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Medical Debt

How Do I Get My Wife Removed From Our Judgment?

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“Dear Steve, My wife and I were married in Kansas . The next year I became sick and went to the hospital the bill was way beyond our ability to pay. A judgement has been placed in both our names. She did not sign any document with the hospital that states that she was liable to pay the bill. I ... Read More »

    I’m a Struggling Musician That is Drowning in Medical Debt. – Danika

    “Dear Jon, I am paying off my student loans, about 8,000. BUT after that, I am considering to file BANKRUPTCY for my more than 20,000 (and growing of medical debt). I do not have any other kind of debt. No outstanding credit cards, or the such. I have a good standing and three months of living in my local credit ... Read More »

      We Don’t Make Enough Money to Repay Our Debt. What Do We Do? – Melody

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      “Dear Steve, I started out with nothing graduating from a private christian home. However I have accrued a $3,000 or more student loan. The first college I tried going to was a big money racket but i didn’t know that, now I do. I have about a $1,500 credit card debt that is already in collections. I have about a ... Read More »

        I Was Told to Just Throw the Hospital Bill in the Trash. – Paul

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        “Dear Steve, i am from Charlotte NC my name is Paul i don’t have medical insurance because i cant afford payment i am just student my question is what happen if i don’t pay hospital bills ? what happen if i don’t pay doctor bills? what happen if i don’t pay my credit card death? here in NC lots of ... Read More »

          I’m Covered By Medicaid But My Doctor is Suing Me For The Bill. – Laura

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          “Dear Steve, I live in new york state, have an income below the federal poverty level, and recieve medicaid benefits. 9 months ago, when i was pregnant (approximately 3 weeks before my due date,) I visited new jersey. when i was there i began hemmoraging. i went to the nearest emergency room, was admitted and recieved treatment. this hospital (and ... Read More »

            What Should I Do About My Medical Bills Going Into Collection? – Natalie

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            I have some past medical bills that are going into collections and one that is already in collections. I am 22 yrs old, a full time student, and i work only part time. I do not have the means to pay for these bills but do not want my credit to be ruined at such a young age. Please tell ... Read More »

              Unemployed After Three Surgeries and Facing a Garnishment of Husband’s Pay. – DeAnna

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              “Dear Steve, i live in california i am un-employed due to medical problems i have had three major surgeries in a two year span my husband is our only source of income, we currently had a collection agency inform us they will be taking us to court to garnish wages unless we pay 6131.00 in full. we do not have ... Read More »

                I can’t pay all the medical debt I have. Help. – Tracy

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                Pretty much the only things on my credit is Medical Debt. My score is very low because of this. I cant possibly pay for all the medical debt I have. I went without health insurance for awhile so there is debt from that when I had to go to the hospital for different problems. Also when I had health insurance, ... Read More »

                  How do I even begin to pay unexpected medical bills? – Elliot

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                  I work in the construction industry as a contractor and in 2008/2009 my average annual income went from $60,000-$80,000 to $24,000-$32,000. During this tough adjustment I managed to hold onto my house and car but lost my health insurance in order to keep my kids insured, my retirement savings and racked up $90,000 in college loans putting two kids through ... Read More »

                    Continuing to dispute old medical debt insurance was supposed to pay. – Leilani

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                    Back in 2003 a family member had a sleep study and the clinic staff assured him it would be covered by our insurance. They requested a second study and we once again were assured by billing staff that it would be covered. He stated that he would not have it unless it was covered. When all was said and done ... Read More »

                      Medical Bills Led to Unemployment and Now Fighting About Money. – Cathie

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                      In 2007, I had a good job, as did my husband, and we were making about $80,000+ a year. Everything was good and we had credit cards that we paid off regularly, bought a car because mine blew up, basically we made all our mortgage, credit, car and other payments on time. Then, in 2008, I ended up with a ... Read More »

                        I Was the Passenger in a Car Accident and Hospital Sued Me for Bills. – Steven

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                        “Dear Steve, I’m disabled, and collect Social Security benefits. Two years ago, I was a passenger in a vehicle that was totaled when the driver lost control and slammed into a pole. I live in MA and the accident happened in MA, but the vehicle was registered and insured in CA. Because of a loophole in PIP law, the California ... Read More »

                          Should I Consider Bankruptcy or a Debt Management Program? – Andrea

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                          “Dear Steve, I have 3 credit cards totaling about $2200 that I am 2 months behind on. I have two personal loans totaling about $15,000, one I am current on the other I am a month behind on. I also have car payment, rent, light bill, cable bill, telephone bill, and medical bills. I was handling everything ok until my ... Read More »

                            My Son Was Born With Down Syndrome and We’ve Stacked Up Some Bills. – Leigh

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                            “Dear Steve, Almost 2 years ago I gave birth to a little boy with Down Syndrome. He has had a lot of medical issues that have cost us a lot of money and other things have been shoved to the back. In the last 10 months alone we have spent almost $16,000 in medical bills. Some of that has been ... Read More »

                              My Wife is a Total Care Invalid and I’m Struggling to Make Ends Meet. – Blan

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                              “Dear Steve, I am recently unemployed. My wife who was employed, due to an accident is now a total care invalid. Last year I had major surgery, was then hospitalized with a septic gall bladder and finally had eye surgery. This required me to have full time 24/7 nursing care for my wife for a period of about 100 days. ... Read More »

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