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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

Wayland Baptist University Won’t Give Me My Transcript. – Rachelle

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“Dear Steve, I am writing this because I am needing help in an issue that has been a problem for awhile with a college I attended between the years of 1998-2003. I graduated Wayland Baptist University in 2003 and I received my diploma from them and walked the stage. I have a Bachelors of Science in Interdisplinary Studies with a ... Read More »

    Should I Wait For Stuff to Fall Off My Credit Report or File Bankruptcy? – Dawn

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    “Dear Steve, I finished grad school in December of 2009 with heavy debt, student loans and credit cards. I have been un/underemployed ever since, and unable to pay my bills. My student loans are currently in unemployment deferment (I’m unemployed again), and in good standing, as is one of my credit accounts (my overdraft, which they take out of my ... Read More »

      If I Personally Guarantee the Loan to Start a Company Am I Responsible for It? – Christina

      “Dear Jon, im about to start coorporation. the guy told me i can use my credit and be a personal guarantor. he says if my company goes south, my personal assets(home) would not be affected if i were to file bk on the coorporation? would my personal assets/credit be affected if i filed bk on my coorp and i was ... Read More »

        Chase and Sallie Mae Private Student Loans Have Left Me Anxious, Depressed and Suicidal. – Anastasia

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        “Dear Steve, I went to school and graduated with a bachelors degree in 4 sequential years time. During the time I was in school, my father lost his job, my parents had to declare bankruptcy and foreclose on our family home, and my father- as a result of all of these events- lost his mind, could not be brought back ... Read More »

          I Hired Lloyd Ward & Associates to Settle My Debt But I Just Got Sued. – Jeanette

          “Dear Steve, I have about 10K in delinquent debt from my college years. I am trying to settle and pay these accounts so that I can increase my credit score and eventually purchase a home with out filing for bankruptcy. I hired Lloyd Ward and Assoc. about 2 years ago to take over the negotiations of all of these accounts. ... Read More »

            What is the Latest in the Brookstone Law Suit Wright v. Bank of America? – Yan

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            “Dear Steve, I’ve read some of your info on Brookstone and I used to follow John Wright’s blog but he has been on a leave so I thought I’d get your input on this whole case. I am a little concerned as lately I have not been able to get any I formation or updates on the case. Reading your ... Read More »

              My Mom Didn’t Pay the Rent and It’s Hurt My Credit. – Sunshine

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              Dear Steve, I am a young adult that is trying to establish credit. When I was 18 years of age I stayed with my mother and signed the lease as an occupant, because I was of age. Therefore, I was held responsible for any damages or anything that could happen to the apartment. My mother skipped out on the lease ... Read More »

                Narasimhan Consulting & Mortgage Eliminators Says The Can Use Bankruptcy to Get a Quiet Title on My Property. – Tom

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                “Dear Steve, We have been fighting foreclosure for 3 yrs trying to get a mod, and have been studying & preparing to go pro se if necessary to save our home, we feel pro se is to much to attempt and hired an atty who basically doesn’t feel we have a case and says to prepare to move out, we ... Read More »

                  I’m in the Military But Got Screwed by a Car Lot. – Summer

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                  “Dear Steve, I got screwed by a small hometown car lot on 2 cars now and I currently owe $14,000 on a $5,000 car that is now broken and not driving I can’t afford to get a new one still paying on this one my credit sucks and I can’t get a consolidation loan for enough to cover my car ... Read More »

                    Our Credit Scores Suck, We Have No Savings, and We Are in Collections. – Tara

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                    “Dear Steve, My credit score is 580, my husband’s is 608. We are both in our early 30’s and we have a son. We have a combined debt of $31,000 which includes students loans, credit cards, and debt collections. We pay the bills on time but are struggling and have made a couple of late payments. We have no savings ... Read More »

                      NACA Saved Blanca, Can They Save Your Home as Well?

                      “Dear Steve, We could not afford our house and tried for 2 years to get a loan modification with our bank, after trying almost anything that could help us (also we contacted you) and got very valuable information, we were able to see light at the end of the tunnel, but I want to tell you that we work with ... Read More »

                        Short Sale on My Home With Two Mortgages Shows Two Different Dates. – Sunny

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                        “Dear Steve, Short sale of home which had 2 mortgages, credit report shows different dates. Closing date for the Short sale was 12/09, 2nd released mortgage on 01/10 but the 1st release mortgage shows 05/10. After further review of Court documents the dates match with the Release filing the 2 banks completed. Now I’m trying to get new mortage but ... Read More »

                          I’m a Single Female Who Wants to Deal With My Debt and Do Better. – Maria

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                          “Dear Steve, I am a 46 year old female who is considering filing bankruptcy. I owe approximately 38k in IRS taxes and 60k in student loan debt. I also owe approximately 20k in personal creidit card debt. Most of hichnis in charged off status. Last year I started working independently in hopes to increase my income and create a financial ... Read More »

                            I Refused to Pilot FlyDubai Aircraft Into a War Zone. Now They Want Money From Me in the UK.

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                            “Dear Steve, I recently left Dubai owing around 22000 pounds to an airline called Flydubai. I am now in the UK and have been contacted by debt collection agencies here in the UK. Being as the debt is from Dubai, can they legally ask me to pay them back? The debt by the way is owed to my ex-employer in ... Read More »

                              I Hired a Scam Company to Help Me With My Discover Card. What Should I Do? – Joan

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                              “Dear Steve, I was trying to modify and consolidate my Discover Card at the same time. The company I hired scammed me. I paid them over $4,000. Now I am being sued by Discover. I called the collection agency to work out payment agreement. They want an unreasonable amount down payment of $5000 and $400 a month. I am already ... Read More »

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