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I’m Being Sued for a Million Dollars for an Accident I Caused. – Andrew

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“Dear Steve, Being sued up to 1 Million, Don’t have close to what they’re asking for. I was recently in a car accident that had caused 2 people to be placed under life support, they are both up and both perfectly fine, 4 months after. I just got news that they are filing a lawsuit for up to 1 Million, ... Read More »

Midland Credit is Trying to Collect an Old Debt. – Tina

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“Dear Steve, Midland credit trying to collect on an old account that I think is over 6yrs old. Also I live in TN. Since the acct is old how can I find out the details about it? I haven’t heard a thing about this acct is several yrs until today. They clam I owe 9k on a 2k limit cc ... Read More »

How Do I Get Out of Debt if I Have No Work? – C

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“Dear Steve, I am currently an independent contractor with 3 dyas of work in the last 4months, I lost my mother who was the care giver for my stepfather, all the insurance and financials are in his name. he is currently in a rehab facility and has been there for 3wks and he can not be left alone when he ... Read More »

Our Mortgage is in Default But Bank Did Not Foreclose. – Kal

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“Dear Steve, Husband laid off for over a year, went into foreclosure, stopped the foreclosure in the 14 day period with the bank attorney. Called to check status and the attorney said the case was closed? Have not heard anything from the bank except they were not going to foreclose. We did have a discharged bankruptcy in 2006 and reaffirmed ... Read More »

What Can I Do to Get Help With My Student Loan Payments? – Robyn

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“Dear Steve, I am a single parent of 3 and declared bankruptcy in 2006 My ex let our house go into foreclosure) I receive less then 850.00 A MONTH for my children as my ex collects disability. My annual income is 36,000. I have been unable to pay my student loans for the past 5 years, They went into default. ... Read More »

I Was in the Military, Got Out, and Ran Up Debt. – Carolyn

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“Dear Steve, I was in the military for a couple years, got used to plenty of extra spending money due to not having any rent or bills. I didn’t stop spending money once I got out so I ended up racking up the credit card bills. I’ve stoped using the cards for almost a year now so the spending isnt ... Read More »

I’m Studying to be an Episcopal Priest But Have Student Loans and Credit Card Debt. – Adrienne

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“Dear Steve, I’m a graduate student finishing up my Masters and working toward a PhD. I aspire to be a professor of Ancient Hebrew/Bible and an episcopal priest within the next 10 years. I will have $100,000 in student loans by the end of my master’s degree program next May, and currently have $30,000 in credit card debt. I would ... Read More »

I’m Working With Craig Zimmerman and His Debt Relief Group and Want Out. – Anna

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“Dear Steve, I’ve been paying into an escrow acct. for the past year with craig zimmerman’s debt relief company – after paying $1400 as an attorney fee, they told me I would be called when a settlement was reached (and after I had accumulated more in the acct. towards the principle). I have been basically getting harassed by them over ... Read More »

My Wife Just Died at Work and I Have $100,000 of Student Loans. – Mark

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“Dear Steve, My wife just died of a heart attack at work, She was the supporter and I am dependent on her medical insurance because of a long list of cronic health problems including Sarcoidosis, Fibromyagia, Sleep Apnea, chronic pain, Insomnia. I have not worked in many years and have $100,000. + in school loans in deferment, including all the ... Read More »

I Lost My Overtime and I’m Falling Behind With Bills. – Kirk

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Kirk “Dear Steve, I lost all my overtime at work and I’m falling behind on payments. I’m $50,000 in debt and need help. Kirk”   Dear Kirk, Overtime. Here is where I think most people get it wrong when it comes to overtime. When overtime is regular they tend to let their financial lives expand to fill the money coming ... Read More »

I Don’t Have Proof That I Paid My Student Loan in Full. Debt Collector is Calling. – Howard

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Howard “Dear Steve, I recently recieved a letter from a debt collector stating that I owed money from a perkins loan that was made in 1992. I tried to call the school but they referred me to the collection agency. I do not have proof that I paid this debt in full some 10 yeas ago Can these people start ... Read More »

MJ – “I’m Ill, I’ve Got Bills, And I Don’t Know What To Do”

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MJ “Dear Steve, I’ve been able to work very little because of severe health issues. Sadly they are on going, with uncertain prognosis. Medical bills mounting as well. (about 5K). I’ve been living off of credit cards and can no longer keep up with payments. Approx 2k per mo. in credit card payments. I’m not late on anything yet. I’m ... Read More »

Can I Convert My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Without Losing My House? – Andrea

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Andrea “Dear Steve, I filed Chapter 13 in 2006 with $ 32,000.00 worth of debt. Now it is 2009 and bankruptcy court say I owe them $ 39,000.00 worth of debt. I have spoken with my attorney about it but, he’s not really communicating with me. I have spoke with someone at bankruptcy court and they gave me a print ... Read More »

I’m 20 Years Old. How Can I Deal With My Debt? – Katia

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We Were Going to File Bankruptcy But Then Stopped to Negotiate With the HELOC Lender. – Dorn

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Dorn “Dear Steve, We are filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection for our 50,000 in credit card debt. when we went to see a bankruptcy lawyer, he recommended that we also walk away from our home b/c we are upside down on the mortgage and heloc. At first it sounded great to do this and then I got nervous about ... Read More »

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