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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

What Do You Think Would Be The Best Way to Deal With This Debt? – Harold

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Harold “Dear Steve, I have credit card debt of about $30,000. I was out of work for awhile, I tried the self employment thing for several years but couldn’t get ahead with that. I now have a decent job, the pay is only about $23,000 a year but it is steady and it’s government and five minutes from my house. ... Read More »

    I Work for a Non-Profit and Provide Financial Education. – Talena

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    “Dear Steve, I work for a non profit company and provide financial education. I have come to a conclusion on bankruptcy and I wanted your opinion. I have a client who fell sick three years ago, and her credit report shows this. All her bills were not payed all in the same month and year. In California, the statue of ... Read More »

      Family Member Took Out Account in Husband’s Name And Then Settled It. – Dawn

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      “Dear Steve, A family member opened an account in my husbands name wihout him knowing about it and they settled the acount for less than was owed and we want to but another house soon and this is hurting his credit report is there a way to get this removed from his credit report Dawn” Dear Dawn, You would probably ... Read More »

        Do It Yourself, DIY, Bankruptcy. – Ron

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        “Dear Steve, I had contacted you awhile back regarding my former wife’s economic circumstances and you recommended I contact a bankruptcy attorney which we did. I must say I was a bit disenchanted with the experience. I didn’t get the feeling he wanted to answer many questions after he qualified her as a bankruptcy candidate. While he did say that ... Read More »

          Why Does My Husband Have to File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Jill

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          Jill “Dear Steve, Husband has gotten soooo far into debt with his charge cards. Went to a bankruptcy lawyer and our only option is Chapter 13, for 5 years. I am not involved in it as I am not joint or nor do I own anything. We are not late on anything or behind on anything. He just owns too ... Read More »

            I’m Thinking of Taking Money Out of My 401(k) to Pay Down Debt

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            “Dear Steve, Hi – I am a 50 yearld old man with a good income but I am in a financial pinch for sure. I have 2 kids in college right now – one is freshman and the other is a junior – both a tier 1 schools (not cheap). In 2009 I changed jobs – prior to that I ... Read More »

              Bank of America Won’t Help Me At All. – Donna

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              “Dear Steve, I lost my job in July 2009. Just moved to SC, 3yrs. ago. I bought home which of course the value has dropped. I now have credit card debt of $14,000. I am only getting unemployment which does not pay the bills. My family has been helping, but it is not fair to them to continue to do ... Read More »

                I Need Good Advice for My Debt. – Todd

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                “Dear Steve, I am a divorced father of two that is in debt and needs to get out in order to have some normalicy in my life. I owe less than 10k in unsecured debt plus have an outstanding car loan. I want to keep the car loan separate and find a decent solution to get out from under the ... Read More »

                  What is the Best Way to Keep Our Jeep in Bankruptcy? – Debra

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                  “Dear Steve, My husband and I are 57 years old with credit card of $90,000 and two mortgages on our house totaling $230,000. After 4 years of struggling, shifting funds from credit card to the other and writing cash advance checks against our almost paid off house, we have finally resorted to filing bankruptcy. We met with an attorney who ... Read More »

                    Should We Put More Debt on Credit Cards to Finish the Basement? – Corrie

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                    “Dear Steve, We just bought a house six months ago and own $229,000 on it. We owe almost $35,000 in credit card bills and recently my full time job went to part time, so I am earning less than half of what I did a couple of months ago. Since we just bought our house we can not get a ... Read More »

                      Is Debt Rx Legit? – Rochelle

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                      Rochelle “Dear Steve, I would like to know if Debt RX is a legit company and How accritable are they? Rochelle”   Dear Rochelle, I don’t know anything personally about Debt Rx. They identify themselves as a debt settlement group on their website. If they have had an issue you could contact the Montgomery County, Maryland, Office of Consumer Protection ... Read More »

                        I Never Would Have Thought That Winning Money Could Be Such a Burden On Me. – Jane

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                        “Dear Steve, I have been reading your advice for awhile. You give wonderful advice. I am in extreme debt..75,000 and had a hugh loss of income when I lost my job. Although thankfully I am employed again, the income is far less then I had. Therefore I am unable to pay my debts. I finally was ready to make the ... Read More »

                          My Parents are in Their Late 80s and Can’t Make Ends Meet With Chase Card Increase. – Brenda

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                          Brenda “Dear Steve, I helped my parents in their late 80’s transfer balances to a low 3.99% till pay down, because they had been solicited by a number of credit card companies to go ahead and use the convenience checks for a low promotional which grew to over 36% interest. They used it to pay their property taxes, insurance, heating ... Read More »

                            Do You Know Anything About Square One Debt Settlement? – Rini

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                            “Dear Steve, I have 5 year old debts in collection and judements that I have ignored but want to really take care of this year. I have contacted Square One Debt Professional about a settlement service. Do you know anything about this company? Rini” Dear Rini, I just took a quick look at Square One Debt Settlement, follow the link. ... Read More »

                              I Just Found Out My Wife Has Four Payday Loans and She Doesn’t Care. – Jay

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                              Jay “Dear Steve, I just found out that my wife has four payday loans in default about $200 each that I was never aware of and she won’t do anything about (she doesn’t seem to see the long term consequiences). I tried to call the lenders but they won’t to talk to me. They want to talk to her. I ... Read More »

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