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Medical Debt

My Mother-In-Law Was Diagnosed With Cancer. We Are Broke From Medical Debts. – JS

“Dear Michael, My mother inlaw was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. My husband is an only child. We have been helping my inlaws with cancer treatment money and household finances for over a year. We sold our house to help pay for treatments, I did not work for a year so that I could be home to make the ... Read More »

    My Daughter Has Chron’s Disease and I Don’t Have Insurance. – Pamela

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    I work for a company that has announced lay offs by 2012. I have credit card debt. One is 19,000. another is about 5,000. I am very worried about health insurance. I have a daugher that has had surgery with part of her large intestine taken out and they found crohns. seeing doctors regularly. I dont have savings. I am ... Read More »

      I Nearly Died. I Was Unemployed for 15 Months and Now That I’m Better I’m Being Sued for Past Debt. – Josh

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      “Dear Steve, I spent the better part of two years going to county Contract Doctors and the ER complaining of memory problems, shakes, dizziness and headaches. I was always diagnosed as sinusitus. I would take pills and feel bad again when they cleared out of my body. On Feb 26, 2010 I had an aneurism rupture in my brain; i ... Read More »

        I’m a Single Parent With a Child That Had Cancer. I’m Drowning in Medical Debt and Student Loans. – Star

        “Dear Damon, I am a single parent finishing master’s degree, had a son undergo cancer treatment in 2007 and still being seen regularly. Treatments stopped in 2010. Have incurred huge amount medical debt and still incurring. Was in the final stages of Bachelor’s degree at that point in time. Had minor credit card debt under $5,000. However when sickness happened ... Read More »

          Is Signing Up for Global Client Solutions a Good Way to Avoid Bankruptcy? – Todd

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          “Dear Steve, My wife is only 34 years old and she had 17 surgeries on her kidney before they finally removed it. Due to all of the surgeries they casued a lot of nerve damage that has made her to go and has tried to find a pain management doctor that is looking to fix the problem and not just ... Read More »

            We Need to Plan Now for Medical Bills We Can’t Pay for a Bone Marrow Transplant. – Tena

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            “Dear Steve, We are a middle class family ($75000 annual income) with some savings, 401k, health retirement account, health insurance, and a mortgage of $110,000. We own our old cars and don’t have anyother debt currently. However, our son, who is a toddler, has several birth defects due to a serious medical condition. We found out he will might need ... Read More »

              Am I Responsible for My Late Husband’s Medical Bills? – Kathy

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              “Dear Steve, I am paying medical bills for my late husband because he was on my policy at the time. Although we were divorced at the time of his death, I was told that I am responsible for paying. I have now come to the point where I cannot afford it. Everything has been cut to the bone for years: ... Read More »

                The Only Thing I Got Out of Our Short Marriage Was His Debt. – Sabrina

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                “Dear Steve, Married 2/09, Surgery 4/09, Separated 9/09, Divorced 8/10 My husband had surgery right after we married. We are now divorced, and he has not paid a penny on any of the bills for the surgery. Collection agencies have been coming after me. In my divorce, it states that he is responsible for a specific collection (that is now ... Read More »

                  I Went Bankrupt 13 Years Ago and Now I’m in Trouble Again. – Cynadra

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                  “Dear Steve, I had to file 13 years ago due to loss of income and health related incidents. was able to get back on track and even buy a home . now, 13 year later, am having like a bad dream reliving, Husband suffered heart attack, was out of work for year, also was unable to return to PT job ... Read More »

                    I’m in Terrible Debt From My Cancer Treatment. – Mitzi

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                    “Dear Steve, I am in horrible debt right now due to cancer treatment and how it has affected my job. I am self employed, and have fallen behind in my credit card payments as well as my mortgage and income tax. I am down to $100 in my bank account and have no credit. I am not sure if I ... Read More »

                      I’m Stuck With Medical Bills I Can’t Pay. – Tara

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                      “Dear Steve, Husband had emergency hand surgery in 2007 after cutting the tendon with a knife. Entered through the emergency room. Surgery performed in the emergency room. Insurrance covered hospital bill. went for follow ups with the surgeon. At a follow up appointment, husband complained that the stiches felt tight, so Dr. cut him open in the office and fixed ... Read More »

                        How Can I Find a Reliable Debt Consolidation Company? – Erica

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                        “Dear Steve, I am a wife and mother of three children. I work full-time and gross 1965 per month with a bring home pay of 1600 per month while my husband grosses 1800 per month and brings home 1460 per month. We are in over our head in debt. A lot of the debt is collection medical bills that equal ... Read More »

                          I’m a Two Time Stem Cell Transplant Survivor With Debt. – Lauren

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                          “Hi Steve, Two time stem cell transplant survivor. I am going to be 50 in September. The first transplant was done in 2003. In 18 months, My cancerdominated my life for the past 11 yrs. I HAD :non-hodgkins lymphoma. I am proud to say that this past april, with the help of a donor out of the country, I had ... Read More »

                            Is It True That If I Send $1 a Month The Creditors Will Leave Me Alone? – Shanna

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                            “Dear Steve, I debate politics a lot with friends and even complete strangers. More than once someone has insisted that “If you just pay $1 a month they have to accept it and they can’t send you to collections and it will have no negative impact on your credit score.” Usually it is in regards to medical debt. In fact, ... Read More »

                              Get Your Prostate Checked to Avoid Debt. – Robert

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                              “Dear Steve, I am a 49 year old male who was diagnosed with prostate cancer eight years ago (Guys…..get your prostate checked early and often! I know that men hate the exam….but if caught in time, it is one of the most curable cancers…..so much for my soapbox). When mine was discovered, it had metastatized to my bone, spine and ... Read More »

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