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Is Consumer Debt Initiative of National Credit Assistance a Scam? – Christina

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“Dear Steve, I think this is a scam, but wanted to check and see if you have seen this company before. Christina” The Answer Dear Christina, Let’s look at the letter you got for what it is, a sales pitch to sell you debt relief services. The correspondence hides behind and pretends to be something that it is not. The ... Read More »

    I Just Retained Macey Bankruptcy Law and Now I’m Freaking Out. – Annie

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    “Dear Steve, I gave a retainer to Macey Bankruptcy Law and now I am reading these posts and freaking out. I am just trying to get my chapter 13 filed so that I can get my car back and get my life back in order. How do I go about filing a chapter 13 without an attorney? Or is it ... Read More »

      I Was Contacted by The National Advocacy Law Center But Can’t Speak to Attorney. – Tommy

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      “Dear Steve, I live in new jersey and we had been contacted by national advocacy law center regarding loan modification help I’m very distressed over the fact they won’t allow us to speak to the attorney in our state or tell us who it is. They told me until I send in all my info such as mortgage statement & ... Read More »

        The Mortgage Law Group is Supposed to Be Saving Our House. – Sharon

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        “Dear Steve, I have had The Mortgage Law Group working on modification of my house note since Noc,2011, Have paid thousands of dollars and are still in the dark about my mortgage. The company is in Florida and I am in Texas. I have gotten letters about foreclosure and am scared of losing my house. My husband and I are ... Read More »

          My Husband is Working In Dubai, Had Leprosy, And is Now Getting Deported. – Faith

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          “Dear Steve, my husband is working in dubai for 4 years since we found out that he is suffering from leprosy. he went back to dubai after treating here in india for 2 months so he wont be infectious and will have with him he’s medical clearance from the doctor. but the company said that he must undergo some medical ... Read More »

            Can I Really Get an Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan With Poor Credit? – Michelle

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            “Dear Steve, Poor credit score below 600, great income if I didn’t have all of this debt, Is there any company that will give me a debt consolidation loan with poor credit? Really trying to get my credit back on track and be able to provide for my family. Michelle” The Answer Dear Michelle, None that I know of. In ... Read More »

              I Filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Save the House. Now My Wife Wants a Divorce. – Jason

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              “Dear Steve, Okay about 8 months ago I filed an induvidual Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure. My spouse did not file and we are 8 months into a 36 month chapter 13. Since I was the lone filer my pay checks are deducted $487.50 bi weekly for a total of $975 per month. This mostly goes towards the past ... Read More »

                I Filed Bankruptcy But Can’t Afford My New Car Payment. – Tarsha

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                “Dear Steve, I filed chapter 7 last year and instead of my situation getting better, its getting worse. I financed a car through a company name first investors and in the beginning of the loan I was keeping up with the payments. But, due to a decline in my yearly salary the note is killing me. I pay far to ... Read More »

                  I Was in a Severe Abusive Controlling Relationship That Has Left Me In Financial Ruin. – Tammy

                  “Dear Jon, I was in a severe controlling relationship, through abuse, infidelity and financial ruins. My husband and I separated and divorced, and we went from a mutual agreement to share our enormous debt, to me stuck with everything that even a court order can’t protect me from. My credit is beyond destroyed, and I am pleading with RBC legal ... Read More »

                    I Think I Have an Interpol Red Notice Out Against Me for UAE Debt

                    Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 6.14.02 PM

                    “Dear Steve, I am on a red alert wanted by interpol due to UAE debt left 2010. The US embassy has revoked my non-immigration visa due to this. The UK police have told me that i am at risk of being arrested if i travel outside UK due to being on red alert from interpol, i have also been told ... Read More »

                      I’m Trying to Get the Debt Collector to Settle on Some Old Medical Bills. – Amber

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                      “Dear Steve, I have been trying to fix my credit. I have four collections, all medical bills that are suppose to fall off by Aug 2013. I decided to try and pay them. The collection agency says they have 6 unpaid bills that total $4800. I only see four of them on my credit report totaling $4400. We tried to ... Read More »

                        I Thought Results for Homeowners Reeked of a Scam. – Jim

                        Screen Shot 2012-06-28 at 5.21.10 PM

                        “Dear Steve, emailed you several months ago about a mortgage relief organization that had approached an old HS buddy in So. Cal. with proposed settlement ideas. You and I both did some research on “results for”, found they had no operating license in Ca., nor were they operating in the City of Costa Mesa according to city records. They ... Read More »

                          My Student Loan Xpress Loan is Now With American Education Services But I Need Help. – Jack

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                          “Dear Steve, I borrowed upwards of $70k (now $95k) from Student Loan Xpress for a higher education degree in 2006. I have the degree, but I’m not making the kind of money required to pay back this (and many other loans). I have been unable to make any payments to this loan… but am on a repayment schedule for all ... Read More »

                            Online Gambling Has Me Deep in Debt. – Andy

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                            “Dear Steve, I’ve racked up a ton of debt – mostly all from online gambling. Over the past 2 years, I’ve opened up $2,000 credit card with bank – currently maxed out $3,500 credit card w/ credit union 1 – maxed $3,700 loan w/ credit union 2 – balance currently $2200. $3,000 credit card with paypal – $2,500 current balance ... Read More »

                              Machol & Johannes is Calling to Collect on a Capital One Debt. – Cheryl

                              Ready to Collapse

                              “Dear Steve, Got behind on CC, due to a home base business and tried to make payment plans and they were withdrawing till end of March, got calls from them and life happened and was unable to return calls. June 9,2012–went to ‘different dept.” have a Capital one Credit Card that was recently charged-off. Amount around $16,500. Called them and ... Read More »

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