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My Medical School Debt is Killing Me. – Lorraine

“Dear Steve, I recently read about a medical student who was seven years post grad, and her student debt ballooned from 250,000 to >550,000. I am currently a medical student paying the max of what is available as I attend a private, expensive school. I tried to avoid this in advance, but was not accepted to a school with lower ... Read More »

    I’m Upside Down on My Car. How Can I Get Out From Under It? – Bill

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    “Dear Steve, My wife and I have a car that we are in desperate need to get rid of. I currently owe about $13000 for it still, but it is really only worth about $5400 according to KBB and the Car Dealership we are working with to try and get a new one. After the dealer has run their numbers ... Read More »

      Can I Include Credit Cards I Am the Authorized User on in My Bankruptcy? – Robin

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      Robin “Dear Steve, What I need to know is can I file on credit cards that I am only authorized user? It is in my 70 year old mothers name, would it be possible to do a debt settlement on these accounts? She doesn’t have the funds available to make the payments and neither do I…She has credit score close ... Read More »

        I’m Behind in My Child Support. – Allen

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        “Dear Steve, I’m behind in my child support and my paychecks have been being garnished for about 6 weeks. Two questions; If they are taking out more than the allowable guidelines, where do I go to get it corrected? Second, Can more the one job be garnished? Allen”   Dear Allen, First, let me say that child support has to ... Read More »

          Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. What is it? – Bob

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          “Dear Steve, We’ve been having a tough time making our mortgage payments and someone mentioned that we could do something called a deed in lieu of foreclosure and hand the keys back to the bank. Is that true? Steve”   Dear Bob, A deed in lieu of foreclosure is essentially giving your keys back to your house and walking away. ... Read More »

            Holy Crap. Chase Minimum Credit Card Payment Goes to 5% of Balance for Mary.

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            “Dear Steve, My husband and I have credit card debt of $ 87,000 and medical bills of about $ 2,000. The credit card int. rates vary from 2.99 to 9.99%. We have 2 teenage children. We own a mobile home and a couple acres but don’t have much equity in it. We both have fairly good jobs and have paid ... Read More »

              We Are Good Country Folk Trying to Build Our Credit. – Rebecca

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              “Dear Steve, Everything bad on our credit report is major medicals; & we can’t pay on them right now. Nothing else – we’re simple country folk. We’ve had a 23% interest car loan for 2 years – we’ve been good on, (have a year to go); & a $300 secured Visa with our local bank for 1 year – we’re ... Read More »

                My Disabled Brother Has an Issue With Bank of America Over His Consolidation Loan. – Gale

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                “Dear Steve, This question is for my 55-year old brother and his wife. I am a former tax accountant/paralegal but have no experience with consolidation loan situations as my husband and I have owned our home for many years. My brother applied for a $70K debt consolidation loan with Bank of America in April 2008. It was immediately approved, although ... Read More »

                  My Husband is a Schizophrenic and Unable to Keep a Job. – Lisa

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                  “Dear Steve, Thank you so much for offering this service! I have been looking all over the web for something like this. Our situation: my husband is on SSDI (he’s schizophrenic, stable on meds but unable to keep a job). I’m employed, but scheduled to be laid off on October 30th. I’ve been applying and interviewing everywhere I can, but ... Read More »

                    I Was Given an AMEX Card With The Business and My Name On It. – John

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                    “Dear Steve, A family member (father) owned a business that I helped operate for a short period of time. My sister worked in the office at this time. I was given a AMEX business credit card with the business and my name on it. Eventually, my father retired and closed the business. Soon there after, I learned that the card ... Read More »

                      I am a Sales Professional, Unemployed and Unable to File Bankruptcy Again. – Vicki

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                      Vicki “Hi Steve, I have been in sales for quite some time. Unfortunately, the last three years I have had to take a reduction in pay when the companies I worked for either went to commission only, the housing market crashed, or the total compensation packages were “streamlined.” I took what was to be a good job with a great ... Read More »

                        I’m Getting Married But Have Bad Credit. Should We Wait to Buy a Home? – Lynn

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                        “Dear Steve, I am getting married and my husband to be has great credit score about 675 but we where thinking about getting a home loan just in his name but we are questioning if we should do that or wait for two years after my bankruptcy that I had to file because of threats to a company that was ... Read More »

                          I Want to Go to Yakima Valley Community College But I Can’t Afford It. – Brianna

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                          “Dear Steve, I am in credit debt at around 20,000 and I would like to attend college at Yakima Valley C.C and I do not have the funds to just quit my job and attend a 2 year program of my choice. Also just purchased a home, but wish I could go to college and better my work and myself. ... Read More »

                            Our Second Mortgage Charged Off. What Now? – Lynette

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                            “Dear Steve, Our house was foreclosed in march 2009 in california. we had a 1st and 2nd loan. we received a 1099-A for the 1st loan, but nothing for our 2nd. when we went to get our taxes done, our tax preparer was asking for a 1099 for our 2nd so we can put it under mortgage debt forgiveness. We ... Read More »

                              I Am Being Buried Under The Credit Card Fees and Costs. – Dawn

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                              “Dear Steve, Steve, my I take this opportunity to thank you for your service. My family’s financial situation has taken a drastic change resulting in having to use credit cards to stay afloat for a time, something I would never do if another choice was available. Though I pay my credit cards each month, I have had occasion to be ... Read More »

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