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I’m Bipolar, Tried to Kill Myself, and Nobody Will Listen to Me About My Debt. – SC

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“Dear Steve, Hi, I am desperate for help. I have been mentally ill for a decade now and at one point three years ago my medications were not right and I fell into my bipolar disorder full force. When I was manic I would make poor financial decisions and got into so much debt. I tried to commit suicide twice ... Read More »

    I’m Worried About Going With ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions or Care One Credit Counseling. – Mike

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    “Dear Steve, Married 3 kids combined income of about $90,000 gross. Have a home with an interest only mortgage that’s has a year left before it converts. We owe about $25,000 in credit cards. We want to get the debt taken care so we will have enough to refinance to a fixed rate loan to keep our house. Currently with ... Read More »

      I Have No Debt But My Student Loans Are Hurting My Credit Score. – Maria

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      “Dear Steve, Currently trying to buy a home Fresh Grad 1st year New Hire Paid off all debt–except for student loans ($40000) I have been working very hard at imporving my credit since I have obtianed a job in healthcare fresh out of college (’08). I was at 619 and was enrolled in classes this semester. I spoke with my ... Read More »

        I’m in a Debt Settlement Program and Getting Sued by My Creditors. – Cathy

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        Cathy “Dear Steve, We have been with a debt settlement company for about 4 months and one of the unsecured loan outfits is already trying to sue us for the 85% of the total amount plus attorney fees and late charges included for about $500.00 a month or will garnish or lean or property not worth what we owe. Is ... Read More »

          Can American Express Sue Me While My Bankruptcy Attorney is Preparing My Case? – Jane

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          “Dear Steve, My husband and I had a business that we ended up closing as we got into severe debt. We closed it in 2008 june. We had nearly 180,000 dollars in debt and we took it as a personal loan as well as credit cards. We were paying all our loans and credit cards on hardship programs till august ... Read More »

            Should I Use My IRA to Pay Off My Debt? – Donald

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            “Dear Steve, I have had this thought to reduce our debt and to better manage our finances. It is quite complicated (as I am sure most situations are), so I will do my best to present all the information. My wife and I (we are in our mid 30s) have a credit card with $7k on it and two personal ... Read More »

              I’m in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Getting Divorced and Trying to Lose My House. – Steve

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              “Dear Steve, Filed Chapter 13 only under my name but wife signed agreement to help pay the 13 off. House is now in foreclosure and I want to save my house and I just filed for divorce. She filed Chapter 7 five years ago. My lawyer claims that my Chapter 13 will protect me against the mortgage lenders but my ... Read More »

                I Have Paid Debt I Want Removed From My Credit Report. – Sara

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                Sara “Dear Steve, I had 5 outsanding debts, that I never paid any payments on from 2004 I took out a small loan, and paid them all off in 2006(which I have paid on time to this day). Now that all five accounts are closed, How do I get them to take it off my report? Do I have to ... Read More »

                  Diana Is Struggling to Make Credit Card Payments And Afraid

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                  Diana “Dear Steve, I have approximately $25,000 in credit card debt, drained my savings and struggling to meet my payments. I can pay my mortgage and normal billing but not the cards I am so confused about wha is available out there and frankly scared that I may not do the right thing with a repuable company. Can you help. ... Read More »

                    Can I Contact My Creditor And Ask Them to Remove the Charge Off From My Credit Report? – Keisha

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                    “Dear Steve, Four years ago, I had four charged off accounts which I later paid in full. They remain on my credit report, but now show as “charged off/paid”. I made agreements with the credit card companies and/or collection agencies before paying them off, not knowing I could request a pay for delete. Can I contact the original creditor or ... Read More »

                      I Owe a Deficiency From My Repossessed Vehicle. – Denise

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                      “Dear Steve, I owe a deficiency of $15,000 for a repossessed vehicle that my credit union auctioned. And am thinking about just adding all my other debt (medical bills) to the bankruptcy. The collectors for my medical bills haven’t contacted me in a while, and I want to know how much I owe the collectors. I don’t even know who ... Read More »

                        We Are Graduating From College With Too Much in Private Student Loans. – Tyler

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                        “Dear Steve, Between me and my wife we both gross around 2600 a month. We are just graduating from a private school and we are looking at having 145000 worth of student loans. We cant afford the 1400 dollar payment every month. What can we do? are there any options that we have for chapter 11? We have talked with ... Read More »

                          My Credit Card Payments Are Usually a Few Weeks Late. – Magic

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                          “Dear Steve, We have 38000 credit card debt and make my payments but usually are a few weeks late. I have a mortgage 110 owed a home equity which was used for remodling only balance 90000 my homes worth today 310000 interest rate is 6 percent on both loans my credit score is mid 700s. I retired with a 40000 ... Read More »

                            Many Debt Free Sites Are Misleading. Who Can I Trust? – Tom

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                            “Dear Steve, I was at a well paying job for 20 plus years,i was layed off,had to take a much lower paying job.credit card payments are still the same,but far less pay coming in. many of these debt free sites are misleading. dont know where to turn , and i dont want to get to far behind. How can i ... Read More »

                              If Something Were to Happen We’d Be Screwed. – TinaMarie

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                              “Dear Steve, My husband and I are about 20,000 in debt. He had a kidney transplant 2 years ago, which put us in the hole and now we have to pay off his medical bills and even just to copays on his anti rejection drugs are killing us. We are barely keeping or heads above water. I was hoping you ... Read More »

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