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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I Thought Results for Homeowners Reeked of a Scam. – Jim

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“Dear Steve, emailed you several months ago about a mortgage relief organization that had approached an old HS buddy in So. Cal. with proposed settlement ideas. You and I both did some research on “results for”, found they had no operating license in Ca., nor were they operating in the City of Costa Mesa according to city records. They ... Read More »

    My Student Loan Xpress Loan is Now With American Education Services But I Need Help. – Jack

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    “Dear Steve, I borrowed upwards of $70k (now $95k) from Student Loan Xpress for a higher education degree in 2006. I have the degree, but I’m not making the kind of money required to pay back this (and many other loans). I have been unable to make any payments to this loan… but am on a repayment schedule for all ... Read More »

      Online Gambling Has Me Deep in Debt. – Andy

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      “Dear Steve, I’ve racked up a ton of debt – mostly all from online gambling. Over the past 2 years, I’ve opened up $2,000 credit card with bank – currently maxed out $3,500 credit card w/ credit union 1 – maxed $3,700 loan w/ credit union 2 – balance currently $2200. $3,000 credit card with paypal – $2,500 current balance ... Read More »

        Machol & Johannes is Calling to Collect on a Capital One Debt. – Cheryl

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        “Dear Steve, Got behind on CC, due to a home base business and tried to make payment plans and they were withdrawing till end of March, got calls from them and life happened and was unable to return calls. June 9,2012–went to ‘different dept.” have a Capital one Credit Card that was recently charged-off. Amount around $16,500. Called them and ... Read More »

          Our House Is Not Fit to Live In. Should We Borrow From 401K? – Connie

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          “Dear Steve, My daughter in law bought a house in 2004 before she married my son. Her name is the only one on the deed. She bought the house with the understanding that the house was new, only to find out afterward that court records show that the owner had gotten a remodel home loan of $10,000 and had sold ... Read More »

            Will Our UAE Creditors Chase Us Through Interpol? – Mohanj

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            “Dear Steve, i and my wife felt in dept in uae and we were paying our debt monthly till government refused to renew our visa and we lost our jobs,now we backed to our country and bebt amount 120000$ behind in uae possible to catch us in our country by interpol? we are planning to move to malaysia ,any pny ... Read More »

              I’m Very Concerned About the Problem Between The Debt Answer and Lloyd Ward

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              “Dear Steve, 2 1/2 years into 3 year program with The Debt Answer (Simon & Bosch & Lloyd Ward Law Firm). 4 settlements have been completed or in process of completion. Still have two to complete. Very concerned about this problem between Lloyd Ward Law Firm and the Debt Answer. Have been contacted by both and not sure who I ... Read More »

                Attorney Lloyd Ward and The Debt Answer Want Me to Switch My Debt Settlement Account to Each Other

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                “Dear Steve, I just spoke to Debt Answer and was told that Lloyd Ward and Lloyd were partners and they split and now they are fighting over clients. Lloyd ward put a hold on my global solutions account for drafts but is still collecting the fees. Debt answer told me that I have to close my Global Solutions account and ... Read More »

                  I’ve Been Kicked Out of Medical School With All My Debt But No Degree. – AJ

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                  “Dear Steve, I was admitted in to a medical school and it has been a hard time for me because family and personal issues beyond my control has taken place. My school is currently under a lot of scrutiny and investigation. This year, there were a tremendous number of extenuating circumstances and even though my grades had increased, my school ... Read More »

                    Can I Get a Mortgage Release for My Second Mortgage if I Settle It? – Patricia

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                    “Dear Steve, I owe on 1st mortgage more than the assessed value of the home. I had a 2nd mortgage like the HELOs you talk about-revolving credit loans. I defaulted on the 2nd but the company did not foreclose probably because of the value of property. I now received a settlement offer from a collection agency for about 25% of ... Read More »

                      I Need to Find a Reputable and Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney. – Catherine

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                      “Dear Steve, Please refer me to a reputable and affordable professional who will assist me with the process of a personal bankruptcy. I see no other way out. Catherine” Dear Catherine, See if these links help you with your search. The information below contains quite a bit of information about bankruptcy and what you can do to help you find ... Read More »

                        I Left Australia With Debt and Now I’m in India and Can’t Pay HSBC. – Romey

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                        “Dear Steve, hello i had left Australia with credit card debt with 2 banks HSBC,common wealth bank .As my permanent residence file was rejected i had to move back to India . i am jobless here in India .i am not able to return the money of credit cards i owed in Australia and i don,t want to go back ... Read More »

                          I’m in the UK And in IVA But Wonder if Actually Filing Bankruptcy Would Be Better. – Sarah

                          “Dear Jon, Up until april this year I was a director of my own company with my husband. In april we decided that after 7 years of trading we could not carry on trading, a lot of the debts were in my personal name and I was being hounded by the creditors, I now have my iva approved but I ... Read More »

                            I Co-Signed for a Car for an Ex-Girlfriend. Now They Are Coming After Me. – Chase

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                            “Dear Steve, I co-signed for a car loan for an Ex-girlfriend about a year and a half ago. She has been late on at least 50% of her payments, wrecking havoc on my credit. A point to note is that, though I went in with the intention to co-sign, they made me co owner without me knowing. Looks like I ... Read More »

                              I Have Cancer. Can I Declare Bankruptcy? – Bill

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                              “Dear Steve, I have cancer and lost my job with CC debt and loans and I am married with a home in joint ownership but underwater. Is it possible for just me to declare bankruptcy? Thanks, Bill” Dear Bill, There really isn’t enough information for me to give you anything specific but it is always possible for just one person ... Read More »

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