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How Can I Get My Credit Card Debt Reduced Without Changes to My Credit Score? – Wondering

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“Dear Steve, My credit score is above 790. I am unemployed and receiving $450/week in unemployment insurance. I have less than $10k in savings and do not own a home. My car is 12 years old. My monthly expenses are $2,500. I owe $21K on 2 credit cards: $17k is at 0% interest until April. $4k is at 12.99% — ... Read More »

    I Have $190,000 in Credit Card Debt I Can’t Pay. – Patrick

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    “Dear Steve, Soon I will default on $190,000 in credit card debt on 8 different cards. Until now I have never missed a payment and my FICO score has been above 700. I have a good job making well over 100K but there is no way I can pay back 190K! (at my age of 55). I have alot of ... Read More »

      How Can I Get My Credit Card Companies to Reinstate My Original Credit Limits? – Rob

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      “Dear Steve, I have perfect credit but the crdit card companies have bee lowering credit limits and then saying that ny balance is too close to the limit which affects my credit score. Is there any recourse I have against them to re-instate my original credit limits. I am no more a risk today than I was when they set ... Read More »

        Get Your Prostate Checked to Avoid Debt. – Robert

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        “Dear Steve, I am a 49 year old male who was diagnosed with prostate cancer eight years ago (Guys…..get your prostate checked early and often! I know that men hate the exam….but if caught in time, it is one of the most curable cancers…..so much for my soapbox). When mine was discovered, it had metastatized to my bone, spine and ... Read More »

          How Are Strangers Getting Our Information to Mail Us Loan Modification Offers? – PJ

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          “Dear Steve, Hi, can you explain how these Loan Modification companies get your personal information? The servicer of our loan has stated that they do not ‘sell” clients personal information. Also there is no record (county) of default or foreclosure. We had a rough patch over the last year, a few late payments, but are current with on the loan. ... Read More »

            Our Mortgage Went Up and We Are Going Down. – Tami

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            “Dear Steve, My husband works a sales job that is 100% commission. I am at home with our small children. From 2008 to 2009 he took a 100k loss in salary. We purchased a new home in 2008 when we were making plenty of money to afford it. Knowing that the economy was going to take a hit we paid ... Read More »

              I Got Caught in the Chase Credit Card Term Changes That Raise My Interest Rate. – Dave

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              “Dear Steve, Caught in the Chase scam. Accepted offer of “low interest for the life of the loan” to consolidate debt with a Chase card. I have always paid on time and more than the minimum, and have not used the card for shopping or other purposes. They now advise that my minimum payment will go up to 5% (from ... Read More »

                I Cosigned for a Car for a Guy I Was Dating. – Kate

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                “Dear Steve, I cosigned for a car when I was 19 with a guy I was dating at the time. Since then he stopped paying for the car and it was sent to collections. I was in contact with the guy for a while but since it was sent for collections, he has disappeared with the car. I don’t know ... Read More »

                  Bank of America and Debt Management Companies Can’t Help Me. – Jessy

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                  “Dear Steve, My wife and I owe about 60,000 on multiple credit cards; have a mortgage of $243k (remaining) and a second mortgage (line of credit) with $75k used (out of $100). How we got here is very important but, at this point irrelevant; basically, due to years of borrowing from one card/line of credit to pay another card/mortgage. Obviously, ... Read More »

                    Is There a Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loan Out There For Me? – Diane

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                    “Hi Steve, I am married with a 21 month old. Both my husband and I have 620 scores so obtaining credit is not that easy. Currently we have about $13,000 in debt that we need to get rid of just to make it each month. My husband is the only one working and we currently only have $200 a month ... Read More »

                      Do You Have Anything to Say About the Ultimate Debt Guide by Scott Stephens?

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                      “Dear Steve, Do you have anything to say about the Ultimate Debt Guide by Scott Stephens? I have gone online to see if this is a scam and it looks as if there are very positive comments about it. Have you heard of anything in regards to this guide? Colleen” Dear Colleen, I’d save your money. Whatever help you might ... Read More »

                        This May Sound Stupid But I Don’t Know How We Got So Far in Debt? – Kelly

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                        “Dear Steve, I know this might sound stupid but I just don’t really know how we got ourselves so far in debt. My husband has always paid all of the bills. I know our debt jumped up 20k when he took selfpaid check out on one of his credit cards because our mortgage was eating up so much of our ... Read More »

                          What Information Do You Have on Wise Counsel? – Spear

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                          “Dear Steve, What information do you have on Wise Counsel Financial debt solution company; and thank you for the insight on the company _Mossler Law Firm Debt Settlement Review firms (I was in communication with this company up until yesterday) Reading your review came in handy. Spear” Dear Spear, I’m glad my review of Mossler Law was helpful to you. ... Read More »

                            Did I Screwup When I Made One Payment On An Old Debt? – Dave

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                            “Dear Steve, I have an old debt. It is more than six years old. The collection agency says that they can still collect since I have made a partial payment to them. There is nothing in writing between us. I live in Michigan and the statue of limitations is six years. Did the SOL clock start ticking again when I ... Read More »

                              I Live in South Africa and I Have Creditors Calling Me Everyday. – Zandile

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                              Zandile “Dear Steve, I’m in round about R40 000.00 of debt altogether, i only earn nett 6800 p/m. i dont know how to get out of this mess. i’ve got creditors phoning me everday, threats of legal action, summons you name it. pls help me. i really am tired of all this. Is it not late for help? Zandile”   ... Read More »

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