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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I Want Bell South and Verizon to Settle My Debts. – Jacinta

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Jacinta “Dear Steve, I am buying a home very soon, may 22, I must payoff two debts from my credit report before I can close, I have a bell south debt (phone company) and time warner debt (cable service) from 2004, I live in NC. these accts are with a collection agency, I have contacted both of these agencies to ... Read More »

    I’m $850 in Debt, in College, and Don’t Want to Tell My Parents. – Jessica

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    “Dear Steve, I am a college student with 2 years left of undergraduate school and then one more year for grad school. I got a credit card last summer and was doing fine until school started. I couldn’t find a job so my bill racked up to around $850. I still am unable to find a job and I am ... Read More »

      We Are Living Above Our Means And Can’t Make Our Payments. – Pam

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      “Dear Steve, Where to begin. We got ourselves in a huge amount of debt, around $20,000. I can’t make the payments as we are living above our means. When we bought our house our incomes matched the house, then I lost my job and had to take a lesser paying position. My husband’s job was moved out of the country ... Read More »

        Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiation, What’s the Difference? – Carrie

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        “Dear Steve, Hi. My husband and I just got married in October 2009. Our financial life together has been anything but a fairytale. I graduated from law school in May but have not yet passed the bar exam and have not been able to find employment in the legal field. I just started working at a new job in the ... Read More »

          An Account in Collections With MRS Associates. – Patty

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          “Dear Steve, My nephew has credit card debt which has gone to collection with MRS Associates. Who should he contact in order to set up a payment schedule. The credit card company or the collection agency (I’ve heard horror stories about this one). Where should he start? Patty” Dear Patty, Have your nephew call the credit card company using the ... Read More »

            Bill Wants to Know “Do I have to Repay My GM Credit Card if GM Goes Bankrupt?”

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            “Dear Steve, I have a GM credit card and if GM goes bankrupt will I not have to pay that back? Bill”   Dear Bill, Today is not your lucky day. If General Motors does wind up going bankrupt you will probably lose any perks or rewards you’ve earned but not used from your GM Card. Those perks are a ... Read More »

              Am I Judgment Proof? – Larry

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              “Dear Steve, I am on Soc Sec Disability (SSDI). I have over $10K in credit card debt. I have no other debts, loans, no student loans, no child support and no taxes due. I have 3 cars which I owe no money on (two 1999 models and a 1991 model) that may come to a grand total of $4K in ... Read More »

                Kirkland Young Took Our Money for a Loan Modification and Ran. – Vickie

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                  Should We Use Retirement Money to Pay Off the Car Loan? – Libby

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                  “Dear Steve, I am 56 and my husband is 62. We both lost our jobs last year. I am receiving unemployment benefits and my husband has a new job in another state. Our main debts are our home and a car. I have rolled my 401k over into another retirement plan and have just received the paperwork to receive my ... Read More »

                    Should I Use Mutual Funds to Pay Down Credit Card Balances? – JJ

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                    “Dear Steve, 41 yrs old (married 42 K in credit card debt @ 9.99% have 12 K in available mutual fund towards payment of cc balances have 185 K in 401K (just reduced my 401K contributions from$500 to $100 per bi-weekly pay period) can pay approx $500 per month towards credit card balances I know it is not a good ... Read More »

                      Capital One Payment Protection Isn’t Covering Me. – Danielle

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                      “Dear Steve, I lost my job in November of 2008, the day after it happened I called Capital One ( which I had 2 credit cards with) to activate my payment protection on both cards. I had both cards for at least four years & paid for protection on both. I was told I had to wait until it had ... Read More »

                        My Husband Got Hurt. We Can’t Do Any Balance Transfers. – Jean

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                        “Dear Steve, My husband got hurt which now is on a fixed income and i make 10.00/hr with 40 hour weeks. We have the usual bills. We have 20,000+ worth of debt on our credit cards combined. I cannot do any balance transfers because they say that my debt is to high, what can i do? Is there any help ... Read More »

                          I Own an Internet Cafe in the Philippines and Can’t Pay My Bills. – Noname

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                          Noname “Dear Steve, I live in the Philippines. I have an internet cafe shop business for 3 years now. It is still not in its full operational capacity. I have been getting loans and have accumulated 1million 500 thousand pesos equivalent roughly to $30,000. I want to get out of this situation. Selling the business won’t even pay half of ... Read More »

                            I Am Very Deep in Debt and My Husband Doesn’t Know. – Noname

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                            Noname “Dear Steve, The email address I gave you is for my husband (who is fine with debt) but unknowingly to him, I am very deep in debt. I am working hard to get out but find I cannot. I really think I need help but don’t know who to turn to and what to do? Can you help with ... Read More »

                              I’m a Minimum Wage Single Mother of Two Caring for Disabled Parents and Trapped in Payday Loans. – Noname

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                              Noname “Dear Steve, It started like this, i had gotten three payday loans all at once of the amount each being $200, for a really urgent matter. I had a death in the family, and we where having a bad time paying for funeral costs. This is my first time applying for loans, so I didnt know really what to ... Read More »

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