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I Was Told I Was Judgment Proof. – Cynthia

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“Dear Steve, I have been told I am “Judgement proof”…I am trying to find information that would give me a scenario of what the process is/does. I have just recently begun non-payment to creditors.. Is this a long process? and would filing a Chp 7 make it simpler? Cynthia” Dear Cynthia, Judgment proof is actually a misnomer. People that are ... Read More »

    I’m Being Sued by Chase. What Should I Do? – David

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    “Dear Steve, I am being sued for an outstanding credit card bill from Chase. The summon indicated that i have 30 days to respond. I want to make arrangement to pay this dept and avoid going to court. Should i contact the plaintiff directly to try and arrange payment and ask them to drop the complaint? And do i also ... Read More »

      I Am Being Sued By Several Banks for Unpaid Balances on Seven Credit Cards. – Rick

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      “Dear Steve, I am being sued by several banks due to large upaid balances on seven cards, about 25K per card. I had borrowed the money on low interest rates and invested it in a start up medical company that has gone from one dollar a share to ten cents a share and I lost everything. I have decided there ... Read More »

        I Used My Cash and Savings to Stay Current on My Debt. – Loui

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        “Dear Steve, I Was laid-off Jan of 09, used my savings and cash available to stay current on all debt. I’m recently found employment but Chase has already file a lawsuite against me. I call Chase and worked out a payment plan but they plan on submitting this as a judgement. I was told by a bankrupcy attorney that chase ... Read More »

          Will Capital One Take Our 12 Year Old Car?

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          “Dear Steve, a judge found in favor of capital one that i had to repay 7,000 on 700 that i put on a card years ago. i have a house in both my wifes and my name, a 12 year old vehical in my name and have been unemployed for almost 2 years. today i recieved notice of deposition in ... Read More »

            My Husband Had Open Heart Surgery, We Are Unemployed, And Just Got Sued. – Cathy

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            “Dear Steve, I need some kind of advise please!! My husband lost his job June 09 after 17 years….a month later emergency open-heart surgery……we lost all unemployment appeals…..we have no income coming into our home…..friends and family have helped keep us afloat with just our living expenses….we have lost 1 vehicle (repo) still have 1 car left (current)… the problem…credit ... Read More »

              Is It True That a Credit Card Company Does Not Have to Report on Your Credit Report If They Don’t Want To? – Andre

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              “Hi Steve, I recently received a judgement and the same week my wages were garnised. When I called the company they informed me it was for a credit card, which I know nothing about or never opened. I got my credit reports and it was never reported. I was told the card was open in 1993 and payments stopped in ... Read More »

                The Judgment Against Me Has Almost Doubled And I’m Tired of Running. – Lucy

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                “Dear Steve, I have a judgement that is 11 years old in the state of VA.The original debt was about 13000 but is currently at 25,000. I want to make a offer not to file bankruptcy if the creditor will accept $3300 in exchange for a certificate of satisfaction for the judgement. But I am afraid the creditor will acept ... Read More »

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