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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

Can We Get a Loan on the Equity in Our House Without Refinancing? – Dorothy

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We want to get cash out of our house, but wonder if we can do this without refinancing the house. Because if we refinance it will take longer to pay off the house. We have 6 more years to pay on it. We want to consolidate our bills with the cash. The Answer Dear Dorothy, If you are basing your ... Read More »

    I Might Have Fallen for the National Debt Relief Hardship Program. – Pam

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    I received a letter much like what Ive seen here on your website. I may have gone too far with them and given them too much info. Especially if they are a tricky collection scam. Not sure how to proceed. I have fallen behind in my credit card payments for one card do to an unforeseen medical problem. I am ... Read More »

      Am I Legally Obliged to Pay Security Credit Services that Bought My Debt? – Julie

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      I have debt with Wells Fargo, I’ve received a court summons from an Attorney’ Office which is representing a company called “Security Credit Services, LLC” which must have bought my debt from Wells Fargo. I do admit that I had a loan from Wells Fargo some time ago and ran into some hard financial times and was unable to make ... Read More »

        Credit Cards and Government Student Loans Need Debt Relief and Debt Advice to Enter Military. – Paul

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        Sir, I wanted to ask you what my options are concerning my credit card and government student loan debt, as it seems that everyone has special interests and they are not primarily interested in helping you first when it comes to debt relief. When I went to college in 2003 right out of high school I was a full ride ... Read More »

          My Girlfriend and Friends Used My Credit Cards and Left Me Deep in Debt. – Sean

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          Well lets just start by saying I’m an idiot and probably deserve where I’m at now. With that said, a few years ago I helped a friend of mine out renting a van to take several people to disneyland for a birthday. I let them put the rental on my credit card sayin that they will pay for all the ... Read More »

            Credit Resolution Advisors Just Sent Me a Mailer. – Sumir

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            “Dear Steve, Hello there I was googling geting out of debt help or tips and I came across your website. I got a letter from a company called Credit Resolution Advisors, they sent me a letter on potentially getting out of debt, I have not called them just yet, but I wanted to consult with someone before I take the ... Read More »

              The Student Loan Death Trap: Private Student Loans Drive the Future into Poverty. – Rachel

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              My situation is so horrible and massively complex it’s difficult to explain in a way without running off on other subjects, but mainly my problem is I can’t seem to find out how to survive with a life worth living while having my student loans on my shoulders. If it were just the federal loans..I wouldn’t care…I could do income ... Read More »

                Deficiency After Foreclosure in Virginia. Do I Have a Recourse or Non-Recourse Mortgage? – MDR


                Photo Credit: TaberAndrew Hi. I lost a home to foreclosure in Virginia two years ago. I had no education about deficiencies until I started getting phone calls from a company called LCS Financial services. Well now I have found that the debt was given to this collection agency and they are asking for a whopping $100,000. So far no judgment ... Read More »

                  Should I Pay Credit Cards Down or Create Emergency Fund With My Tax Refund?


                  I have $5,800 of credit card debt with a high interest rate. This year I had a medical emergency and have depleted my savings, and have no savings cushion. I usually get an approximately $2,500 tax refund every year. How do I get the most out of my return? Rebuild my emergency fund, or pay my credit card debt? TMV ... Read More »

                    How Much Time Do I Have to Get My Motorcycle Back After Being Repossessed? – Ashton


                    HSBC just repossessed my motorcycle and they want the lump some that pays it off in order to get it back. During the past few months I called and changed my address with them which turns out they never did and made arrangements with them to make the account current and avoid repossession and again they have no record of ... Read More »

                      I Signed With Bay View Law Group. How Can I Make this Right with My Creditor? – Amy


                      I signed with Bayview law group. I was current on my credit cards- only 2 of them. THey told me I would need to miss a payment then I could enter the program. I made 7 monthly payments of 460. each month. Now I learn I have 500. in my trust acc’t and I can’t even access that on line ... Read More »

                        I Can’t Afford My Chapter 13 Payments And Worried About Foreclosure Deficiency. – Lars

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                        I am recently divorced and due to hardship filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy. After 5 months of negotiations with the trustee; it has now become questionable if I am able to do the chapter 13 and still make monthly ends meet. Based on the latest proposal from the trustee; I would need to pay approximately 1000 per month to the ... Read More »

                          How Can I Get My UAE Bank to Give Me More Time to Settle My Debts? – Sahil

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                          I have a personal loan from a bank and credit cards from two different banks. All the payments are due for the last couple of months due to my change in job. I am still in UAE and the bank is following me to pay the due amount. I need another month to settle the dues. Please advise me how ... Read More »

                            Your Primary Language Impacts Your Ability to Save for the Future

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                            In a paper by M. Keith Chen of Yale University School of Management and Cowles Foundation, a conclusion was drawn that the language you speak has an impact on your ability to save for the future. Languages differ widely in the ways they partition time. In this paper I test the hypothesis that languages which grammatically distinguish between present and ... Read More »

                              My Wife is Getting Garnished for a Federal Student Loan She Cosigned For 23 Years Ago. – Robby

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                              My wife was married to her ex at the age of 20. It only lasted a year, but during that year she cosigned the joker’s student loans. They are fed loans. My wife is now 43 and with in the last six months they started drafting her paychecks. At first it was a huge amount, to the tune of $300 ... Read More »

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