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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I Want to Go Back to School to Be a Pharmacist and Find a Wife. – Jeff

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“Dear Steve, I owe at least $52,000 in credit card debt. I owe another $6000 in student loans. I have an Associates Degree. I decided to go back to school to get a Masters Degree in Pharmacy. If I can’t get into the Pharmacy program, then I would get a Bachelors Degree and would like to go on to Grad ... Read More »

    I Have an Account With HSBC And They Don’t Want to Settle. – Arvin

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    Arvin “Dear Steve, I opened an account with HSBC in 2004 for $1,600. I have been making my monthly payments even more than the minimum monthly payment required. However, due to my current financial hardship, I was not able to pay monthly. The interest rate is 23.80% and penalties kept adding to my account in the amount of $39.00. The ... Read More »

      We Went With a Debt Repayment Company and I’m Freaking Out. – Heinz

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      “Dear Steve, We have a debt problem and don’t know how to solve it??? We had some debt and went with a debt payment company to get it reduced and pay it off in 36 months.The recession hit and we lost our jobs, and things got really tight. We have 10 months left to repay it and we have taken ... Read More »

        American Express Said My Judgment Was Satisfied By Mistake. – Frances

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        “Dear Steve, I got an American Express judgment against me in TN general sessions court in June 2008. Even though I was a victim of identity fraud (which I explained in court) the judge ruled against me and a judgment was rendered against me for over $25,000. The AM Express attorney filed the judgment in June 2008 and then filed ... Read More »

          How Much Should I Put Monthly Toward My Credit Cards? – Sangeeta

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          Sangetta “Dear Steve, I’m trying to figure out how much I should put monthly toward each of my credit cards. I’m using this calculator from The problem is that I have a 0% interest on a few cards that expire in a few more months, and that calculator does not take that into account. Should I still pay the ... Read More »

            I Fired My Debt Management Company And Now I’m Going to Settle My Own Debt. Should I Hire a Lawyer? – Jannelle

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            Jannelle “Dear Steve, I have dropped my debt management company and am trying to negotiate with Chase and HSBC. I’ve composed a letter to them offering 40% of the balance owed. Am I better off hiring a lawyer to send this letter, or should I send it on my own? Jannelle”   Dear Jannelle, That’s a really good question. The ... Read More »

              I Live in Columbia And Want to Get Out of Debt. – Octavio

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              Octavio “Dear Steve, I live outside the US (Colombia, to be more specific) and since some of the facts and options in many get-out-of-deb sites does not apply to people in my country, the basics and the methods are valid here. Now I have a special situation, I’m self employee, I make around US$800/mo, my wife is an employee, she ... Read More »

                Marisa Asks “What If I Just Change My Mailing Address?”

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                Marisa wrote in and asked the following question. “My dad is in deep debt and his mailbox is loaded with bills and notices. it is stressing him out. I was thinking of having his mail redirected to my house to easy his worry and then start acting on his behalf. What do you think about that?” Marisa, Honestly, I think ... Read More »

                  I Got a Call From Hoffman Schwartz & Associates Saying I Owe a Debt. – SAG

                  “Dear Steve, I got a call today on my cell phone from phone #404-893-4113 with the message”This is so and so with Hoffman (?) and (?). I am calling in regards to a compliant from Bank of America regarding check fraud. Please call me or have your legal representation contact me within 24 hours or I will have to file ... Read More »

                    You’ve Been With Me on Many Sleepless Nights. – Colleen

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                    “Hi Steve, I have $100,00 in credit card debt. I am an independent travel consultant and due to the economy my business is at 0. My monthly expenses are around $2000 per month this includes the credit card payments. My husband deals with the rest, such as mortage, food, etc. I am not late yet on credit cards but this ... Read More »

                      Why Doesn’t My Ex-Husband Have to Pay My Student Loan Debt? – Angela

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                      “Dear Steve, I have a consolidated student loan that sits at $87,000 right now – that amount represents my loan of approx 25,000 and my ex-husbands of approx 55,000 and the rest is interest (it’s been deferred since 1997). I consolidated at a time of emotional distress (new mom getting divorced) and didn’t understand that I had consolidated the amount ... Read More »

                        Credit Counseling Can Only Reduce Our Payment a Little. – Andy

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                        “Dear Steve, We went through a rough period when our second child was born and built up some credit card debt. We had been able to coast along with overtime, etc but things have now come to a head. We are a little late on all our credit cards and just staying afloat. I have spoken to a credit counselor ... Read More »

                          Will My Bad Credit Affect My Future Husband? – MRG

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                          “Dear Steve, I have a huge student loan and credit card debt I am trying to pay off. I will also be getting married next year to somone who has a gredit credit score. I’m working to get out of my credit card debt but my student loan will take 20 year s to pay off. I do not have ... Read More »

                            I’m Being Sued for a Previous Car Repossession. – Nichole

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                            “Dear Steve, Wat should I do about a lawsuit in reference to a car loan that is at least 5 years old. I live in Maryland and CAC is trying to sue me for a vehicle that has been in their possession since April of 2005. I got the vehicle in Feb. 2004 and shortly after that I lost my ... Read More »

                              Is It Possible to Easily Increase My Credit Score? – Tamara

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                              Tamara “Hi Steve, I graduated with my Masters Degree this past June 2009 in Speech Pathology. I have over $100,000 in school loans and a car loan of approximately $10,000. My credit score is 716. I am trying to increase my credit score to above 720 to qualify for a conventional housing loan to purchase a home. My income is ... Read More »

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