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I’m a Teacher, Pregnant, and Trying to Pay Off Student Loans


Question: Dear Steve, I graduated in 2008 with $8000.00 on a private loan through Sallie Mae, which has become Navient. This is a private loan company. I also have federal loans, but those seem to actually be going down, and I am eligible for teacher loan forgiveness on the federal ones. I am on income-based repayment through Navient, but after ... Read More »

    My Son Stole My Credit. Will the Judgment End When I Die?

    From Massachusetts, a 1729 Judgment to make payment or be thrown in jail.

    Question: Dear Steve, About 10 yrs ago, my son stole my credit cards and maxed them out..I could not pay them, but was able to pay what I could..sometimes min amt due and sometimes not.. Anyway, I got papers to go to court because I was being sued..My son said he would go to court and tell the Judge it ... Read More »

      They Said the Rest of My Student Loan Would be Taken Care Of

      Hand holding magic wand with sparks attracting money from top hat. Success wealth trick lie deception fraud cheating magic fast money concept. EPS 10 vector illustration no transparency

      Question: Dear Steve, I had a student loan. They say I owe them around 6,000 and said if I wait to pay it then I’m guessing my interest rate will go up and it will be hard for me to get another loan. Is this true? They claim that if I do a monthly payment 3 times of 200. The ... Read More »

        I’m on SSDI and in Debt But I Don’t Want to Hurt My Credit Score


        Question: Dear Steve, Lost job in 2007 became total disabled in 2012 now on total SSDI. I have credit cards, and student loan in the range of $28,000. which would be the best way to go as for getting out of debt I’m hardly getting by each month. I’m not late on payments and I have a credit score of ... Read More »

          Is It Possible to Use Debt Settlement for Student Loans?

          Debt Settlement Advice

          Question: Dear Steve, I’m currently dealing with $103K of private loan debt (plus another $23K in federal loans). My cosigner on two of my largest loans just ended a bankruptcy at the beginning of 2016, so those loans now have monthly payments due at around $1,000 together. I have been continuously paying a fourth private loan at $400/month cosigned with ... Read More »

            How Can I Reduce My Student Loan Balance?


            Question: Dear Steve, I have taken out loans to pay for college. Several of them are from Sallie Mae, which is now Navient. Over the past 20 months, I have been unemployed for 14 of them. I was initially laid off in Sept of 2014, and again in Oct of 2015 my 6 month contract ended with another company. I ... Read More »

              I’m 82-Years-Old. Should I Even Repay My Debt?

              Drowning swimmer

              Question: Dear Steve, I use credit karma to check my credit which is 680 with Experian and 660 with TransUnion. Three years ago I did not have money to pay my credit cards and they were sent into the credit bureau. Not all to Experian. More to Trans union. I’m 82 years old on fixed income. I saw lawyers and ... Read More »

                My Ex-Husband Sued My Daughter Over a Student Loan

                man terrifying woman

                Question: Dear Steve, My ex husband co-signed a private student loan for my daughter through Wells Fargo. The loan was for 1 year of study at FIDM. My daughter was not making the payments. My ex husband who lives in AZ filed court papers against my daughter and received a judgement for almost $50,000.00 (including thousands in court/attorney fees.) My ... Read More »

                  I Went to University of Phoenix Without Graduating from High School

                  Money puzzle piece

                  Question: Dear Steve, I went to University of Phoenix back in 2002. I started going to classes onsite in Dallas but then moved to online approach when I relocated to another state. I finished the Master of Arts in Organizational Management in 2004 but have not been able to use the degree..in fact took it off my resume. It is ... Read More »

                    How Can I Raise Funds to Help Without Reporting Them as Income?


                    Question: Dear Steve, My daughter and two friends are going on a study abroad program in Spain. They all go to the same school and a teacher is accompanying them but the study abroad program is not really school sponsored. They are going in the summer following their 8th grade graduation from that school anyway. We, the parents, want to ... Read More »

                      How Can I Avoid paying Sallie Mae Loan as a Co-Signer?


                      Question: Dear Steve, My ex-fiancé wanted to take an online business course and he needed to take a loan so I co-signed for him and we got the loan through Sallie Mae, and we ended breaking the engagement last year, since the break of the engagement I have reached out to him via email to remove me as a co-signer ... Read More »

                        How Do I Cancel My Contract With Cockburn and Associates After Wildfires?


                        Question: Dear Steve, In August 2015 I signed up for some stupid debt consolidation program with Cockburn and Associates. I owe about $27,000. Due to the wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, I am one of the people who’s jobs are up in the air because of the destruction and uncertainly. I contacted them to explain the situation. My request was ... Read More »

                          Should I Buy a Used Car?


                          Question: Dear Michael, I am a middle aged divorcee women with no mechanical skills whatsoever. I normally purchase new cars when one is needed. I purchased a new car in 1990 and kept it for over 17 years. I purchased a 2008 and currently still owe it with 315,000 miles. Most people suggest buying used because of the depreciating of ... Read More »

                            Can We Consolidate Our Parent Plus Loans and Go For PSLF?


                            Question: Dear Steve, Both my wife and I took out separate direct federal parent plus loans for our two children starting in 2010 and ending 2014. My wife loan for my daughter was 128K and I took out 150K for my son. I work in public service and my wife for private industry. Can we consolidate both loan balances into ... Read More »

                              I’m 59 and Drained My IRA. What Should I Do About My Debt?

                              Old man with headache.

                              Question: Dear Steve, I was forced to give up my private practice several years ago and unable to find work until recently, partly due to medical reasons. I am now working but spent my entire IRA – early withdrawal, and racked up 50k in credit card debt. My salary is way over the Ch. 7 threshold but I can’t survive ... Read More »

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