I Had a Brain Tumor and Then Became Addicted to Pain Killers. – Jim

“Dear Steve, Dear Steve, I was making about $100,000 year as a registered ER nurse. I had a tumor close to my brain removed. Became addicted to narcotics, told my work and board of nursing, checked myself into 28 days inpatient and 5 months outpatient 5 days then 3 days last 2 months. On unemployment … Read more

I Have Fibromyalgia, PTSD, and a Lot of Medical Bills. – Cyndi

“Dear Damon, I’m 54 & don’t work due to Fibromyalia & PTSD? I don’t get any disability. I was denied because i don’t have enough credits. My husband is 60 & receives $1474.00 from S.S. Disabilty. He had a stroke in 2007. That is our only income. I was hospitalized 12/2010 from internal bleeding & … Read more

A Brain Tumor and Private Student Loans Led to a Life Lesson. – Sally

“Dear Steve, Daughter was dx with brain cancer while attending college away from home. She went through brain surgery, radiation and chemo. She was able to obtain her degree (took 7 years). She has private student loan debt for approx $50,000. We co-signed her loans. We also have Parent Plus loans for her and her … Read more

An 18 Year Old Hospital Debt Has Surfaced and NCO is Trying to Collect. – Ruth

“Dear Steve, I was hospitalized at a metro Atlanta hospital September, 1995. I did have a balance that my insurance carrier did not pay. The hospital had a “forgiveness policy” which was awarded to me. Now some 18years later NCO Financial Systems is trying to collect. How do I proceed. They to not understand. This … Read more

Diagnosed With Cancer, Income Dropped, and Deep in Debt. – Betty

“Dear Steve, Household income dropped in 2009 by $75,000, during that time I was also diagnosed with cancer, thus, medical bills on top of everything else. Now I find myself with $55,000 in credit card debt and yes, I am making minimum payments but that’s it. I have talked with a couple of different debt … Read more

I Had My Kidney and Gallbladder Removed. How Do I Deal With the Debt? – Crystal

“Dear Steve, I have a lot of medical bills, I had my Kidney and my gallbladder removed and 6 months later my kidney…I was working before all of this but I don’t have that job anymore. I got those surgergies done and it took me a year for me to find another job and now … Read more

Urgent Care Wants Nearly a Thousand Dollars for a Visit! – Diane

“Dear Steve, Our daughter has been having a chronic urinary track infection since the age of 3. Now at the age of 10 and dealing with the constant bed-wetting as well as the horrible smell that gets everyone (and not to mention her fragile tween self-esteem), I put my foot down at our normal pediatrician’s … Read more

I Made an Appointment With ClearPoint CCCS But I Need Help Now! – Paul

“Dear Steve, 911!!!! I really need your help I am 60years old my wife is ging to be 70 in october. I was diagnosised with a brain tumor and the operation was sucessful (that is the good news). I had to retire and my income droped by 60k. My wife only has social security of … Read more

My Disabled Son is Being Called by Collections for a Wheelchair. – Kathryn

“Dear Steve, My son is 27, disabled at birth cerebral palsy, stays at home, doesn’t work, no SSI, grandfathered on exhusbands health ins thru school system,, all EOB information goes to their address, ordered wheelchair 3.0 years ago, insurance paid medical co. as a provider, ordered self propelled wheels insurance denied payment, found out by … Read more

I’m Trying to Get the Debt Collector to Settle on Some Old Medical Bills. – Amber

“Dear Steve, I have been trying to fix my credit. I have four collections, all medical bills that are suppose to fall off by Aug 2013. I decided to try and pay them. The collection agency says they have 6 unpaid bills that total $4800. I only see four of them on my credit report … Read more