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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

Where Are The “Eager to Help” Creditors? – Steve

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“Dear Steve, I am nearly reached the end of long journey journey to enter a heathcare profession. Credit, damaged during the lean years of graduate school, was most rehabilitated. But then I had a job change (with pay cut) and adding insult to injury, I have stumbled at the last professional qualfying hurdle – the licensing exam. Once that is ... Read More »

    U.S. Post Office Letter Carrier Husband With 22 Years Experience Has Income Cut. – Lisa

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    “Dear Steve, My husband has been with a letter carrier for the US post office for 22 years. We recently moved from LI NY to Milford PA to make a better life for our children. With the move meant transferring to a new Post Office. Now with all the cuts in the Post Office my husband is on the bottom ... Read More »

      Al asks “How Can I Accelerate Paying Off My Debt?”

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      Al “Dear Steve, Do you have a system for paying off credit cards? I have 4 cards ranging in % rates from 0% to 13.99%. I am trying to pay off the highest interest rate one first, just looking for any tips to speed up the process. Thanks Al” The Answer   Dear Al, You can use the free Debt ... Read More »

        I Am About to Crash and Burn Big Time. – Nicholas

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        Nicholas “Dear Steve, So far, my wife and I are current every month on all of our bills, but we’ve been living with steadily deepening debt since we got married 8 years ago. We were students then, living on student loans. We went into debt for our wedding and haven’t had a positive net worth since. I studied hard, ignoring ... Read More »

          I Lost My $31,000 Cash Advance to a Ponzi Scheme. – Jimmy

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          Jimmy “Dear Steve, Hi, my name is Jimmy and I am from Orange County, California. I recently took a $31,000 credit cash advance for which i thought was a great business opportunity but turned out to be a ponzi scheme. I am in the process of suing the person and as of now i have now 4 credit cards totaling ... Read More »

            I Work at a Car Dealership and Think My Truck Will Have to be Repossessed. – Kristi

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            Kristi “Dear Steve, I bought a truck 3 years ago on 5 year loan. Since, my husband and I have moved out of state where I began working for a car dealership. We then purchased a truck for him with my employee discount. The owners of the dealership were then forced to sell the business, and I was hired by ... Read More »

              I Am Scared, Sad, and Confused About Staying in the Debt Settlement Program With Freedom Financial. – Sandra

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              “Dear Steve, I emailed you yesterday and was not very clear about my situation. I would like to start by saying I am scared,confused and feel like I made the wrong decision when I chose to go the debt settlemnt route-especially now with everything I am reading. At the end of December I contacted Freedom Financial to learn more about ... Read More »

                Bank of America Charged Off My Debt By Mistake. – Jennifer

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                “Dear Steve, we have 2 account s with Bank of America. I had them on payment programs. Our car was broken into and a checkbook was stolen (with other items) . The b of a accounts were set up to deduct payments the last day of every month. The last payment was returned by a frozen account on the old ... Read More »

                  Can I Go Bankrupt Even Though I Used the Credit Cards to Get By? – Lee

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                  “Dear Steve, Since last March, I have charged $30,000.00 in Credit Card purchases. The bulk of this was March thru May 2008. In May My hours were reduced (At that point I was using my credit card for survival. I.E. Groceries, Gas, Utilities, Car Repairs and needs). In August I was laid off and still am. In Mid December I ... Read More »

                    What Do you Think of Companies Like Debt Freedom Relief? – Casey

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                    Casey “Dear Steve, I have $42,000 in unsecured credit card debt. Initially taken as low-interest ‘balance transfers’, interest has escalated to ~25% and minimum payments have become unmanageable. What is my best course of action? Debt settlement? What do you think of companies like Debt Freedom Relief? Casey” The Answer   Dear Casey, I took a quick look online and ... Read More »

                      I’m Working With Franklin Debt Relief on a Debt Settlement Program. – Rob

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                      “Dear Steve, I had about $12,00 worth of credit card debt. I signed up with a debt settlement company (Franklin Debt Relief) and they worked down my two biggest debts. However, it does show as settled for less than full amount. I have three more debts that need to be paid. I had to make three large monthly payments to ... Read More »

                        Are the S Corp and LLC Debts Debts Going to Cause Us to Lose Our Home? – Sally

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                        “Dear Steve, Bankruptcy Questions??? To file or not to file???? My husband has had an S corp for 12 years, he is the sole owner and whilst business was good he was paying all his bills and the mortgage. A couple of banks also gave him Credit Lines of up to $80,000 based on his tax returns. He had to ... Read More »

                          I am a Single Mother, in a Hole, and Can’t Pay My Bills. – Casie

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                          Casie “Dear Steve, I am a single mother of a 3 year old boy. I am unemployed. I have hospital bills that I can’t afford, I have a $200 dollar loan that I can’t pay back, I have child support fees I can’t pay. I have a $600 ticket for a dui I can’t pay. I’m sick of it. Just ... Read More »

                            My Mom Tried to Help Me Out of Debt. It’s Going to Hurt Her. – Cara

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                            “Dear Steve, I have a weird situation that I find myself in… I had gotten myself into major debt (not weird, I KNOW!) Anyway, my mom gave me a credit card that would allow me to combine everything into one payment, etc… I lost my job in March 2009. We went to the beach as a family in June 2009. ... Read More »

                              I’m Getting Married But My Fiancee and I Don’t Seem to Be Money Compatible. – Sarah

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                              “Dear Steve, I am 27 years old and engaged. I spent significant money to fix up my house so I could sell it and move where my fiancee got a job. I also bought a new mattress in January 2008, consulting with the fiancee. I now owe (been paying stuff for a while) $4500 from the house repairs (house did ... Read More »

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