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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

My Business Work is Dead and I Defaulted on My American Express Card. – John

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“Dear Steve, i’m a contractor that used my amex c.c. for business. work is dead and i defaulted on paying the balance. I am asked to sign an agreement from a law firm and pay 2,000 up front on a 6,000. balance and they are adding about 800.00 in court apperance fees,though we havn’t gone to court. I can’t afford ... Read More »

    I’m Not Sure if My Son is An Authorized User or Joint Account Holder. – Shawn

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    “Dear Steve, When my son was in school I added him as an authorized user on my Chase Credit card he is now 32 he bought a home and the credit report said he was a cosigner on my Credit card. I have tried to have this corrected for the last two years. Chase rep orignially told me they could ... Read More »

      My Husband Wants to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Thinks I Should File Chapter 13. – Cathy

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      “Dear Steve, Husband’s employer closed. He is now receiving Social Security and unemployment. I work a full-time and part-time job and have a little pension check. Our credit card debit is no longer manageable. My husband wants to file chapter 7. He thinks I should file chapter 13. I co-own some property and have $20,000 left in my 401K. If ... Read More »

        I’ve Been Scammed By the Dating Site Zoosk. – Worried Soul

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        “Dear Steve, Hi , I have very terrible situation, thank God I found this site. I have been scammed on a dating site called Zoosk, and I have lost my lifetime savings. I have lost over $250,000 and incurred about $32,000 credit card bills. I contacted the credit card company that I have over $28,000 debit with, but I was ... Read More »

          My Narcolepsy Has Left My Army Husband And I in Trouble. Military OneSource Sent Me to You. – Leslee

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          “Dear Steve, I am wondering if you know a way to help us. We are a family of three. My husband, my six year old daughter and myself. We are stationed in Hawaii. My husband is the US Army. We are in very much need of financial guidance. In the last year, everything has plummeted. Here is a rundown of ... Read More »

            I’m Looking for Another Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan to Get Out of Debt. – Carroll

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            “Dear Steve, I was about to sign up for Fast Track Debt Relief, until my aunt told me to do more research, as a result I found your site. I am in debt to the tune of 100K. These are the following debts I have: Student Loans: $50,499.43 Not current because loan was transferred to Cornstone Collection. Was paying $50.00 ... Read More »

              Can a Purchaser of My Debt Charge Me Anything They Want? – Louise

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              “Dear Steve, I turned over one of my credit card debts to a debt negotiation company. I currently checked my credit report and this credit card shows status of closed. Write off of $xxxx. A credit collection company now shows up on my report as a debt purchase account – and has $xxxx – $100 listed as the balance but ... Read More »

                Is American Web Loan a Legal Company? – Tommie

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                I became involved with an online cash advance company called American Web Loan. I set up payments for the loan to be paid back. It wasn’t explained to me that the payments made would not cover the principle. Every payment only covered the interest. I notified the company who then explained to me that the payments only covered the interest ... Read More »

                  How Long Will This Old Debt Be On My Credit Report? – Robert

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                  “Dear Steve, Hi, I have a credit card on my credit report that became delinquent in July 2005. It was charged off in Dec 2005. I am told that it will fall off my CR shortly. In Dec 2005 LVNV Funding (a collection agency) bought this debt and started to report to the credit bereaus as well. Here is my ... Read More »

                    I Want to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Keep My House. – Mar

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                    “Dear Steve, I have retain a lawyer for ch7. I am in default for my mortgage for 6 months due to disability. My lender called me 3x for update status. I informed my atty. and he advise me i can call them back BUT not to mention I have an atty. for BK. Should I tell the lender I am ... Read More »

                      Will Interpol Arrest My Fiancé for Her Bad Debt? – Steve

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                      “Dear Steve, My Fiancee worked in the UAE a year ago and for family reasons left to come back to US in March 2011. She had 10,000 (us currency) debt on a CC she left and never paid. In Feb 2012 she took a job in Maylasia and she is getting very threating letters. She realizes the issues in UAE ... Read More »

                        Mary Kay, Freelance Editing, And Working to Pay Student Loans But Feeling Like Suicide. – Briar

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                        “Dear Steve, I need help. I graduated college in 2010 from a good school with a multidisciplinary BA. I was able to find a job within 4 months of graduating, before the student loan grace period ended. I have a federal loan of $122.44/month for 10 years. I also have 2 private loans that are killing me. My Sallie Mae ... Read More »

                          State Farm Cancelled Our Homeowners Insurance

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                          Q: We live in the country in a home over a century year old that we have been slowly remodeling. It has been in my husband’s family for four generations. We purchased it knowing that there was a great deal of repairs that needed to be done. We felt because we had remodeled homes in the past that we would ... Read More »

                            My Husband is in Prison and I Need Financial Help. – Georgia

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                            “Dear Steve, My husband is in prison and I am raising our grandson of 17 still in school. we need transportation and help with the bills I am on my social security and cant make it and afraid of losing our home contract for deed. what can I do ? where can I go to get help to get a ... Read More »

                              How Do I Dig Myself Out of This Debt?

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                              “Dear Steve, I owe $4600 in collection account that I am currently paying payments on. I owe $1600 to a friend. And I have 4 credit cards that are now sold to various people that I haven’t paid on in 2 years. I currently have finally gotten to the point of having $550 to use to pay off these debts. ... Read More »

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