I Just Got a Summons for a Credit Card Debt. Do I Respond or Just File Bankruptcy? – Janelle

“Dear Lewis, I was just given a summons but no court date. it was for a credit card debt. I was out of a job last year and now I have a part time job. I just got married and my husband doesn’t have a job. My question: do I respond to the summons or wait til it gets to ... Read More »

    My Apartment Complex is Suing Me for Money I Do Not Owe. What Should I Do? – Michael

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    I have an amount turned over to collections from my apartment complex that I do not owe. I have been told this can be resolbed in small claims court and need to wait for them to file. If the amount is already turned over to collections does that mean they have already filed or does that me they are getting ... Read More »

      I’m in a Debt Settlement Program But Just Received a Civil Summons. – Isadore

      “Dear Jeremy, I am in a debt settlement program. With my budget i am only able to afford $500.00 a month. Over 35,000.00 in debt.They have spoken to all my creditors and have settled with some of them. The rest of them turned me into collection agency’s. I just received a civil summons from 1 of my creditors. What do ... Read More »

        What Can I Do to Avoid Getting Sued by Chase Bank Over My Debt? – lillian

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        “Dear Steve, I owe 1300.00 dollars to Chase and they called the other day and I offered to pay them 50 dollars a month but they said no and that it would be turned over to their attorneys. I have paid on time up until Sept. 2010 I was sick for months and then lost my job. I know I ... Read More »

          I Have a Sick Great-Aunt That Needs My Help But What About My Debt? – Amber

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          “Dear Steve, I am a single mom who has gotten in over my head in debt. There are many factors which include loss of job for several months, living off credit while I went to school full time, trying to work for myself now which is a slow start and just enough income for us to survive. I have not ... Read More »

            Derrick McGavic Bought My Debt, Got Judgments Against Me and The Was Disbarred. Do I Still Have to Pay? – Mary

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            “Dear Steve, I recently became aware of the State of Oregon’s action against McGavic & Finney, and that he has been ordered to surrender his license to practice law in Oregon and close his office in Eugene. Mr. McGavic has two judgments against me. One from August, 2006 and one from August, 2008. The original charge-offs from these were $10,215 ... Read More »

              Creditors Taking My Daughters SSI Money to Satisfy My Debt. – Angella

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              “Dear Steve, I have two court judgments against me. I have tried to negotiate with the law firms, but am getting nowhere. One firm has taken money from my daughter’s savings account. It contains the money she gets from SSI, which I know is suppose to be exempt. What can I do? Also, what can the creditors take from me ... Read More »

                Zwicker and Associates is Suing Us for Chase. We are 74 And Don’t Know What to Do. – Nilda

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                “Dear Steve, My husband received summons to appear in court from Zwicker and Associates representing Chase Card. My husband is 74 and does not know what to do. I’ve read a lot of questions and answers from your website. I know we have to respond to the summons with in 20 days. Do we have to send a discovery letter ... Read More »

                  I Got Sued by Capital One. What Do I Do Now? – Leslie

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                  “Dear Steve, I was divorced 2 years ago and we split the credit cards down by whose name they were under. I received the Capital One bill :( My husband wanted the divorce so bad he gave me the house and agreed to pay all divorce proceedings which he hasn’t (I hope to be sue him for it..) I work ... Read More »

                    Is it Possible to Settlement My Debt With Persolve Even Though They Sued Me? – John

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                    “Dear Steve, Credit Card debt originated from Wells Fargo (lawsuit attached). Last paid in 2006. Depression got the better of me and that’s why I let it get out of control. The principal amount is $12k. The collection firm, Persolve, is asking for $21k with interest included. Persolve has proven to be difficult to work with. Paperwork was served to ... Read More »

                      The Chase Legal Department Says They WIll Sue Me. – Jacqueline

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                      “Dear Steve, I am in financial hardship and have always had perfect credit but had to stop the bleeding. Chase now threatning to take me to court. Due to financial hardship I stopped paying my Chase credit card and Us bank card, I attempted a settlement at 10% they said 85% then late 65% (Chase) they talked me into a ... Read More »

                        Discover Sued Me. I’m Freaking Out. – Kimberly

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                        “Dear Steve, I was served a summons from Legal Recovery Law Offices, Inc. which is representing Discover. I spoke with Discover and they still own the debt. They turned my account over to collections with NCO. NCO is having LRLO, Inc. act as the lawyer for Discover. The last time I paid them was September 09 according to my bank ... Read More »

                          Thanks for This Website! – Rocio

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                          “Dear Steve, I had a baby in 2008 and i couldnt work for a year, so i got behind on all my bill ive been trying to pay one by one but capital one now is taking me to court Hi thanks for this website!! i’ve been sue by capital one the original amount was 500 and now is 1200 ... Read More »

                            Like Five Years Ago I Had a Discover Card and Now I’m Being Sued. – David

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                            “Dear Steve, Like 5 yrs ago I had a Discover card for 2500.00. I paid about 1100 of it then no work. Paid another 700 to collection agency through direct deposit every mo. in the amount of 70 dollars. At the end of the year my balance was higher with interest and penalities. Now I am being summoned to court ... Read More »

                              The Utility Company Says They Will Garnish My Husband’s Wages. – Dawn

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                              “Dear Steve, Back in 1996-1998 my inlaws rented a house and apparently they put the utilities in my husband’s name. Today we received a letter in the mail from the sheriff’s department saying they are going to garnish my husband’s wages from a case they started in 2003 in which we owe them almost $9000.00 dollars. Can they do this ... Read More »

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