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I Am With DebtRx And Being Sued. – Patricia

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“Dear Steve, I am being sued by my credit card company and i am with debtrx. I have no money to hire a lawyer. What can i do to stop this i cannot afford to pay the full amount i owe on this credit card plus late fees Patricia” Dear Patricia, Unfortunately when you choose to work with a debt ... Read More »

    Should I Change My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? – George

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    “Dear Steve, hi my name is George and i’m in a real bad situation I filed a Chapter 13 3 years ago to try and save my home only to eventually lose it and I tried to keep things going after me and my wife moved out so I took a couple of payday loans out well it has spiraled ... Read More »

      Can I Bypass United Recovery System to Deal With American Express On My Own? – Miranda

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      “Dear Steve, Two cc’s- one for 8k (amex) 21k (BofA)- about 60 days past due. Saving cash (closed three 401k’s) for settlement on my own Amex has turned my account over to United Recovery Systems. They are rude, intentionally “stupid”, and can’t even make a decision without putting me on hold to “call Amex”. Can I bypass URS? I have ... Read More »

        I’m a Low Income Single Mother With a Disabled Son and Collectors are Chasing Me. – Milla

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        Milla “Dear Steve, I had a car that was repossed around 2005. The car was sold but the creditors are coming after me saying I have to pay around 7,00 with interest of $43 monthly. They had the sheriff come to my home with some court papers. I also had to fill out some papers the sheriff sent to my ... Read More »

          I’m a College Student Trying to Get My Degree But I Just Got a Judgment Against Me. – Sam

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          Sam “Dear Steve, I am a college student trying to get my bachelors degree. I currently dont have a job but am looking for one. The other day I got a judgement sent to me through the mail, telling me that they are trying to garnish my wages. I currently do not have a job, but in the next month ... Read More »

            San Wants To Know “We Need Some Way To Pay Off Our Debts”

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            “Dear Steve, We need some way to figure out how to pay our debts off. We have credit card debt, car loan, a home equity loan that has a balloon next year, medical bills and owe a balance to my brother for his half of property we inherited jointly. We have two incomes and we should be able to live ... Read More »

              My Dad Only Gets Social Security And Can’t Pay His Credit Card. – Nancy

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              “Dear Steve, I am asking for my dad he is retired and the only income he has is his ss check. He has a credit card that he can’t afford to pay for and is afraid that they will freeze his checking account. Can they do that Nancy”   Dear Nancy, Since it is only one creditor to deal with ... Read More »

                What is the Name of the Government Program That Eliminates All Credit Card Debt for Free? – Johnathn

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                “Dear Steve, 35,000 in debt to credit cards, and barely able to pay the minimum payment each month after paying all other bills. Credit cards are often used to supplement income, and there is no end in sight to pay these cards off. Is there a legitimate Government program or a program that does not ask for up front fees ... Read More »

                  My Credit Union is Suing Me for Repoed Car. – Liz

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                  “Dear Steve, I had a 2006 Honda Accord EX and a signature loan from my credit union. I got laid off and couldn’t make either payment. The CU put both loans together at one point, but I still couldn’t make the payment, so I voluntarily returned the car. They sold the car, and I still owe $22,000, which I cannot ... Read More »

                    Kim is Stressing Out Trying to be Frugal in Hard Times and Make Ends Meet

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                    Kim “Dear Steve, I’m paying credit debt on time not getting anywhere with minimum payments. Husband laid off from work 15 months. Not using cards just trying to pay off. Income is very limited. How can I get ahead with paying off cards. Income is tight. Getting behind on other bills (house, gas, electric) husband laid off from job over ... Read More »

                      Should I Bother to Payoff Old Debt to Improve My Credit Score? – Kristen

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                      “Dear Steve, I have recently started to pay down some of my old debts, but have become somewhat skeptical of how effective this tactic is in regards to improving my credit score. I have heard a wide variety of things from different people. My question is, if the accounts are already in collections and they are old, should they still ... Read More »

                        I’m Living on Social Security and Being Threatened with Arrest for a Debt. – Jeanne

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                        “Dear Steve, I am on social security and cannot pay certain debts. I owe some money in utah and am being harassed by a collection agency. they say they will get a judgment against me and then have me arrested. i’m pretty sure this is a lie. (the arrest part) right? Jeanne” Dear Jeanne, I am assuming you don’t have ... Read More »

                          I Feel Like I Just Threw a Bunch of Money Away. – Donnie

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                          “Dear Steve, I had written to you a while back but could not find my original so am writing again. i am struggling really hard, i went from having no credit cards until 1999 to having too many, never made a late pmt. but because i was no longer working, disabled, started getting credit cards to live on. in 03, ... Read More »

                            I’m Looking for Debt Relief for $20,000 of Credit Card Debt. – William

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                            “Dear Steve, I have just over 20,000 in credit card debt and was wondering if it was worth looking into debt relief. I have an excellent credit score and am still working, but making little payment on by debt. Is it worth ruining my credit score or does it not affect it that much at all??? William” Dear William, The ... Read More »

                              I’m Going to Take Out a Student Loan to Go to Nursing School – Sandra

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                              “Dear Steve, I am considering taking on a federal Stafford loan in order to go to nursing school at a private school. Tuition is $25,000-30,000. I am single, in my 40’s work full time. Should I pay the loan off ASAP, before acquiring any further debt? I want to get a house soon and don’t know if this loan will ... Read More »

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