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How To Get Out Of Debt

A Debt Consolidation Company Signed Up My Elderly Parents On a Program They Can’t Afford. – Harley Jean

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“Dear Steve, I am trying to help my parents who are 76 and 80 years old. They have 30,000.00 in Credit Card Debt. Mother without my knowing signed up with a consolidation company and agreed to have 800.00 taken out of her Checking Account monthly, they do not have this money available. I now know they have been living on ... Read More »

    My Husband And I Are Afraid of Bankruptcy But Have a Lot of Debt From Child Support and Custody Issues. – Jennifer

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    “Dear Steve, My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years. About eight years ago we took my ex husband to court for custody issues involving my children. This took about 6 and half years and thousands of dollars. We paid for the court cost and attorney fees by getting cash advances on credit cards. We also have ... Read More »

      Should I Use Refinance Help at RefinanceHelp.org? – David

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      “Dear Steve, I am 55 years old just lost my employment, and I have 15K in debt that I may not be able to pay soon. Chapter 7 isn’t an option for another 2 years and with no employment neither is chapter 13. Your Question(s) Is it better to contact my creditors before or after I go into default to ... Read More »

        I’m An Attorney And Struggling to Pay My Bills. – Pamela

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        “Dear Steve, I am a single, no dependents lawyer who always spent where I wanted, when I wanted…and was doing ok with this since I earn $200,000 per year. Four years ago I was hospitalized with a sepsis infection post surgery — I was in ICU on a ventilator for weeks, in the hospital for four weeks and home on ... Read More »

          Husband is on Disability and My Paycheck Isn’t Enough to Cover the Bills. – Crystal

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          “Dear Steve, My husband and I are newlyweds married May of 2011. We are having our first child in July and we are very excited. Last year one month before we left for Hawaii to get married I was let go. Fortunately I was able to find a job the very next but I was not going to be paid ... Read More »

            I Really Want to Avoid Bankruptcy At All Costs. – Sean

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            “Dear Steve, I have unsecured credit card debt for around $25,000. I am 27 and make around $55,000, but will be getting a $10,000 raise in the next. My financial situation at work will be improving further from there, I am just not sure if it will be 6 months or a year. I currently rent for housing, but will ... Read More »

              We Fell for the Bogus Government Program to Lower Our Debts. – Benj

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              “Dear Steve, I really need help. My wife and I answered the mailer that you have on your site. Gov’t hardship program, blah blah blah. We have been trying for 3 years to get our cc companies to drop our interest rates. So here is this thing in the mail that says they can get it done, and in dramatic ... Read More »

                American Debt Foundation Was Suggested to Me By My Credit Union But I’m Not Sure. – Dorothy

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                “Dear Steve, Lost my job in 2003 and put everything on credit cards. Single mom, last daughter turns 18 in July meaning child support of $535/mo will end, she will be attending Va Tech in the Fall, still owe $34,500 in credit card debt and now over $57,000 in student loans (yes, mine, not my children’s). Home is on the ... Read More »

                  Can My Credit Card Companies Take Anything From Me? – Jim

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                  “Dear Steve, I was using this ctredit for my small business and my daughters wedding. At the time we had solid quarterly dividend check with 3 different investments. They went away with the economic crash and thus no money to pay. we have moved out of state and have made payments for 2 years. We cannot do it anymore. We ... Read More »

                    My Business Work is Dead and I Defaulted on My American Express Card. – John

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                    “Dear Steve, i’m a contractor that used my amex c.c. for business. work is dead and i defaulted on paying the balance. I am asked to sign an agreement from a law firm and pay 2,000 up front on a 6,000. balance and they are adding about 800.00 in court apperance fees,though we havn’t gone to court. I can’t afford ... Read More »

                      I’ve Been Scammed By the Dating Site Zoosk. – Worried Soul

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                      “Dear Steve, Hi , I have very terrible situation, thank God I found this site. I have been scammed on a dating site called Zoosk, and I have lost my lifetime savings. I have lost over $250,000 and incurred about $32,000 credit card bills. I contacted the credit card company that I have over $28,000 debit with, but I was ... Read More »

                        My Narcolepsy Has Left My Army Husband And I in Trouble. Military OneSource Sent Me to You. – Leslee

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                        “Dear Steve, I am wondering if you know a way to help us. We are a family of three. My husband, my six year old daughter and myself. We are stationed in Hawaii. My husband is the US Army. We are in very much need of financial guidance. In the last year, everything has plummeted. Here is a rundown of ... Read More »

                          I’m Looking for Another Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan to Get Out of Debt. – Carroll

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                          “Dear Steve, I was about to sign up for Fast Track Debt Relief, until my aunt told me to do more research, as a result I found your site. I am in debt to the tune of 100K. These are the following debts I have: Student Loans: $50,499.43 Not current because loan was transferred to Cornstone Collection. Was paying $50.00 ... Read More »

                            How Do I Dig Myself Out of This Debt?

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                            “Dear Steve, I owe $4600 in collection account that I am currently paying payments on. I owe $1600 to a friend. And I have 4 credit cards that are now sold to various people that I haven’t paid on in 2 years. I currently have finally gotten to the point of having $550 to use to pay off these debts. ... Read More »

                              Our Budget is Sound But We Have Nothing Left to Pay Off Debt! – Sarah

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                              Dear Steve, So debt is my problem…I have read up to the chapter in your book where I can begin to creating action plans…I created my budget…here’s my situation…my husband and I have incured about 24,000 in credit card debt (he was laid off for about two years before regaining full time permanent employment — in our very misguided world…we ... Read More »

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