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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I’m Enrolled With CCDN and Freedom From Debt Alliance. Are They a Scam? – Curtis

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“Dear Steve, I currently have $130,000 in Credit Card Debt and a $200,000 line of credit that I cannot pay back. I have other assorted other unsecured debt of $10,000 and Student loans of over $50,000. My wife and I make about $130,000 gross and have a $205,000 mortgage. We are enrolled with CCDN and the Freedom From Debt Alliance ... Read More »

    I Need a Debt Consolidation Loan. Can I Get One? – Melissa

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    “Dear Steve, I have two lines of credit and one credit card and my husband has an ATV loan all totalling approx. $32000.00. The two line APY’s are great but the credit card APY is outragious and the ATV APY could be better. Is there a way that we could consolidate these four debts into one loan with one reasonable ... Read More »

      Chapter 13 Trustee Wants to Raise Our Payment But We Can’t Afford It. – Lindsay

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      “Dear Steve, We filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy April 2, 2009 and haven’t heard much from our lawyer other then him saying that the Trustee has requested more paystubs. We have given all that has been required of us. The Trustee wanted to up our payment from $450 a month to $870 a month. When we filed we were a household ... Read More »

        What Can I Do to Get My Credit Card Companies to Remove My Interest While I Get Back on My Feet? – Neal

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        Neal “Dear Steve, Unemployed, finding it hard to find work. I collect unemployment benefits (!) and my wife gets family tax benefit A & B as well parenting payment. A few years back I was in the best job with car etc and we took out credit cards and new car loan. We owe both credit cards and car and ... Read More »

          Do I Owe My Mortgage Company Money After My Foreclosure? – Clint


          Clint “Dear Steve, Does this mean that when they auctioned my home that the company got what i owed them? Clint”   Dear Clint, The image you supplied me with is of the mortgage as it is reported on your credit report. A credit report can only display information that a lender has elected to provide. I’m afraid the information ... Read More »

            Should I Consolidate My Debt? – Steve

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            “Dear Steve, I have around $20,000 in credit card debt at present and having a very difficult time maintaining even the minimum payments. I have 8 credit cards with most of them at 29%. I am not sure if I should try contacting each credit card or going with a credit consolidation company. I have heard so many bad things ... Read More »

              I Got a Dear John Letter From My Credit Card Company – Ed

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              “Dear Steve, So I have a high household income (over $200K) and my husband and I have excellent creit scores (above 720). We have lived in the same home for over 10 years. Last year, we had to face initiating a very costly lawsuit. Long story, but it is costing us close to $100K. We have paid for this ourselves, ... Read More »

                I Owe $100,000 in Student Loan Debt And Might Have to Leave the U.S. My H-1B is Expiring. – Venkat

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                “Dear Steve, I have been in US from 2002, I have been working full time from 2004. I have been working on my part time MBA from a Top business school from 2008. I am on currently on a H-1B visa now. The green card is no where in sight. I have minimum credit card debt and i have cleared ... Read More »

                  How Can I Pay Off My Closed Credit Cards at a Lower Interest Rate? – Ann

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                  “Dear Steve, All my credit cards have been closed (three) I have a balance of about 15 thousand that needs to be paid. I have made no payments. I was paying one. (With more than the minimum but that company got bought by another and they decided to drop me) The percentage rates on the cards are all 27-29% how ... Read More »

                    My Father Cosigned for Our Truck. He Doesn’t Know He Owes the Debt. – Jami

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                    “Dear Steve, Hi. We have run into quite a bit of problems. It has been one thing after the other, and some rather bad choices. In 2004, we had a car with a small payment. Only $284 per month. My husband decided that he would like a van for our family since we have 4 kids. (The first car was ... Read More »

                      I’ve Gotten The Alimony Lowered But Still Neck Deep in Debt From the Divorce. – Steve

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                      “Dear Steve, I came to Texas for employment after 7 months of unemployment. Leaving my wife behind, she refused to come here. My new job came to an end after 4 months and faced 4 months of unemployment, the job market was in Houston so I stayed and was employed again by GE Energy. Still my bills from 11 months ... Read More »

                        I Thought I Did the Right Thing With My Perfect Credit. – Jim

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                        “Dear Steve, I have always prided myself on having good credit. I never missed a payment on any secured or non secured loan, including credit cards. A few years ago, I wanted to upgrade where I lived so I purchased a nicer Florida condo and kept my old condo to rent. I purchased a condo that required 12% down, so ... Read More »

                          Are Debt Management Programs For Real? – Kim

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                          “Dear Steve, I am in over my head and I really don’t have a clue if I can ever get out of debt. I have six credit cards, most of which i have closed. I currently am making minimum payments on my credit cards (6) and the loan I took out from Bank of America. Totally I owe 30,000 with ... Read More »

                            I’m in the Allegro Law Debt Management Plan But I Can’t Get a Hold of Them. – Melissa

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                            “Dear Steve, I have an account with Allegro Law. I found out by accident that the company is not in business anymore, but my money is still being taken out of my account and being paid to my creditors. I have moved and need to give them my new address, but can’t get ahold of them. How can I get ... Read More »

                              I Am Totally Helpless When it Comes to Understanding my Credit Report – Janet

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                              “Dear Steve, I am totally helpless when it comes to understanding my credit report, and making a choice as to what to start paying back first. What do i need to do to get things straight? Janet”   Dear Janet, The good news is that dealing with your credit report and developing a repayment plan can be a relatively straight ... Read More »

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