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I Think My Student Loan Will Be Cancelled By My Bankruptcy. – Decker

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“Dear Steve, I am in the process of filing for bankrucpty. It is to be ofically discharged next week. I have a student loan that I was told could not be discharged, however the loan center is reporting to the credit companies that my loan is in forbearance and included in the bankrucpty. I was told by the attroney at ... Read More »

Is Credit Counseling Worth It? – Ross

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“Dear Steve, We have about 60K in secured and unsecured debt. Credit cards are about 40K, student loan 10K, and the rest is a timeshare loan at 10K. We also have a tax debt and will owe taxes again this year. I work on a temporary contract basis making 70K/year, but that will end later this year and there’s no ... Read More »

Should I Use a Debt Consolidation Company to Make One Payment Each Month?

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“Dear Steve, I am 25 years old and have $10,000 in bad debt all of the debt has been sent to collections. I want to get all of this paid off in a year. I moved back home inorder to be able to pay this off. The reason I am in so much debt is due to legal troubles and ... Read More »

My Mortgage Company Left Me Liable for a Deficiency on My Short Sale. – Karen

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“Dear Steve, I short sold my home and lender left me liable for deficiency, I did not learn this until after the fact. Lender says it may or may not pursue. My credit outside of my home situation is (was) perfect. I expect my previous excellent credit history and the fact I still have a job make me a candidate ... Read More »

My Social Security Check Will Be Garnished for a Student Loan I Did Not Take Out. – Verna

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“Dear Steve, My child took a student aid loan in 1996. I was contacted today by a collection agency stating that they will garnish my soc.sec.disability check if this loan is not paid. I did not take this loan out even though it is in my name. The collector stated that I must press charges against my child for this ... Read More »

Should We Make a Deal With Chase Bank on Repaying Our Debt?

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“Dear Steve, My husband has a credit card with a $10,000 balance and interest at 23%. needless to say it is impossilbe to get the balance down. he was also laid off last year which doesnt help. i am interested in making a “deal” with Chase if its an option. we have been late on a couple payments over the ... Read More »

“How Do I Go About Making My Credit Score Better” – Antoine

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Antoine writes in to the Get Out of Debt Squirrel and asks: I don’t have credit card dept of any kind. I’ve never filed bankruptcy. I have bills on my credit report some of them I’m unaware of and the others are overdue bills. How do I go about solving the problem to get it off my credit report? How ... Read More »

How Can We Easily Pay Off Our High Interest Rate Debt? – Dea

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“Dear Steve, We have high interest rate credit cards totalling $60,000.00 that we need to pay off. We own a home. We think it would appraise for about $250,000 & we owe$198,000. We own two 2002 vehicles. We would like to get rid of the credit cards expect one a piece with a low limit. We are both full time ... Read More »

My Father Died and My Mother is Struggling With Debt. – Kim

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“Dear Steve, My father passed away 1 year ago from cancer leaving my mother with a credit card debt of 18,000.00. There is no life insurance and my mother’s income is limited to 2,000.00 per month. She continues to pay on their previously refinanced morgage that totals approximately 80,000.00 as well as her other monthly bills. The morgage payment alone ... Read More »

Will Money Management International Pay My Creditors? – Pat

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“Hi Steve, Read many of your comments and glad that you are here to help us. I owe about $45,000.00 in credit card debts. None are late but I would like to pay them off in 4 to 5 years instead of forever. I have contacted MMI and they have offer the DMP at $1037/ mo until 2014. I can ... Read More »

Is It Dumb to Take a Loan From My 403(b) Retirement Account to Pay Off Debt? – Maura

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“Dear Steve, I have $20,000 in credit card debt that I can’t seem to pay down. I have cut up my credit cards and are no longer using them. My interest rates are 8-12%. I am considering taking a loan on my 403B at 4.25% that I pay back to myself. One of the downs falls is if I’m layed ... Read More »

I’m Married, Separated, and Facing a Wage Garnishment. – Lynde

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Lynde “Dear Steve, Married, but separated, mother of 2 children (7 & 4). Multiple debts in collections, including a signature loan and husband’s repossessed truck. Both of which is in both of our names. I’m not receiving any child support as I am unable to locate husband. I have been contacted by the creditor of our signature loan. The payment ... Read More »

Can I Switch to Debt Settlement Services With You? – Nona

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Nona “Dear Steve, I started debt settlement program with allegro law firm in jan 09m like many others, icannot get thru on phone, faxes are ignored. 3 weeks ago I requested a statement of my account, never received. Can I legally stop auto withdrawal from checking account without becoming “fair game” to creditors? I will be filing complaints with AG’s ... Read More »

I Am Moving Back to My Parents House After Living on My Own. – Shiyala

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Shiyala “Dear Steve, I am moving back to my parents house after a year of living on my own and I have fallen behind in everything. I am freaking out cause i want to try to keep my credit in good standing but im so worried I feel like I don’t know how keep myself from drowning. How Can i ... Read More »

How Long Does it Take Toyota Financial Services to Repossess a Car? – Tammy

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“Dear Steve, I am behind in my payments. How long does it take before toyota services reposess your car? Tammy”   Dear Tammy, Almost every situation is different. The bottom line is that if you are more than one payment past due you need to be concerned about repossession. My advice would be for you to call Toyota Financial Services ... Read More »

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