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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

We Don’t Make Enough Money to Repay Our Debt. What Do We Do? – Melody

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“Dear Steve, I started out with nothing graduating from a private christian home. However I have accrued a $3,000 or more student loan. The first college I tried going to was a big money racket but i didn’t know that, now I do. I have about a $1,500 credit card debt that is already in collections. I have about a ... Read More »

    Noteworld Could Not Settle My Discover Account and I Now Think It’s Expired Under the Statute of Limitations. – Mary

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    “Dear Steve, I was with Note World Settlement for a long time. After them not being able to settle with Discover after 7 year. They told me Discover could NOT do anything to me any more (staute of limiation law) I live in WI. Now I got a bill from Discover for the full amount do now!! what do I ... Read More »

      My Husband Runs His Business Off Credit Cards. Now We Need to Get Out of Debt. – Megan

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      “Dear Steve, My husband owns a successful family owned small business. He however had been taught from an early age, how to run it off of credit cards. We are at the point of 4 Credit Cards, with total of 100 K, and a line of credit of 85,000. He has committed to stop using Credit Cards to pay the ... Read More »

        My Daughter Was an Authorized User and Ran Up My Debt. I Have Cash to Settle. – Sharon

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        “Dear Steve, 23K on credit card debt. I am retired and do not make enough to pay these credit card bills any longer. I let my daughter be an authorized user on 2 credit cards. She and her husband both lost their jobs and just recently broke up. I have been able to make the minimum payments for over 6 ... Read More »

          Will Our IRS Tax Liens Prevent Us From Opening a New Business? – Donna

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          “Dear Steve, We have an IRS lien against or business that we are attempting to sell, and an IRS lien against our home. My husband and I have successfully ran a small biz for 11 years with the exception of 2010 when some taxes weren’t paid. Weare looking to sell our current location to pay the IRS business lien. However ... Read More »

            Had Cancer, Retired, But Want to Avoid Bankruptcy. – Jack

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            “Dear Steve, Cancer forced retirement at age 65 (two yrs ago). Have no income except Soc-Sec and Sm-Pension ($3,000 total). I’m current on mtge (PITi $2300/mo) and on Credit Cards (4ea, w/$50K balance, paying $1300/mo). Yes, spending everything including ‘extra’ from wife’s $350/wk take-home pay. (She’d like to retire next year if she can–assuming we rid ourselves of the unsecured ... Read More »

              I Owed Debt in New Zealand But Want to Move Back. – Steve

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              “Dear Steve, Hi there, I left New Zealand 2005 with I believe bad credit record ( credit card debt, left small phone bill ). I was in a rush, because of my wife and kid’s condition. It was not very moral thing to do…….I admit it, but sometimes we make bad choices. I am planning to go back to NZ ... Read More »

                American Express Sued My Dad But He Doesn’t Live in the U.S. – Skylar

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                “Dear Steve, My Dad got sued by American Express. They filed it in a court in CA. He doesn’t live here in the US, not a US citizen. He visits here in the US for like every 2 years and resides outside of US. He will be turning 70 yrs old and is not employed. What can I do to ... Read More »

                  I Looked Into Living Free and Clear and I’m Confused. – James

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                  “Dear Steve, My wife and i owe about $20,000. credit cards debt. We have adjustable mortgage that we owe more than the house is worth. We bought the house for $280.000. We owed more than $320,000. The current market value is about $160,000. We would like to pay off our debts sooner. I looked into “Living Free And Clear ” ... Read More »

                    I Was Told to Just Throw the Hospital Bill in the Trash. – Paul

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                    “Dear Steve, i am from Charlotte NC my name is Paul i don’t have medical insurance because i cant afford payment i am just student my question is what happen if i don’t pay hospital bills ? what happen if i don’t pay doctor bills? what happen if i don’t pay my credit card death? here in NC lots of ... Read More »

                      Should I File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Now and Then Chapter 7 Later? – Deb

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                      “Dear Steve, I was long-term unemployed for 3 years, last one with no UI as it ran out. Finally got a part-time job in February this year. During the 3 years I got 2 judgments against me by Capital One and Chase for credit card debt. Since they could not garnishee my UI they got nothing. Now only 2 months ... Read More »

                        I Can Make My Payments But Want to Get Out of Debt Faster Before I Propose. – Joshua

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                        “Dear Steve, So here is my question. I’m 32 years of age. I’m in credit card debt of about $25,000.00 with nothing to show but painful memories. I own no home, my vehicle is paid off, I have no kids. I am however planning on asking my beautiful girlfriend to marry me this summer with a wedding date to be ... Read More »

                          The Creditor Could Not Validate My Debt and Dropped The Suit. Will They Sue Again? – Beth

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                          “Dear Steve, I was married for 17 years and we always had awful credit scores/debts. I basically “robbed Peter to pay Paul.” I got divorced in 2002, left with just what I could haul. Continuing my survival strategy, I used my credit cards (none with more than $2000 limit) to purchase necessities. I fell into the old paying-the-minimum-but-the-late-fees-put-me-over-my-limit, which in ... Read More »

                            I Went to UNCW But They Did Not Contact Me for Five Years to Collect Past Due Tuition. – Scoot

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                            “Dear Steve, I attended UNCW (University of North Carolina Wilmington) for approximately 3 weeks back in August/early September of 2005. Apparently, I had to pay tuition for that semester as I missed the cutoff date to receive tuition refunds. A check was written to the school for $3100 approx. in June of 2006. I have no idea why, as this ... Read More »

                              Is DCS a Real Company. I Don’t Want to Get Scammed. – Shelly

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                              “Dear Steve, I have gone to college and have a student loan.I am a teacher and make very little money in maine. I know i need to pay back my loan but I just can’t afford to right now. It has been in defult and then in economic hardship defult now. so i recently was contacted by dcs also known ... Read More »

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