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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I Just Completed My Bankruptcy But I Have Lingering Bills and Creditors. – Carlynn

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“Dear Steve, Well, I completed bankruptcy in November, 2011. I still have some hanging bills/creditors I need to clear and close out and I am in a worried, stressful situation where I have ran out of financial aid to complete my doctorates program at Argosy Atlanta University. I have applied for loans and have been denied. I am wondering if ... Read More »

    I Keep Calling Financial Assistance Group But Not Getting Anywhere. – Susan

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    “Dear Steve, I was also duped by Bruce Abernathy. I paid into his scam for 3 years and none of my accounts has been settled. I call them and they don’t call back or they tell me that the longer I wait, the better the deal they can make. They now call themselves, “Financial Assistance Group, Inc”. I sent in ... Read More »

      How Do I Get PNC Bank to Modify My Mortgage? – Timothy

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      “Dear Steve, Me and my wife are behind on some mortgage payments and we have lost equity since we purchased our home. I am looking to reduce my monthly payments and I am currently behind on my mortgage. I tried working with my lender PNC Bank last year on a loan Mod and it was granted but they tacked on ... Read More »

        How Can We Get Our Short Sale Approved Fast? – Mary

        “Dear Andy, I bought my house 5 years ago at the peak of the housing market and live in MD. I have a NC interest only 10/1 ARM and have been unsuccessful at refinancing or any loan modification over the last 2 years. My husband has an opportunity to attend a PHD program in FL in the fall, so that ... Read More »

          I Really Want to Avoid Bankruptcy At All Costs. – Sean

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          “Dear Steve, I have unsecured credit card debt for around $25,000. I am 27 and make around $55,000, but will be getting a $10,000 raise in the next. My financial situation at work will be improving further from there, I am just not sure if it will be 6 months or a year. I currently rent for housing, but will ... Read More »

            I Was Injured and Can’t Work. – Bill

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            “Dear Steve, I was the only one working when I seriously injured my back and had to stop working and file for disability. We moved out of our home and in with family for free while my wife looked for a job. At the time I left my job I had 3 auto loans and 4 open credit cards and ... Read More »

              We Fell for the Bogus Government Program to Lower Our Debts. – Benj

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              “Dear Steve, I really need help. My wife and I answered the mailer that you have on your site. Gov’t hardship program, blah blah blah. We have been trying for 3 years to get our cc companies to drop our interest rates. So here is this thing in the mail that says they can get it done, and in dramatic ... Read More »

                Does SC Law Group Sound Like a Scam? – Jake

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                “Dear Steve, Have a mortgage with a 6% intrest… Starting to have some financial issues.. I was contacted through the mail by the SC Law Group from Long Beach, CA. They say they can put together a package to present to Chase our mortgage lender that will make them reduce our mortgage rate to 3.25% based on our financial hardship. ... Read More »

                  I Moved to Virginia from New Hampshire and I’m Being Sued for An Old Credit Card Debt. – John

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                  “Dear Steve, I have a court,in May. I moved to Virginia from NH about six years ago. This debt orginated in NH, the debt is from a credit card from about six or seven years ago. I know that a debt can be transfered from one state to another. I would like to know to how far back on a ... Read More »

                    Is There a Tax Penalty for Filing Jointly? – Kathy

                    “Dear Jim, im about to be married my fiance wants to know if there is a tax penalty when you file married filing jointly Kathy” Thanks for your question Kathy. Your question: Is there a tax penalty when you file jointly? Almost always, it is more beneficial to file jointly to take advantage of the lower tax rates and allowable ... Read More »

                      Will I Have to Skip Payments to Settle My Debt And Will It Hurt My Credit? – Laura

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                      “Dear Steve, I read your response to Mike about the massive credit card debt and getting no where. I am in a similar position and have two questions in regards to your response. First: In order to request (or attempt to start) a settlement with the credit card company do I first have to skip payments or can I call ... Read More »

                        American Debt Foundation Was Suggested to Me By My Credit Union But I’m Not Sure. – Dorothy

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                        “Dear Steve, Lost my job in 2003 and put everything on credit cards. Single mom, last daughter turns 18 in July meaning child support of $535/mo will end, she will be attending Va Tech in the Fall, still owe $34,500 in credit card debt and now over $57,000 in student loans (yes, mine, not my children’s). Home is on the ... Read More »

                          I’m With CNI and Getting Sued by Discover. I Can’t Reach Anyone at CNI. – Gail

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                          “Dear Steve, CNI is handling my debt but have a letter that I am being suited by discover and I can not reach anyone at cni. is there a way out of this agreement and find a debt company that can help me. Gail” Dear Gail, I believe the CNI you are talking about is Century Negotiations, Inc. Did you ... Read More »

                            Where Can I Find Government Help to Pay My Student Loans? – Juan

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                              Private University Said I Had a Full Ride Scholarship But Now I Have Sallie Mae Student Loans. – Ryan

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                              “Dear Steve, Hello I am Ryan, a recently graduated college student, and I just found out that I have $12,500 dollars in student loans. When I was first starting college for my BS in Business Administration the dean promised me a few things. First, he promised that the universities career placement program would place me at an entry level management ... Read More »

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