equity In Our House But Way Too Much Credit Card Debt. – Lisa

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              “Dear Steve, three years ago we refinanced to a 30 year, 4.9 mortgage. we paid off all debt and embarked on a kitchen remodel. Halfway thru the remodel (at the absolute point of no return) I was laid off. I found another job seven months later, but in the meantime we had to power thru–scaling back to barebones the remodel–by ... Read More »

                We Want Our Credit Card Debt Gone. – Erin

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                “Dear Steve, I have credit card debt and need help. I have $3000 at 14% interest, 10,000 at 18%, and another $17,700 at 18%. As of right now our mortgage and all these cards are paid up. I had been late on a mortgage payment about a month ago, but this too was caught up. However, we are self employed ... Read More »

                  American Express Won’t Let Us Continue Our Payment Plan We Established. – Kim

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                  “Dear Steve, We racked up $25,000 in debt to American Express on just one card and paid it down to $19,000 before being unable to make the $483 minimum payment each month. This was primarly due to daycare costs after having our first child. Daycare costs between $200 and $165 a week here is Gainesville, FL. We were sent straight ... Read More »

                    Should We Sell Our Car And Focus On Getting Out of Debt? – Nick

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                    “Dear Steve, My wife and I have built up about $28K in credit card debt over the last 4 years. We are finally getting serious about budgeting like crazy and put together a plan to pay it off in 3 years. We were given a 36 month loan at 3.25%. We will make payments of $832/month. Are only other debt ... Read More »

                      If Breakout Incomes is a Scam Then What Can I Do From Home Online to Make Money? – Brandon

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                      “Dear Steve, Ive been out of work the past 2 years and was looking for online work. One that really works! I was looking at Breakout Incomes and it didn’t sound too legitimate after reading your review. So Im here now asking you what does work? Im sick of being broke, stressed i cant make payments, depressed I cant do ... Read More »

                        I’m Thinking of Bankruptcy Because of American Express. – Kendra

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                        “Dear Steve, 8 years ago I got an American Express Card. Silly me. Got laid off… couldn’t afford to pay on the measly 300 i owed, I fell behind once and they charged me ridiculous fees, fell behind again…now because of the fees, and not paying…they start hitting me over the limit fees. I called to settle 4 years ago, ... Read More »

                          I Know You’ll Give Me a Straight Forward Answer On How to Best Deal With Our Debt. – Raymond

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                          “Dear Steve, This debt I’m faced with was accumulated over a period of time, and did not come primarily as an affect from an uncontrolled, frivolous spending lifestyle. Rather, a turn of events that has removed my wife’s income and has left me as the sole provider. During the time that this debt was accumulating, both my wife and I ... Read More »

                            A Debt Consolidation Company Signed Up My Elderly Parents On a Program They Can’t Afford. – Harley Jean

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                            “Dear Steve, I am trying to help my parents who are 76 and 80 years old. They have 30,000.00 in Credit Card Debt. Mother without my knowing signed up with a consolidation company and agreed to have 800.00 taken out of her Checking Account monthly, they do not have this money available. I now know they have been living on ... Read More »

                              My Husband And I Are Afraid of Bankruptcy But Have a Lot of Debt From Child Support and Custody Issues. – Jennifer

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                              “Dear Steve, My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years. About eight years ago we took my ex husband to court for custody issues involving my children. This took about 6 and half years and thousands of dollars. We paid for the court cost and attorney fees by getting cash advances on credit cards. We also have ... Read More »

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