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I’m So Far in Debt I Don’t Know What to Do – Gloria

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Gloria “Dear Steve, I have gotten behind in mortgage vehicle and monthly payments. I have so many collection agencies contacting me that I don’t even know how far into debt I am. I have credit card debt that is above $10,000. My husband is laid off of work. I am being garnished . i just don’t know what to do ... Read More »

    I Am Pregnant and Unemployed. Are Their Companies That Can Provide Me With Debt Relief? – Chris

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    “Dear Steve, I’m 3 months pregnant. I have been out of work since February of this year. I have an outstanding credit card debt of approximately $12,000. I’m afraid that I won’t find a job soon to pay off my debt and eventually be homeless with child. Are there any companies that provide debt relief for someone who is unempolyed? ... Read More »

      I’m a Stressed Out Baby Momma and Need Help. – Mom

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      “Dear Steve, My husband and I were doing very well with finances until about 2 years ago. We got deeper and deeper in debt, and now we are $35,000 in unsecured debt. I found out I was pregnant 7 months ago and started saving money until my sister came to me for help-to make the long story short I lent ... Read More »

        Business Consultant and Entrepreneur All Tapped Out. – Sandy

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        “Dear Steve, Business consultant and entrepreneur, full of great ideas, very short of contracting work for the past year, currently on state benefits, 50k in debts and growing (mostly credit cards), no assets (sold everything I could to survive), and hardly any income getting in, just bearly making ends meet every month, just about surviving. Is the solution bankruptcy or ... Read More »

          I Recently Became Late on Several of My Bills Including Two Car Loans. – David

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          “Dear Steve, I recently became late on several of my bills including two car loans. I maxed out a credit card to cover me when my wife become unemployed and pregnant. She has been unable to gain employment since then. I purchase a 2009 Dodge Caravan several months ago and now may have to relinquish it to the lien holder ... Read More »

            I’m a Hard Working Blue Collar Worker And I Can’t Pay My Bills. – Steven

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            “Dear Steve, A hard working blue color man, worked for 30 years before getting injured on the job May of 08. I am now considered disabled. Besides trying to save my home from foreclosure, Capital One is suing me for nonpayment; I received papers from the sheriff saying I have 20 days to respond. Seeing how I am disabled and ... Read More »

              I Am a 53 Year Old Pilot With a Side Small Business in a Lot of Debt. – Rich

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              “Dear Steve, I’m a 53 year old pilot making 85K/ yr. I also own a small business that I invested heavily in hoping to start reaping profits by now. Instead, I’m now in debt for about 40K in outstanding business expenses with about additional 25K in credit card debt and 18K unsecured loan. I loaned my Dad 9K before the ... Read More »

                Can I Keep One Credit Card Open for Business in a Debt Management Plan? – Dave

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                “Dear Steve, I am just barely above water, and the tide is coming in! 132,000 in mortgages (first & second). 53,300 in credit cards. Can you recommend a reputable debt management service? My goal is to pay down debt as quickly as possible w/out to much damage to credit. Also, I need to keep one card available for business- can ... Read More »

                  I Got Laid Off and My Credit Cards Won’t Reduce My Monthly Payments. – Michael

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                  “Dear Steve, I got laid off a couple of months ago and we cannot get any of the credit card people to reduce monthly payments for us. we are starting to drown. they all tell me that the only way they can help is if i stop paying, then they can help me. How can i get them to drop ... Read More »

                    I’m Currently in Debt and Not Getting Anywhere. – Penny

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                    “Dear Steve, I am currently in debt with credit card debt totaling roughly $36,000. I am married and we are not having trouble making minimum payments. However, I feel like we are getting nowhere, and can’t really afford to make more than the minimum payment. I have contacted MMI (Money Management International) and they can lower my payments by around ... Read More »

                      I Went to College for a Bit and Now They Want Me to Pay. – Noname

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                      Noname “Dear Steve, I singed a contract with my college to attend a semester tuition was 10 thousand dollars. I paid 3 thousand and stopped going to classes after that. The college is insisting I pay the remainder 6 thousand dollars, I ignored there request and told them I never attended class. They said since i singed a contract saying ... Read More »

                        Should I Cash in my 401K to Get Out of Debt? – Mona

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                        Mona “Dear Steve, We just finished building our home (we were the contractors). Before we started we had very manageable debt and our credit scores were almost 800. We used a construction to permanent loan(5.5%) and credit cards to build our home. Now that we are finshed we have a $255,000 mortgage and owe $85,000 on credit cards. My husband ... Read More »

                          My Husband Has Chronic Depression, is a Process Server, and in Debt. – Tamara

                          Tamara “Dear Steve, My husband has chronic depression and has always just worked part time. He had a small business as a process server, and he got a business credit card from Capital One for $5000. The card is in his name and he got it before we got married. The last few years, he’s stopped working mostly, just laying ... Read More »

                            Can I Go Bankrupt in the U.S. Even Though I Live Outside the States Now? – Peter

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                            “Dear Steve, Used to live in the USA, moved to UK for work with intention of moving back to USA after visa re-issued. Due to financial climate never moved back to USA. Have an American Express credit card with a very large outstanding balance. Transfering money to the USA every month to pay the minimum, obviously no longer using the ... Read More »

                              What Should I Do to Get my Credit Score Up From 400? – TLT

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                              TLT “Dear Steve, Great job make about $60,000/yr. 2 children. Single parent. Between my rent/utilities $1200/month, Car and Insurance $600/month, money I owe to grandmother $700/month and daily living expenses. My kids are athletic I pay for sports, all equipment needed. I pay for all aspect of our healthcare. I have a ton of bills. Public records, judgements, defaulted student ... Read More »

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