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Should I Use a Debt Settlement Company?

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“Dear Steve, Have a total of $74,000 debt to 5 different credit companies. My mortgage payments went double because of variable rate. I am current with my payments. Cannot pay my credit bills anymore. I want to settle with them. I can borrow around $ 22,000 from close relatives and selling some stuff. My questions are first should I use ... Read More »

    HFC Wants a Copy of My Paystub. I’m Not Going to Give It to Them. – Teri

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    “Dear Steve, 3 months late on a signature loan. Now they want payment in full. Can a company (HFC) or thier debt collector tell you that they will only accept payments from you if you send them a copy of your pay stub along with a list of all of your debts. I’m not about to give anyone that isn’t ... Read More »

      I’m Divorced and Don’t Know if I Qualify for Bankruptcy. – Betty

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      “Dear Steve, I was sent a summons from Capitol One. Suing me for a $1000 cc balance. Divorced in 2007, custody of 3 young children. I am on a limited income of spousal support, child support, and a small amount of disability benefits. I paid on cc’s awhile until I couldn’t anymore. ex husband was supposed to pay half and ... Read More »

        My Creditors Won’t Freeze My Interest Rates. – Sarah

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        “Dear Steve, I have written to all my creditors before any defaulted payments and asked them to suspend collecton for 6 months and freeze interest and charges. I backed up my financial situation with a budget sheet. I have sent and resent these but my creditors wont acknowledge my attemps to sort this out. what can I do? the debt ... Read More »

          My Husband is a Financial Advisor and Our Finances Are In Crisis. – Kathryn

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          “Hi Steve, I need help, and I don’t know where to turn. Stay at home mom with three children, ages 7, 2 1/2 and 15 months. My husband is a financial advisor and our finances are in absolute crisis! My husband opened a branch of a very well known financial institution almost three years ago. Since that time his income ... Read More »

            I’m Living Off My Student Loans and Need to Get Out of Credit Card Debt. – Nancy

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            “Dear Steve, I am a full time graduate student who works occassionally. Mainly, I live off my student loans. I have 23K in credit card debt and need to get out of it because I don’t have much money to work with. I’m nervous about consolidating my credit cards because I heard that it doesn’t look good on your credit ... Read More »

              My Husband Has Aggressive Advanced Cancer and Our Debt is Killing Us. – Gina

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              Gina “Dear Steve, We have a lot of debt and serious medical issues that are generating medical bills we won’t be able to pay. We bought a new house 2 years ago and haven’t been able to sell the old house. It is rented for just enough to cover the first mortgage payment. We have a maxed out equity line ... Read More »

                Do I Still Owe This Debt? – Celeste

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                Celeste “Dear Steve, I have a collection agency trying to sue me for a debt that I accrued over 4 years ago. I would like to know if I still have to pay them even though they have not sent me any paper work showing validation of the debt, statute of limitations and if they are the original credit, which ... Read More »

                  Who Can I Trust For Help? – Ricky

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                  Ricky “Dear Steve, There are hundreds of companies out there who all say that they can provide the same thing. My question is, can you refer one of the companies from personal experience, or are you simply looking for my information so that you can sell the lead to one of the hundreds of caompanies buying leads from landing pages ... Read More »

                    I Used Seven Credit Cards to Pay Off a House. – Ginger

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                    Ginger “Dear Steve, I used 7 credit cards to pay off a house. How can I make a plan to start repaying my debt Ginger”   Dear Ginger, Well that’s a new situation I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with before. I’m going to assume that when you say “a house” that it is your house. The problem ... Read More »

                      My Wife Won’t Help Me to Get Out of Debt. – Chad

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                      “Dear Steve, I am married and my wife and I have seperated our money to where we both put in the same amount of money per month that equals our house bills and the rest is ours. I have fell into debt over my head using the extra money I USED TO HAVE. My wife doesn’t want to take out ... Read More »

                        My Wife and I Are Trying to go for a Home Loan. How Can We Clean Up Our Credit? – Brad

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                        Brad “Dear Steve, My wife and I are trying to go for a home loan here soon and have some bad things on our credit from years ago.. we don’t know how to contact them or who to talk to. We need someone to tell us the right things to pay off in order to boost our credit not lower ... Read More »

                          Kurt is Upside Down In His Mitsubishi Endeavor Car Loan And Wants Out

                          2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor

                          Kurt “Dear Steve, I have a 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor that i just purchased in June of 2008, I want a truck so I have the box to carry bikes, sleds, and home material like lumber, etc. It suits my work life much better than a SUV. I owe lots of money as I traded in a truck for a Mitsubishi ... Read More »

                            My Construction Business is Very Slow. Should I File Bankruptcy? – Eric

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                            “Dear Steve, My buissness is very slow (Construction), as Im sure many are. I’m Iooking down the road and am looking at what feels like all dead ends. I only have enough funds for a few more months (payroll, house payment, credit cards, car payments) Im 45,married and have 3 kids Is it better to try and save it all ... Read More »

                              I’d like to Reduce My Payments While I’m Laid Off. – Bonnie

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                              Bonnie “Dear Steve, I was laid off in November. First unemployment in 30 years, I have a domestic partner that is still employed but our lifestyle was adapted to 2 incomes. I just do not want to have to deal with any repossessions. I am adamantly seeking employment without much luck. Are there any services out there to help us ... Read More »

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