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I Was Told to Max Out My Credit Cards Before I Go Bankrupt. – Adrian

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Adrian “Dear Steve, Hi, i lost my job in April and have been unable to get another job, i have £8000 on credit cards, have been making the payments with savings i have which are about to run out so am considering bankruptcy. Should i just cancel the payments to the card companys untill i go bankrupt? I have been ... Read More »

    “I Have Three Degrees But I’m Broke And Miserable”

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    Theresa “Dear Steve, I have $75,000 in school loans and I have one job bringing in $360 per week after taxes and another job where I make $150 per week after taxes. My car payment is $251, rent is $600, utilities are $130, Food is $80, and water is $45. I have a 401(k) with $6,000. Help me. I feel ... Read More »

      I’m Finalizing My Divorce But Being Asked to Pay for Debts That Are Not Mine. – Dianne

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      “Dear Steve, I am in the process of finalizing my divorce from my husband. In order to save money, we used a family friend, who technically represents him, not me. I have just received a copy of the divorce decree to review, and they bascially took all the credit cards and split them equally between us, with him being responsible ... Read More »

        I Was a Client Caught in the Allegro Law Debt Settlement Mess and I Now Need to Reestablish Credit. – Georgia

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        “Hello Steve, I’m one of your readers mixed up in the Allegro mess. We’ve filed bankruptcy. Now, the task of reestablishing credit. I’ve been looking at Public Savings Bank. I saw your review. I wanted to double check and make sure this is a legitimate company. After Allegro, I don’t know if I can trust anything. Thanks, Georgia” Dear Georgia, ... Read More »

          I Owe $100,000 in Student Loans and Make $30,000 a Year. – Lex

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          “Dear Steve, I completed an undergraduate education with $100,000 of student loan debt (half government/half private) I’ve increased my income to $30,000/yr. and still can’t afford to live modestly and pay my debt. I am 4months behind on repayments. My minimum payment due next month is ~$7,000 most of which is interest. It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to pay this ... Read More »

            I’m Thinking of Killing Myself Over My Debt. – Yvonne

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            “Dear Steve, I am a 58 yo white female, i do work but don’t make enoughto buy groceries, must less pay bills that was left from a abusive marriage I have tried a debt consolidator but was ripped off, was a scam I suppsoe. I have had it. I am thinking suicide is the only answer. I am tired and ... Read More »

              The Judgment Against Me Has Almost Doubled And I’m Tired of Running. – Lucy

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              “Dear Steve, I have a judgement that is 11 years old in the state of VA.The original debt was about 13000 but is currently at 25,000. I want to make a offer not to file bankruptcy if the creditor will accept $3300 in exchange for a certificate of satisfaction for the judgement. But I am afraid the creditor will acept ... Read More »

                Can My Creditors Take My Unemployment? – Esther

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                “Dear Steve, I have approximately 10,000 in credit card debt. I lost my job several months ago,when my employer had his own financial issues. I had been paying off my debts at double the minimums or more prior to that time. Now if I pay even the minimums on my cards, I can’t pay for the bare necessities. I need ... Read More »

                  American Express is Not Being Reasonable and Won’t Work With Us. – Bob

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                  “Dear Steve, We are being sued by American Express. We had a Flex Pay balance of about 8K along with the monthly charges we paid off with each statement. We routinely paid 2000-3000 per month to Amex of which 10% went to the Flex Pay. Amex would put some of our charges in the Flex Pay although we didn’t instruct ... Read More »

                    To Be Honest, I’m Completely Lost – Joe

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                    “Dear Steve, I am 26 years old and from the Philly Area. Unemployed/ laid-off 2/09 -I have 108 college credits (need 12 more credits or 4 more classes to complete bachelors) Debt: Student Debt Approximately : 30k Credit Card Debt : 11k Medical : 5k To be honest I am just completely lost. In my past I’ve always had decent ... Read More »

                      Why is it a Weird and Unfair World? – Stan

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                      “Dear Steve, Which gets me to my conclusion that this recession has dented the faith by creditors that bankrupts can recover and make car payments once relieved by debt. It used to be that creditors were in two groups: Those that condemned and punished and those that saw an opportunity in a clean potential debtor that can’t go bankrupt again ... Read More »

                        I’m Worried About Having My Social Security Benefits Garnished. – Lisa

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                        “Dear Steve, Hello, I found your website online by doing a search on Google. I truly hope you can help me. My question relates to a debt (one of many) that I can’t pay. Around the first week of Jan. 2010, I was served with papers for a credit card debt. It is an account that I have had since ... Read More »

                          What’s Your Advice About Using Novation for Debt Elimination? – Melissa

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                          “Hello Steve, I’m doing some research on paying of debt and I came across your website. I’m hoping you can give me some sound advice. I am 31 years old, single with $19K in unsecured credit card debt. I’m sure my story is just as sob as anyone elses, so I won’t bother sharing it. The bottom line is that ... Read More »

                            I Was One of Those Scammed by Bob Lindsey. – Vicki

                            “Dear Steve, I am one of those scammed by the above. I signed up in 2007 and of course wish I had checked this out closer. To make matters worse, the reason I signed up in the first place was due to being scammed in a business by people that had also been Christians. I now find out the mess ... Read More »

                              Mother-In-Law Was Scammed on Her Mortgage. – Lil Mz.C

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                              “Dear Steve, My mother in law has no job, no source of income coming in, she recently became a US citizen, out of 3 children only 1 has a stable job which is not a full time job. Her daughter lives with her bf who has a job, and My bf (which is my mother in laws son) has no ... Read More »

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