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Am I Stuck With My Ex-Wife Forever Because of Our Old Spousal Consolidation Loan?


Question: Dear Steve, I share $67k in Navient student loans with my ex-wife. My decreed portion is around $35k. Since our FFEL consolidation in 2001, I have paid it for 12-13 years. It has been on deferment the rest of the time. I applied for PSLF through Navient. I will not qualify with her income. She is not my SPOUSE ... Read More »

    I Got Kicked Out of ROTC and DFAS Wants Me to Repay My Tuition

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    Question: Dear Steve, I had a full scholarship to attend university via the ROTC program. I was performing well, no health issue, but I was kicked out under the accusation that I had “Created a negative environment for other cadets”. I went through the appeals process, and the board voted unanimously to drop the charge and keep me in the ... Read More »

      I’m on a Fixed Income and Can’t Afford to Pay on Cosigned Student Loan


      Question: Dear Steve, I co-signed for my son in 2008–payment were current until Nov 2015 when he lost his job. He has talked to them several time at Navient-Sallie Mae sold loan to them- now I am getting calls about 4 times a day, I’m retired on fixed income of appx $1150 month. They just tell me I have to ... Read More »

        Teacher Crushed by Private Student Loans Looks for Help


        Question: Dear Steve, I started my student loans with Sallie Mae in 2004/2005. At the time, they asked for my parents information (my mother being a single mother was not able to help me, however financial aid said she made “too much” and I did not qualify and could not apply for federal loans on my own until I turned ... Read More »

          Who Will Give Us a Loan to Payoff $100K of Credit Card Debt?

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          Question: Dear Steve, We make a sizable income ($350,000) and we have just paid off most of our vehicles (only one left); problem is cc debt–the peer to peer sounds great, but $35,000 is not going to cut it–need more like $100,000 to truly pay down the debt. Contrary to how it sounds, we are responsible, NEVER pay late and ... Read More »

            They Raised My Payment on My Parent Plus Loan Consolidation


            Question: Dear Steve, Around 2002/2003 I took my first of 5, (I believe 5) parent student loans. I am a public servant and some of the loans were private. I applied for the loan forgiveness program and Fedloan is my servicing loan provider. They advised me to consolidate the loans to qualify for the IBR payment plan. My loan total ... Read More »

              Destination Debt Solutions Has Vanished and I Need Help

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              Question: Dear Steve, I was in a financial bind and needed immediate help. I went online and signed up with several payday loans hoping that I could pay them once I took care of everything else. Well to make a long story short I fell deeper into the hole. I then had pressing bills due and these loans so I ... Read More »

                Did I Just Get Cheated by the Debt Relief Company?


                Question: Dear Steve, I recently canceled my services with a well known debt relief company. I signed up with them because I thought that it would be safe to do so and I was told by the guy who had charmed me into signing up with them that I would receive a full refund. I then agreed to the stated ... Read More »

                  Is the Department of the Treasury Publication 4681 Offer a Scam?

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                  Question: Dear Steve, I currently own a LOT of student loan debt. I believe I am defaulted on 1 or 2 loans, I have previously had Wage garnishment for federal loans, and I pay $1,000 + in private loans every month. Is there anyway to reduce this debt? I received that “scam” letter in the mail – around the Department ... Read More »

                    I’m Now Disabled. Should I Settle My Debt With Macy’s and PayPal?

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                    Question: Dear Steve, I do have Macy’s and PayPal account which I am thinking of trying to settle. I did settlement back in 2010. Everything went well as far as my finances is concern from 2012-2015. Unfortunately, I got disabled and now on permanent disability. I am still current on my payments, though I am just paying minimum payment but ... Read More »

                      Marine Corps Soldier Needs Help With Private Student Loans

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                      Question: Dear Steve, I have no idea if you can help, but I served almost 9 years active duty in the Marine Corps and I have a private student loan (Key Bank) that I cannot make payments on at the moment for $62,000. I was recently honorably discharged from active duty after having my first daughter and have fallen behind ... Read More »

                        Why Won’t Anyone Let Us Consolidate Our Spousal Consolidation Loan?

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                        Question: Dear Steve, FFEL Spousal Student Consolidation Loan taken out in 2002, with Sallie Mae (now Nelnet). We are still married, however both work in public service, and could potentially benefit from the PSLF program. However, we have been told by Direct Loans that we cannot re-consolidate the spousal consolidation loan (which is comprised of a Stafford subsidized loan and ... Read More »

                          How Can My UK Partner Get Navient to Offer a Different Payment?

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                          Question: Dear Steve, I’m writing on behalf of my partner. She currently lives in the UK with me (and is a citizen here). She has no American income and therefore pays no tax (though her tax records are fully completed and up to date each year, so no issues there). She has no assets and no desire to return to ... Read More »

                            Why Won’t the Debt Collector Agree to Remove the Debt From My Credit Report if I Pay?


                            Question: Dear Michael, I have a collections account with AFNI on my credit report. It is a valid debt that I owe the company they are collecting for. I keep trying to ask them if they would be willing to remove the collection off my credit report after I pay in full. The answer I get (sounds scripted) is that ... Read More »

                              Some Company Says They Can Make My Navient Student Loans Go Away


                              Question: Dear Steve, I’ve read numerous articles and enjoy them thoroughly. Recently I came across an article that sounds very similar to my situation. Private student loan debt — I’m only assuming this is one of your favorite subjects. The article I read came to you from one of your readers, that they were approached to pay off their loan ... Read More »

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