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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

Can The Creditors Come After My Car? – David

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“Dear Steve, I live in CA $60K unsecured debt, 10K in student loans, 25K owed on car. student loans and car are paid up to date, unsecured debt hasnt received a payment in about a year and a half. I am about to let my car go because I cant afford the payment anymore and plan to buy a car ... Read More »

    I Filed Bankruptcy and Now Need to Get My Student Loans and Credit Score Rehabilitated. – David

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    “Dear Steve, First off, I’d like to say thanks for your site. Your answers to other people’s questions has really helped me plan my own bankruptcy recovery (monitor my reports, use a secured credit card to help reestablish credit). However, there’s one thing that I haven’t seen come up, so I’d like to ask: student loans. I’m sure everyone who ... Read More »

      Separated From My Wife And Left With $70K of Credit Card Debt. – Bob

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      “Dear Steve, Due to a separation from my wife, I am now saddled with $70,000 + OF CREDIT CARD DEBT. One of the cards has just jumped to 29.99% interest. I am up to date with the bills, using money from A house sale, about to run out. I make approx. $30,00 a year and now rent and pay out ... Read More »

        I’ve Thought About Killing Myself to Get Out of Debt. – Doug

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        Doug “Dear Steve, We have mostly lived pretty well but never have had any savings so when something happens or we want to do anything the answer has been to put it on a credit card. So we have cards at or close to limits we have two kids in college with student loans and we messed up on our ... Read More »

          I Can Pay Off My Loan But Need to Use Some Cash From My Savings Account. Should I? – Sulian

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          Sulian “Dear Steve, I have this 19% personal loan with a payoff of $816.00 I’ve been paying for the last 4 1/2 years. I am so ready to pay it off I can feel it. I bring home about $1220 a month after taxes from work and about $2,200 in a savings account. The minimum payment is $150.33 and they ... Read More »

            I Was Thinking of Taking Your Advice and Filing for Bankruptcy. – Miss M

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            “Dear Steve, I was thinking of taking your advice and filing for bankruptcy. Of course, I’d like to apply to buy a house, especially during this time when the housing market is down (Good for us buyers but bad for current owners). Also, I expect to get my clearance background cleared and updated (I had a re-open investigation when I ... Read More »

              Citibank Just Raised My Rate to 29.99% and I Can’t Afford That. – Jon

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              Jon “Dear Steve, I filed bankruptcy in 2003 and have allowed myself to get into credit card debt once again. This time is not nearly as bad, but it still isn’t good either. It totals nearly $20k and I received a notice from Citibank stating that they are raising my interest rates to 29.99%. There is no way I can ... Read More »

                Will I Be Allowed to Leave Dubai Even Though I Owe Money? – June

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                “Dear Steve, I’m working on an engineering consultancy as autocad draftsman, im already 2 years but til now, our company didn’t got any new projects for the whole years. I got another job in Saudi Riyadh and theyre still waiting for my report and ready to start i planning to file resignation and going back to my home country ... Read More »

                  What If I Close My Bank Accounts Because of Payday Loans? – Cameron

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                  “Dear Steve, I have several pay day loans. I took out the loans so I could make a mortgage payment. I had to make the payment or the mortgage company could have started foreclosure. I honestly want to repay the loans but can’t. I’ll be trapped in the cycle of renewing the loans over and over again. When I took ... Read More »

                    I Filed Bankruptcy. How Do I Legally Rebuild My Credit? – Janet

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                    “Dear Steve, I finally filed for bankruptcy. I am anxiously waiting for my hearing. But I am now trying to look forward to the next phase in the process of getting back on my feet. I filed Chapter 7. I have a house that I am current on with very little equity, so I will be able to keep the ... Read More »

                      I’ve Been Living Off My Credit Cards While I Started My Own Business. – Phillip

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                      “Dear Steve, I have over 30K in credit card debt. I have been carrying this around for several years. I was living off the credit card while I started my own business. I don’t use credit cards anymore, if we don’t have the cash we don’t buy it. But obviously the monthly payments are high, and we are not paying ... Read More »

                        Citibank is Holding Me Over a Barrel With Change in Terms. – Steve

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                        “Dear Steve, I have had a Citibank card for 20 years. I carry just under $15,000 in debt. Recently I received notice from them that the terms of my account are changing. Included is an increase in the variable to 18.99% from 14.240%. They have given me the right to opt out and pay down my balance on my current ... Read More »

                          I Filed Bankruptcy. It Wasn’t as Bad as I Thought It Would Be. – Lynn

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                          “Hi Steve, After searcing out every option and reading everything in your articles I finally filed for bankruptcy. I signed the papers yesterday. I had a few appointments before I found a Lawyer I was comfortable with. I wrote you about one attorney who was so nasty I cried afterward. I took your advice and tried again. So here I ... Read More »

                            I’m in Debt to the IRS and Student Loans Only. What Can I Do? – Veronica

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                            Veronica “Dear Steve, Gawd I hate being in this situation, but I am 45 years old and almost $70,000 in debt. Most of it is from student loans, IRS, and other loans. No credit cards. I’ve heard that you cannot file bankruptcy with IRS or Student Loans debt. Was wondering if this is true. If so, what other options should ... Read More »

                              With Debt Rx USA I Have Had a Miserable Time and I Question Their Legitimacy. – Ralph

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                              Ralph “Dear Steve, I am curious of your experience with Debt rx Usa. I have had an absolutely miserable time with them. In fact I don’t get the Jerry MaGuire approach at all, it’s more like a cork in the ocean feeling. I question the legitimacy of this group. In a nutshell, Since I have joined up with this “Company”, ... Read More »

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