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Can I Refinance My Car or Consolidate All Debt? – Rose

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“Dear Steve, I have about $45K worth of debt. I have four credit cards with balances of $500 each. I have IRS debt of $1600 and $3000 balance on Best buy card. And a $38K auto loan. Truthfully, its the auto loan that is killing me. I pay 13% interest. SO now my loan is upside down. its higher then ... Read More »

    I’m in a Forced Marriage in the United Arab Emirates and Deep in Debt. – Abdulrazak

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    “Dear Steve, Well i really dont know where to start.recently married around 6 months ago..it was a forced marriage..now i have put myself in such heavy debt that i am left with nothing at all each month and still bills to pay..i have 2 credit cards over limit..totaling up to $ 11,444 And a car loan $46 000..im currently earnin ... Read More »

      The Coastal Credit Solutions Advisor Recommended Debt Settlement. – Jeff

      Coastal Credit Solutions

      “Dear Steve, I owe more than $16,000 to credit card companies — Capital One, BoA, Chase — got behind and further behind — and am now trying to figure out what to do. I want to pay what I owe but some of this is late fees, higher interest, etc. My biggest problem is at this point I simply can’t ... Read More »

        HELP! I am Drowning in Debt. – Barb

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        “Dear Steve, HELP! I AM DROWNING IN DEBT! I am divorced with a daughter that is a sophmore in college. I was getting $520.00/month child support until this past July. I have 5-credit cards with debt totaling approx $24,000.00. While getting child support, I was making the minimum payments and then turning around and using what little balance they had ... Read More »

          Can We File Bankruptcy on Our Personal Debt and Not Include My Husband’s LLC? – Brandi

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          “Dear Steve, Husband owns a LLc company with him being the only employee. I work part time thur a employer. I have tried unsuccessfully to find a full time job. Need help with personal credit situations without hurting our business. My husband owns a llc company that is the main income in our house. The company is in fine shape ... Read More »

            My Mother-In-Law Has Alzheimer’s and a Lot of Debt. Are We Liable? – Cecily

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            “Dear Steve, Okay. My Mother In Law has severe Alzheimer’s. Her estate was swallowed up by the first institution she lived in, but when that ran out we had to get her on Medicaid and put her in a different institution. She is now technically destitute; her social security goes directly to the institution, her stocks and IRAs are depleted ... Read More »

              Capital One Doesn’t Care I’ve Been a Good Customer for Seven Years and They Are Coming After Me. – Jake

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              “Dear Steve, Have capitol one credit card for about 7 years now never late. In Dec 2008 the business where I am working cut my hours and now I am with reduced pay. Wife wasn’t working but now she is only a little more than minimum wage. Was able before to pay bills but now more difficult. Behind on credit ... Read More »

                I’m Being Asked to Pay On a Debt I Paid But Can’t Find the Proof. – Stacey

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                “Dear Steve, I was hospitalized in 2004 and paid out-of-pocket the balance that my insurance did not cover. I payed off and settled all debts at the beginning of 2005 with the hospital. They told me that I was clear and owed nothing else. This was almost 5 yrs ago and have not heard or received anything from them at ... Read More »

                  So What About Jesse Neisen and DebtGoToGuy.com, Should I Go With Him? – Mary

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                  “Dear Steve, I have $83K in credit card debt and I am current with payments and have not had a late payment in many years. Regardless of my payment history, my card issuers have all significantly raised the interest rates which is making it difficult to make my payment. I have been communicating with Jesse Neisen (debtgotoguy.com) regarding entering a ... Read More »

                    We Are $40,000 in Credit Card Debt and Make Only the Monthly Minimum Payment. – Rachel

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                    “Dear Steve, My husband and I are currently about 40,000 in debt. This is not including our mortgage or car payment only credit cards, ect. We only make the monthly minimum payments each month but all of the cards/loans have different interest rates so our payment range from 20 – 362 a month. We are struggling to make ends meet ... Read More »

                      I Can Tell Our Kids Are Feeling the Stress of Our Debt. – David

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                      “Dear Steve, My wife and I have been unemployed for a year….we own(buying) a home in which we would like to keep along with 1 vehicle.We are working with the mortgage co. and auto co. but there is also a line of credit loan on our house in collections.We are at wits end now with other collections depts. calling every ... Read More »

                        I’m Trying to Get a Visa in Dubai But I Owe Money. – Mike

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                        “Dear Steve, I came here to Dubai from 5 years , like all the people i was working normally, i had loans ( hsbc, standard ) (personal loans ) and some credit , in January the work closed and i went out my country , i came back in last sep on a visit visa, and now i wanna renew ... Read More »

                          I’m in Debt, on Benefits, Have Kids, and Not Much Money. – Alicia

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                          “Dear Steve, I am in debt and need help. I have 6300 debt with 10 companies. I am on benefit with two kids and not much money. The debt manager wants 40 of my 100 each month and says it will take me 8 years to pay it off. But is that the best way. I offered everybody 5 to ... Read More »

                            Was I Wrong to Co-Sign for a Car for a Friend? – Stewart

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                            “Dear Steve, I have co-signed a car for a friend that was once living in toronto now he has moved back to montreal, but he hasn’t been able to make the payments for the car and is often late doing so, he is now caught up with payments but I have been asking him to take me off as a ... Read More »

                              I’ve Been Laid Off Three Times in Three Years. The Bills Are Too Much. – Deb

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                              “Dear Steve, I am 3 times laid off in 3 years. I only have unemployment insurance coming in to support me and this may run out soon. I have no assets at all. I have lost everything in the last 3 years of lay-offs. I rent and own nothing else of value with no savings and am having difficulty finding ... Read More »

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