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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I’ve Never Participated in My Companies 401(k). – Steve

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“Dear Steve, I am 40 yrs old and have been working at the current corporation for about 10 years now. I have not participated in the 401K plan(they do not contribute or match at all). I feel like i am the only one there who doesnt. Now everyone probably have some decent money towards retirement and I have nothing at ... Read More »

    Can You Help Me Find a Good Debt Settlement Company? – Jackie

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    “Dear Steve, I’m trying to help my son find a good debt settlement/debt distribution company, an honest one that is not a scam place. Can you help me find one? I’ve searched the net and the more I look the more I get confused. He has always had good credit but he opened a business about 2.5 years ago and ... Read More »

      I Was a Perfect American Express Customer and Now I Can’t Pay. – Isaac

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      Isaac “Dear Steve, I have been w/ American Express for over 8 years… PERFECT! until october… as many other thousands or millions… Can’t pay and owe them around 35K… been making little payments every now and then but my situation is getting worse and worse… what can happen to me? What would you do? Isaac” The Answer   Dear Isaac, ... Read More »

        A Creditor Took My Money in My Bank Account. – Elsie

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        Elise “Dear Steve, Okay, I owe some credit cards. I open a bank account to be able to cash my tax returns, I explain to the lady at the bank my situation and she said as long as I dont have a court order, that no one will touch my money. I went along and took her advice. I send ... Read More »

          Can I Reduce My Credit Card Debt by 50% to 70% and Pay It Off Without Damaging My Credit? – Robert

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          “Dear Steve, Recently had to take a 30% decrease in my Income, due to this I have maxed out my wells fargo credit card, they also just raised the percentage to 13.44%, Can I negotiate a 50-70% deduction of my Credit card balance and pay it off with out it effecting my credit? can i get them to reduce my ... Read More »

            I’m Not Sure Where to Turn for Home Loan Modification Help? – Jim

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            “Dear Steve, I have applied for a home loan modification and been denied. They told me to apply as many times as I like and they will review. I have lost 1/2 of my income due to the economy and company mergers of various accounts I did business with. I have used money from my credit cards to make mortgage ... Read More »

              Did I Just Get Screwed By The Achievable and Campos Chartered Law Firm? – Jan

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              “Dear Steve, I went thru “the achievable” whom set everything up with campos chartered law firm. They have refunded 25% of what i payed them to get me out of debt. I now have paid out more than the original debt. is there any way that i can claim the loss to off set they amount that i was able ... Read More »

                I’m Getting Married. We’ve Both Gone Bankrupt. Will We Be Able to Get Student Loans? – Shater

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                “Dear Steve, My fiance and I filled for chapter 13 bankruptcy, separately, in 2009. Both our plans have been confirmed, and we were looking to get married this year. If we get married so we have to file an adjusted plan with our attorney? Do they get merged? Also, my fiance is looking to attend college for the first time ... Read More »

                  I Have Followed in My Parents Footsteps. – Sheena

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                  “Dear Steve, 30 Years old, bad credit, one account in good standing, paid off all but 12000 in debt. Total household income $50,000 I am in the process of trying to pay off my debt and re-establish credit but I don’t know where to begin. I have saved $2000 for emergencies. Not I am in the process of paying off ... Read More »

                    I Have Little to No Money At the End of the Month. – Rose

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                    “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I am currently in a great amount of debt roughly $50,000 between an equity loan and credit cards, Although im keeping up with pmts Im not really paying down the principal on the equity loan, and trying to keep up with other credit card pmts which leave me with little or no money at the end ... Read More »

                      I’m Another Victim of the CCDN Scam and It’s Left Us In Trouble. – Kimberly

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                      “Hi Steve, Chris referred me to you and your website. We were both victims of a “scam” by CCDN. I had just asked him how he was handling his current debt situation and he said maybe you may have some ideas for our doom & gloom. It’s excellent to hear that things are looking up for him. Anyway, I read ... Read More »

                        I’m in an Awful Mess WIth My Finances. – Kelly

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                        “Dear Steve, I’m in an awful mess. A big part is my stupidity! But here it is. I graduated from college in 2005. I went to school to be a teacher. I now have my Masters in Education. That is wonderful! But I do have a huge student loan to pay off. In addition, my parents both passed away in ... Read More »

                          We Don’t Want to Lose Any of Our Paid Off Vehicles in Bankruptcy. – Tony

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                          Tony “Dear Steve, Between me and my wife we have over $70,000 in credit card debt. we spoke with a lawyer for chapter 7 to eliminate them . however i have 1 vehicle and my wife has 2 , they are clear with no payments on them . by law we aour only covered for about $2000 equity on them ... Read More »

                            I Was Scammed By a Debt Consolidation Company in New York. – Maria

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                            “Dear Steve, Because of a family situation I was forced to go into debt consolidation with a company in NY. I went into contract with them. I paid my monthly amount for one year. At the first of the month of November, I received a legal notice, from a law firm in Miami that this company, headed by a lawyer, ... Read More »

                              We Went to Credit Counseling and Our Payment Was Higher. – Dan

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                              “Dear Steve, 19,000 dollars in credit card debt. Fixed income of 1400 per month SS and maybe 1000 a month in extra earned income. Payments to Credit Cards are currently 450 per month. (11,000 of the 19,000 is on a zero interest card due to begin to charge interest in six months) – Card companies not willing to negotiate. Credit ... Read More »

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