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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

My Son Was Approved for a Mortgage Way Above His Means. – Anna Marie

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“Dear Steve, My son and his wife were approved for a mortage way above their means. The realtor of course only showed them homes at the top prices and made it sound like no others were available. She then got them a home inspector which seemed to miss that the whole house was falling down. Now they have been in ... Read More »

    I’m Covered By Medicaid But My Doctor is Suing Me For The Bill. – Laura

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    “Dear Steve, I live in new york state, have an income below the federal poverty level, and recieve medicaid benefits. 9 months ago, when i was pregnant (approximately 3 weeks before my due date,) I visited new jersey. when i was there i began hemmoraging. i went to the nearest emergency room, was admitted and recieved treatment. this hospital (and ... Read More »

      Should I Hire UFAN, Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition or File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Ivan

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      “Dear Steve, WF dragged me for one year and 3 months to get the Loan Modification. I got assisted by housing services of LA county “agency approved per HUD to help people to avoid foreclosure. The last attempt again offered by WF offering HAMP was after I submitted a complaint against them with the Consumer Financial Credit Bureu. I sent ... Read More »

        I’m Very Disappointed With You Letting Others Answer Questions. – Vincent


        “Dear Steve, Steve, this is not a question, but rather a criticism: I have no idea as to why you run a website for the purpose of people to get information about debts, and options of what they can do if indeed in debt if all you are going to do when publishing a reader’s question is to answer with ... Read More »

          I’m a Colon Cancer Survivor With No Work, No Savings and a Leaking Roof

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          “Dear Steve, I am a 72 year old woman…. With a reverse mortgage and a roof that is leaking into my bedroom of my town home where I have lived for 19 years. I owe $112,000 on my home that is now worth $60,000 maybe. I get $8,000 a year, $725 a month, I am unable to work and have ... Read More »

            Our Mortgage Was Discharged in Bankruptcy But We Want to Stay. Will Wells Fargo Modify Our Loan? – Joseph

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            “Dear Steve, Filed chapter 7 and had debt, including mortgage discharged ( non reaffirmed) nov 2011. Mortgage 209000, zillow says house worth 145000 was taxed at 165000 by the county. Hello, my mortgage was discharged via chpt 7, and we didnt reaffirm and want to stay in the house. We have fallen a month behind on the mortgage and wells ... Read More »

              I Can’t Get In Touch With Freedom Law Financial Anymore. Help! – Shelly

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              “Dear Steve, I signed up for Debt relief help with Freedom law Financial. I cannot get them to respond to calls or emails. I have about $1000 invested so far but none of my creditors have been given anything. How can I get out of this mess? Is there a way to recoup my money? What is a legitimate debt ... Read More »

                Is Consult America And Credit Advocates Law Firm My Best Solution? – Robin

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                “Dear Steve, We are currently $72,000 in credit card debt and personal loan (Capital One). My husband is quite ill and had to retire. I have been current on all my debt and paid it down considerably over last 2 years (I have paid aproxx $20M0 Now with my husband not working I don’t thinkI can hang on. Have you ... Read More »

                  Is Thomassen Law Group a Legitimate and Reliable Law Firm? – Lillian

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                  “Dear Steve, We started paying Thomassen Law Group since September 11, 2011. Recently, we received a letter from a local lawyer representing one of our creditors giving us 30 days to pay our debt with the company they are representing. I faxed copy of the law office to Thomassen Law Group, called and spoke with one of the ladies there ... Read More »

                    I Can’t Afford My BMW Lease. How Will That Hurt My Credit?

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                    “Dear Steve, I have a very good score credit and I have been very punctual and responsible with all my bills for all these years, but since October 2011 I’m jobless, however I have been paying all my bills on time with my savings . I still have some cash to continue searching for a job and very basic necessities. ... Read More »

                      Should I Use Refinance Help at – David

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                      “Dear Steve, I am 55 years old just lost my employment, and I have 15K in debt that I may not be able to pay soon. Chapter 7 isn’t an option for another 2 years and with no employment neither is chapter 13. Your Question(s) Is it better to contact my creditors before or after I go into default to ... Read More »

                        DebtPro123 Said They Could Settle My Private Student Loans and Hasn’t

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                        “Dear Steve, I signed up with Debtpro123 in June 2010 to settle my student loans. I owe about $100,000 in private loans. The monthly payments were huge but they were supposed to settle my loans in the Phase 2. The end of April is my last payment but my loans have not been settled. They are in collections and I ... Read More »

                          Is the Saltzman Law Group a Reputable Company? – Elizabeth

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                          “Dear Steve, I am/was working with Saltzman Law Group and Global Financial Solutions. I’m getting a little concerned that I don’t receive any monthly statements and their local office in Maryland closed within the past six months. I don’t know if its a reputable firm. Hope you can help me. I have four open credit card accounts, the other four ... Read More »

                            How Long Can the School Hold My Transcript Hostage? – Jon

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                            “Dear Steve, I earned 60 credits at a junior college and received an AA degree(’98). Then I went on to a university on full scholarship to finish my education. I did not graduate but I did earn about 30 more credits that my scholarship paid for. My last year on scholarship there was (’01). A couple years later (’04) I ... Read More »

                              I’ve Been Happy With Donaldson Williams But Stressed About Owing Taxes. – Heather

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                              “Dear Steve, I been working with Donaldson Willams on my debt settlement for about 6 months now. They have been great and I’ve settled one account so far with 3 more to go. I was feeling great about my progress but it being tax season (I’m a freelancer and pay my own taxes) I now need to pay a huge ... Read More »

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