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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I’m Using My Credit Cards to Buy Food Because I Can’t Afford It. – Chris

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“Dear Steve, I have over $40,000 in credit card debt. I can’t even afford the minimum payments anymore. It’s even at the point where I have to use my cards to buy groceries and pay some of my other bills. I’m sinking fast. Getting a second job isn’t really an option right now. Where can I even start to make ... Read More »

    What Can We Legally Do to Get Out of Debt? – Mindy

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    Mindy “Dear Steve, Between my husband and i we have three jobs and we are so far behind on everything. and we have three kid we are doing our best by. What can we do to leagally get out of our debt? Mindy”   Dear Mindy, Getting out of debt is not all about working harder. You can work as ... Read More »

      My Husband Was in Jail and I Was Left Raising Our Child With a Low Credit Score. – Julie

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      Julie “Dear Steve, I am a single mother of a five year old. I recently got a copy of my credit report and was not shocked to find out it was a very low 489. I had several medical problems, which turned into collections and one judgement, as well as some late payments on accounts from 2006-2007. My daughter’s father ... Read More »

        What is the Best Way to Pay Off Our Debt? – MG

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        “Dear Steve, 2 adults in household – 52 and 53 yrs old. Annual income: ~$170,000. Everything is great except our credit card debt. 6 credit cards with debt totaling ~$70,000. Only other long-term debt is mortgage at 5.0% so it’s no problem whatsoever. We are paying $2,000+ every month on credit cards and still no relief. Credit card companies have ... Read More »

          Can My Father’s Social Security Be Garnished for My Private Student Loan? – Michael

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          “Dear Steve, I am a theater major have run out of any options on the private loans I have a private student loan through AES and to make a long story short my loan is now in collections. My dad is 84 and cosigned my loan he is now in a nursing home. I am getting threatening collection letters, my ... Read More »

            Greg Writes In Asking For Help And Advice

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            Greg wrote in asking for some advice. He said: My mother-in-law has over $20,000 in credit card debt she needs to get rid of this debt so she concentrate on paying her medical bills. Would you suggest Debt Relief or Bankruptzy? If Debt Relief can you sugggest an agency? Greg, Thank you for your question. It brings up some interesting ... Read More »

              We Are Working With a Debt Settlement Company But Got Sued Anyway. – Krista

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              “Dear Steve, We have accumilated $24k in credit card debt and turned it over to a credit card consolidation company. After a few months of trying to pay more than we could afford, found that they weren’t really doing anything. We settled a few on our own, but times got rough and again we found ourselves incurring penalties and that ... Read More »

                I Have $200,000 in Student Loans. – Kane

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                “Dear Steve, I did undergrad and grad school straight through and financed everything. I racked up nearly $200,000 in federal and private debt. I have all my private debt consolidated into a direct loan consolidation with standard repayment, and I have another $50k in private student loans all from different lenders – a total of about 7 loans. To top ... Read More »

                  How Do We Eliminate Our Debt? – Brenda

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                  “Dear Steve, Husband is employed and I am a stay at home mom. We have loads of credit card debt and need advice on how to eliminate it. Ok, here goes. My husband and I have about 60K in credit card debt. Ugly, I know. I am now a stay at home mom with 3 little kids. We have always ... Read More »

                    How Do I Pay My Bills When I Don’t Have Enough Money? – Aldo

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                    “Dear Steve, I have a loan and a 6 credit cards. I used to borrow money from friends and relatives to pay off by credit card. the problem is I can pay my cards but after another month I will have to pay again the minimum payments for the cards and i will run out of cash. now I have ... Read More »

                      I Went with Debt Rx But Now I’m Worried. – Laurence

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                      “Dear Steve, I was too far in credit card debt, so I filled out a form online, and was contacted by several debt relief agencies. I unfortunately went with DebtRx!! I have read a lot of other’s questions on here, and now am worried! I tried to call them today, but only got an answering machine. Is this company legit? ... Read More »

                        Should We Sell Our House and Rent? – Liliec

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                        “Hi Steve, My husband and I are trying to decide if it makes sense to sell our home and rent for a while to pay down our credit card debt. We have $78,000 in credit card debt – we have been using the credit cards to cover the gap between our expenses and our earnings. We have not been late ... Read More »

                          I’m a Client of Debt Shield and Getting Sued By Chase Bank

                          “Dear Steve, I recieved a court summons from Chase and am working with debt sheild….it is supposed to be a 3 yr program. my concern is i’m already being sued. there is not enough money to try and settle with chase yet meaning it will go to court and i have no money for an attorney. i’m worried the judge ... Read More »

                            We Have 11 Payday Loans and I’m Trying to Get Into the CFSA EPP to Repay Them. – Aubrie

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                            Aubrie “Dear Steve, My husband and I have been in the deathly cycle of payday loans for almost a year now. I work part time and he works full time and we have 1 daughter. Right now we are up to 11 payday loans totaling a whopping $6,500. I just barely stumbled upon the CFSA EPP. Only 4 of the ... Read More »

                              Tiffany is Behind in Student Loans, Late On Other Payments, And Looking For Hope

                              Tiffany “Dear Steve, I’m a 23 year old college student and I owe around $40,000 in student loans, as well as having $8,000 in credit card debt. I was laid off for two years and just going to school (the debt obviously accumulated) and I just started working again for less money. I have been late on all my payments ... Read More »

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