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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I Want to Merge My Debts Into One Big Ball in the UAE. – DW

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“Dear Steve, I live in UAE and got myself into serious financial turmoil. I have loans and credit cards and not enough to pay for them. I need some serious advice and help. I am basically looking to merge my debts into one big ball and have someone buy it out for me. I can repay back the amount over ... Read More »

    Divorce Debt Mountain While Trying To Get Security Clearance – Robert

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    “Dear Steve, I went through a divorce in 2004 and i was stuck with most of the bills. I am in the military and i am trying to get a security clear., but am having trouble due to all the bills that went past due and charged off from the divorce. I have paid on alot of the bills working ... Read More »

      Reaffirmed Car To Be Repossessed After Bankruptcy – Ray

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      “Dear Steve, I filed bankruptcy and reafirmed my car. I then lost my job. Now my car is going to be repossed. I am several months behind. How can I keep my car now that I have found steady employment and can make the payments Ray” I asked my friend Mike Killian to answer your question for you. I wanted ... Read More »

        I’m Living in Manhattan, Just Lost My Job, and Super Scared. – Elizabeth

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        “Dear Steve, I am 36, living in Manhattan, pay $1900 in rent, owe $20,000 in debt, was laid off three months over the summer and just lost my job again. Credit cards are maxed out, severence was enough to cover rent for one month only and I have to wait one week for unemployment to kick in, which will voer ... Read More »

          I’m Going Through a Divorce and Trying to Keep Clean Credit. – Julie

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          “Dear Steve, Going through a divorce. Currently paying half the mortgage and rent. My daughter lives with me. FT college student-hasn’t worked in a year so I am also paying her car lease payment that I am a co-signer on. Paying utilities at home and rental property. I have maxed out on 2 different credit cards-using them to pay my ... Read More »

            What Can I Do with 0% Interest Ending? Harsha

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            “Dear Steve, I have 2500 balance on a 3500 credit limit divident platinum mastercard. i am on the 6th month of 6 month 0% apr offer, i have not missed a payment till now, and my credit history is like 9months old, i have 2 credit cards one is master card frpm citi and pther 600$ card from bofa with ... Read More »

              I Live in American Soma. Can I Go Bankrupt? – Filipina

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              “Dear Steve, I am married with 3 children, and reside here in American Samoa. I want to clear out my debt so that i can proceed on with other help. How would i clear out my debt so that I can gain good credit to apply for a big loan? Filipina”   Dear Filipina, In researching your question I actually ... Read More »

                No Way Out Of Mess. Wish I Had Never Gone to School. I Have Nothing to Offer To Anyone – Lisa

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                “Dear Steve, I am currently $96,095.00 in student loan debt and it is quickly increasing because of the interest. I was laid off this past June. With having my mortgage and utilities I have little left from my unemployment check to make the payment of $724.00 per month. I have very little hope right now. I feel my life is ... Read More »

                  We are Trying to Get Our Short Sale with Bank of America Completed on Our FHA Mortgage. – Shawn

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                  “Dear Steve, We currently have an FHA loan through B of A, it has been a struggle but we have remained current. We are going through a short sale currently, Bank of America is the primary & only lender involved. Our home is likely worth $80-100,000- in today’s market, but we owe $240.000. We started this short sale process at ... Read More »

                    My Husband Just Left Me and I Won’t See a Dime From Him. – Lynne

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                    “Dear Steve, My husband just left me and has let me know very clearly I will not see “a dime” from him. This cuts my household income down from $4600 to less than $2000. We had bought our home 3 years ago and managed to build up about $20,000 in credit card debt. This is in addition to my leased ... Read More »

                      I Am in Brazil and Can’t Pay My U.S. Debt. Will I be Stopped at the Border? – Carlos

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                      “Dear Steve, I’m from Brazil and from 1997 to 2000. I attended university in the US with a student visa. I was a fulltime student and wasn’t allowed to work. I depended on my parents in Brazil to send me money for tuition and expenses. At one point I got 4 credit cards issued by american banks that I used ... Read More »

                        Should I Payoff My Credit Cards With a HELOC or a 401(k) Loan? – David

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                        “Dear Steve, I have 2 high interest credit cards I want to eliminate quickly.I am considering obtaining a HELOC at 4.25% vs borrowing from one of my 401-k and repaying it at 6.25%. Do you have advice on which should be the preferred solution or do you have a better idea? David”   Dear David, Leave the 401(k) alone. The ... Read More »

                          I Can’t Afford My New House. – Tim

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                          “Dear Steve, My work loaded dropped off and I have 350.00 a week child support just bought a home about 4 mths ago barrowed from 401K for that and now due to lack of OT work can not make ends meet along with CC. and utilties I am behind in everything. Not much left in the 401K fund but should ... Read More »

                            We Can’t Afford to File Bankruptcy. Our Business Fell Off a Cliff. – Lynn

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                            “Dear Steve, My husband and I both have our own businesses…5 and 6 years of growth..then…off of a cliff! We were keeping up with minimum payments…but now can just make basic mortgage and groceries, car no excess! We started filling out BK paperwork in Sept..haven’t paid credit cards…48 voice messages a day! The atty wants $1650 just to file..and the ... Read More »

                              My Nephew Is $62,000 In Outstanding Debt, How Can We Help Him – Teresa

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                              “Dear Steve, My nephew is 62,000 in outstanding debt all which are not in collections. We have contacted a lawyer that says he will get the amount down about 40% and then we pay them about $8000 over a period of 11 months. They want my nephew to sign something before we really know the exact amount that will be ... Read More »

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