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Medical Debt

Consumer Credit Counseling Agency Said I Don’t Make Enough For Them to Help Me. – Theresa

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“Dear Steve, I am employed and make good money and have always kept my debts paid, but over the last five years, I have had to take on a 2nd mortgage and as the needs arose, I added several credit cards to my debt load. Unfortunately, my parents are 73 and each year they hit a “medical maximum” on their ... Read More »

    Should I Consolidate Medical Bills to Pay Them Off? – Damon

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    “Dear Steve, I have about $7,000 in debt on my credit report for Dr. bills should I consolidate and pay them off or should I pay them off individually, my current savings status would allow me to pay them off but would leave me broke. Also, my bank still shows a loan from 15 years ago as “open” it is ... Read More »

      I Was Medically Retired from the U.S. Navy and Can’t Pay My Bills. – Floyd

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      “Dear Steve, I was medically retired from the U. S. Navy in November of 2007 after a crippling back injury at the age of 34 (I am 36 now). After living in Virginia Beach for 6 months, and tapping my savings account every month to make ends meet, I opted to just move overseas where I can actually afford to ... Read More »

        I’m Trying to Get Rid of Medical Debts. – Kim

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        “Dear Steve, Hi, I recently been trying to raise my credit score. I have fair credit; my issue is getting rid of medical bills that’s my main issue. iI am 41 yo and my debt is $7,000 in 95% being medical. Can you help me sort this out? Thank You. Kim”   Dear Kim, The best way to tackle the ... Read More »

          Everything is a Mess With Navy Federal Credit Union. – Lesley

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          “Dear Steve, Everything is a mess. Another navy federal question. I owe over 18 thousand to NFCU and around 7 thousand to other credit cards, My husband owes around 20 thousand to credit cards 6 of that is to NFCU. My husband has ended up in a nursing home. He has only retirement income. We have a medicaid trust set ... Read More »

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