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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I Have a Mercedes Benz I Can No Longer Afford. – Torey

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Torey “Dear Steve, i have an mercedes i ve been have ing it for about a year and i have an high intrest i got it for 24,000.00 and now i owe about 20,000.00 but the pmt is high and i trying to get the pmt down. ive trade to trade it in the don’t want to give me much ... Read More »

    I’m Trying to Buy a House But I Have a Judgment Against Me. – Tony

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    Tony “Dear Steve, I dont understand what you are wanting to know on this. Ok short story im buying a house. The title company tells me there is a judgement against me the judgement was put on Nov 30 1999 so i called the company they have no clue what Im talking about and im not in collections. I live ... Read More »

      I Am 71 Days Behind on My Car Payment. I Am On Unemployment. – Pamela

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      Pamela “Dear Steve, I am 71 days behind on car payment. I am on unemployment. I was in a car accident back in January and hopefully will be settling soon. I was released from doctors care October 12th. I have been seeking a new job since July. I finally signed up with some temp agencies and currently waiting to hear ... Read More »

        I’m Retired and Do What I Want at 49.

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        “Dear Steve, I lost my job in 2007 at the beginning of this downturn and I am still unemployed. I am almost 59 years of age. Which I believe is why I am not being hired. My spouse WAS planning on retiring in March 09. We have two homes. Our original plan was to sell one and move to the ... Read More »

          How Can I Find a Good Credit Counseling Company? – Landi

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          “Dear Steve, Hello. I seem to have gotten myself deep in debt. I don’t want to file bankruptcy. Is there a good credit counseling, debt relief company/group that can help me lower payment or cut my debt. I have heard most freeze your accounts and it shows up on your credit. Thanks for your help. Landi” Dear Landi, Basically your ... Read More »

            We Went Into Program With DebtWave and Ended Up With Johnson Law. – Gary

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            “Dear Steve, My wife went into a program with DebtWave that was turned over to Johnson Law, but the legal papers keep coming. My income is has diminished as I have taken a very low paying job to survive. If she cannot continue these very large payments, as my low paying job will soon end, and has to declare bankruptcy, ... Read More »

              Boyfriend is Paralyzed With Debt After Divorce. – Michelle

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              “Dear Steve, My boyfriend was divorced last year. His ex-wife “walked away” from their marriage, but not before charging up the credit card balances substatially. She decided she didn’t want to deal with their newly purchased home, so she legally signed her rights away and he bought her out for $1.00. After adding lawyer divorce fees to the credit cards, ... Read More »

                Should I Continue to Make Partial Payments to Cap 1? – Irv

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                “Dear Steve, I am retired with no assets and only SS income. All of my creditors have set up a hardship program with reduced interest, no fees and lower payments. Capital 1 has refused to do this. I have 3 Capital One accounts totaling about $11,000. I have been trying to make partial payments but the interest and extra fees ... Read More »

                  Mortgage Company Sent Me a 1099-C. Do I Owe Tax On This? – Derek

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                  “Dear Steve, Last year I was hounded by my mortgage company to refinance my home. I had not been late on any payments. I was OK with my payments, not in any type of financial bind etc. I finally relented and listened. They offered to reduce my interest, but the rate wasn’t worth the charges. They came back and offered ... Read More »

                    Which is Worse, Bankruptcy or a Write Off? – Jenny

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                    “Dear Steve, Bankruptcy or Writeoff? When it comes down to it which is worse? Is a debt write off from a company as bad as a bankruptcy? I have some funds coming soon and I was going to settle with them, but they tell me the debt is about to be written off. My question is do I let it ... Read More »

                      I Was Irresponsible With My Credit But Now I Want to Clean It Up – Kristen

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                      Kristen “Dear Steve, I am 29 years old and am just now in a position where I can start cleaning up my damaged credit. I was very reckless/careless with my finances throughout my late teens and most of my 20’s. I have recently pulled my 3-in-1 credit report and my score is below 600. I want to start cleaning up ... Read More »

                        Nildo Has Moved Back in With Parents And Wants to Save His Car From Repossession

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                        Nildo “Dear Steve, Because of a job change, that pays only commission I got myself into this mess. Now I have to move back into my parents home and lose my car. It pays good commission but I have had 3 bad month and now I don’t know what to do How do I get out of this mess and ... Read More »

                          I’m Laid Off and Living on Savings. – Mary

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                          “Dear Steve, I was laid off the last quarter of ’07 and we are down to one income. We’ve been using our savings to keep up with all our payments including our mortgage. We want to proceed with a modification of our mortgage, but with our credit card debt we’re afraid we won’t qualify and would like to come up ... Read More »

                            I Paid “The Credit Card Solution” and Bob Lindsey to Eliminate My Debt. Turns Out They Were a Scam. – Walter

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                            “Dear Steve, My name is Walter and I’m currently a senior psychology major at [XXXX] College. I have amassed over $10,000 in credit card debt from buying everything from a computer, Playstation 3, and even a High Def Television. As you can see, I really didn’t need any of the things that I bought and it has been really tough ... Read More »

                              I Don’t Want to Get Married With Debt. – Brandi

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                              Brandi “Dear Steve, My Fiance and I are currently about 12,000 dollars in debt not including are student loans that are currently in deferment his deferment ends soon (he graduates next month) his school cost about 40,000 dollars I’m just starting school so my loans and schooling will be deferred for a while Most of the Debt includes Credit cards ... Read More »

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