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Should I Wait to File Bankruptcy Until My Credit Score Reaches a Certain Point? – Jennifer

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“Dear Steve, I am considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I have $20,000 in credit card debt from a business that I worked for, which went under without repaying any of the money they owed me. I don’t want to file for bankruptcy, but my monthly income is all taken up with basic necessities, and I have one of the ... Read More »

    I Can’t Afford to Eat or Take My Medications. What Am I Going to Do? – Mickey

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    Mickey “Dear Steve, I am 61yrs old, have been on disability since 1995. I am on Medicare, Part D plan but I was denied supplemental insurance because it took SS 2yrs to approve my disability and I was told I had to apply within 6 months of applying for disability. SS told me there was no plan in place to ... Read More »

      I Want to Get My Credit Card Debt Deferred Until I Graduate And Then Pay It Off Slowly. – Alex

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      “Dear Steve, Hi, so im a senior as an undergrad in california, i ran my credit card for 4,500 dollars and i also owe money to my organization 2,500 dollars. not including the two medical bills i have each for 100 dollars. I get paid 8 dollars an hour with a job i just started, and ive take 2 unpaid ... Read More »

        I Racked Up Private and Government Student Loans. – Jessica

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        “Dear Steve, I went to graduate school when I was 35 and racked up both govt and private loans. My private loans were okay around 350/month for the first two years, now they are $572/month. This is very hard for me to pay right now but it seems there is no solution or answer. I teach part time as an ... Read More »

          I Bought a House in Michigan and Lost My Job. – Jason

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          “Dear Steve, My wife and I bought a house in 2006 in Michigan. Shortly thereafter, the company I worked for began to fail, and I was forced to get a new job. For my new job, I took over a 70% pay cut. We used my 401k savings to make ends meet initially, sold our vehicles and replaced them with ... Read More »

            I Was Medically Retired from the U.S. Navy and Can’t Pay My Bills. – Floyd

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            “Dear Steve, I was medically retired from the U. S. Navy in November of 2007 after a crippling back injury at the age of 34 (I am 36 now). After living in Virginia Beach for 6 months, and tapping my savings account every month to make ends meet, I opted to just move overseas where I can actually afford to ... Read More »

              I’m a College Student in Dubai and Got a Credit Card From Campus Salesman for Emirates Bank. – Isaac

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              “Dear Steve, Had been studying in dubai for over 4 years. One evening right outside my college I see a number of Emirates Bank Salesman giving away Applications forms for a Student Credit card. All they needed was a passport copy and I had a credit card with a spending limit of 3000 Dhs… I Had that CC for about ... Read More »

                I’ve Been Stupid With My Debt. I’m Unemployed and Living in the UK. – Sarah

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                “Dear Steve, I have been stupid i have about 10 debts all together i owe o2, voda, 3, loyds tsb, NatWest, capital 1, and 3 pay day loans of the internet i just don’t want the debt collectors to come to my home, im very worried IM ONLY 20 AND IM IN 10,000 POUNDS WORTH OF DEPT How do i ... Read More »

                  Can You Direct Me To a Legit Debt Settlement Company? – Barby

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                  Barby “Dear Steve, Hey Steve, My husband and I just bought a house and then (of course) I lost my job (salary of $38,000). While I am currently out job searching, I am using my half of the savings to pay my half of the bills. My husband pays the mortgage/utilities/phone/etc. & my responsibilities are gas/groceries/debt. I am paying about ... Read More »

                    I’m Deep in Cash Advance Debt on My Credit Cards From Helping My Boyfriend and Family. – Melissa

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                    “Dear Steve, $16,000 in credit card debt(8500on one card,7100 on another) the 7100 is mostly cash advances for family needing help now im stuck with the bill 8500 is from when i was in nursing school and from a fiance who thought money grew on trees, the card for 8500 interest rate is being raised to 21.99 percent,due to the ... Read More »

                      I Am a College Student With Credit Card Debt. How Do I Hide From the Collectors? – Dora

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                      “Dear Steve, I am a 23 year old student who not only has debt from college loans and also credit card debt from last year (on 3 credit cards that have all been closed). I ran up a huge amount of debt in a short time and as of now I am unemployed. I am not able to work cause ... Read More »

                        I’m a Realtor and Have Never Missed a Payment, Until Now. – Frank

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                        Frank “Dear Steve, I have $59,000 in unsecured debt. My credit history is very good. I have never been late on any payments. I lost my job of 21 years about 5 years ago and started a new career in real-estate. the last year has killed me and I fear that I will miss payments in the near future. I ... Read More »

                          Mark Writes In “I Need to Go Bankrupt in the UK”

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                          Mark wrote in about his financial situation. “Hi Steve, My wife and I need help. Since 2001 we’ve been living in the U.S. and we’ve just got our green cards. We moved to the U.S. from the UK and for years I’ve been struggling to pay back debt there using dollars to pay back British pounds. The conversion rate has ... Read More »

                            Pam Asks “Does a Deferred Student Loan Lower Your Credit Score”

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                            “Dear Steve, I have $40,000 in credit card debt but have never missed a payment.I am trying very hard to make more than the minimum payment. I have a long credit history with no late fees ever. My credit score is about 750. I have 3 kids in college and have outstanding deferred students loans that I have cosigned. I ... Read More »

                              How Do I Get My Foreclosed Home Forgiven? Carl

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                              “Dear Steve, My home was forclosed they did not forgive my debt how do i get it forgiven Carl” I asked my friend Mike Killian to answer your question for you. I wanted to make sure you got an answer as quickly as possible as I’m a bit backed up at the moment. I’ll be watching the comments on this ... Read More »

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