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Everything is a Mess With Navy Federal Credit Union. – Lesley

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“Dear Steve, Everything is a mess. Another navy federal question. I owe over 18 thousand to NFCU and around 7 thousand to other credit cards, My husband owes around 20 thousand to credit cards 6 of that is to NFCU. My husband has ended up in a nursing home. He has only retirement income. We have a medicaid trust set ... Read More »

    Kansas Statute of Limitations Question. – KansasDebt78

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    “Dear Steve, I am currently working on fixing my credit….now I am finding some hiccups My question is fairly simple. I have been back and forth with a well known junk debt buyer. My defense is easy…..SOL has expired. The key problem I am having here is proving that this credit card is indeed considered under the TILA an “open ... Read More »

      What Options Should We Consider to Avoid Foreclosure? – Joshua

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      “Dear Steve, 210,000 mortgage – 196,000 owed 4 months behind, foreclosure has not yet started but may within a month or so KS provides 120 days for the foreclosure process 15-20k unsecured credit debt/medical bills My wife has 18k in student loan debt 2 cars, not behind on and I’m not certain how much equity really is in them but ... Read More »

        We’ve Been Struggling Below Poverty With Collection Agencies Chasing Us. – Dina

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        “Dear Steve, ‘ve been a single parent for the last 19 years of two children who receives SSI and my daughter’s survivor death benefit as our family’s sole source of income for the last 5 years. Before that it was welfare and FS only. I was not always able on my limited income (below poverty level) to make ends meet ... Read More »

          Freedom Debt Told Me Not to Speak to My Creditor. – Karen

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          “Dear Steve, I owe $26,000 in unsecured credit card debt, plus $6,000 in medical bills from 2008 and 2009. 6 months ago, I turned the $26,000 over to Freedom Debt. Of course, they are taking their fee out first, they have negotiated and settled one $1,700 account for about half. The last payment goes out to that creditor November 5. ... Read More »

            Florida Attorney General Wants Debt Settlement Companies to Put Up Before You Pay Up

            Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum today announced that he has co-sponsored a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), asking it to amend a federal rule that would require debt relief service companies to provide services before collecting any fees. The letter was also sponsored by the Attorneys General of Illinois, Maryland, and Washington. Debt relief is an umbrella term ... Read More »

              40 States Band Together to Regulate Debt Settlement Companies

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              The attorneys general of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming have written to the Federal Trade ... Read More »

                I’m In a World of Hurt With Our Credit Thanks to Bank of America. – Sandy

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                “Dear Steve, I am in a world of hurt with our credit although we have never missed any payments and have always remained current however it is becoming harder and harder to continue on. Total unsecured debt is near 90,000. We have been living check to check for years. Credit card companies have lowered our credit limits and hurting our ... Read More »

                  My Husband is Disabled, the Medical Bills are Growing, and I Feel Like a Low-life for Considering Bankruptcy. – Tracy

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                  “Dear Steve, I work full time and my husband is disabled. We have unsecured debt of approximately $50,000 not including my student loans which are about $10,000. My husbands medical bills and increased cost of living have driven us deeper and deeper into debt over the last few years. I manage to keep all of our bills paid on time ... Read More »

                    I Need Advice About CareOneCredit.com And My Situation. – Shannon

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                    “Dear Steve, I am almost 24 years old. My salary is $30,000. I have a school loan which is almost $31,000 and I have the payments according to salary, which I have to reapply for each year and am currently set to pay about $77/month so I can pay more on my credit cards. I have about $25,000 total of ... Read More »

                      DebtZero Tells You How to Make Money in the Debt Settlement Business


                      I stumbled across the DebtZero website this morning, quite by accident. But once I took a look around I had to share it with you. DebtZero appears to sell access to or a business opportunity to let people make money selling debt settlement services and brags about how much money can be made. Your income will be generated from enrollment ... Read More »

                        I Would Like to Know The Best Way to Deal With My Debts. – Amanda

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                        “Dear Steve, Hello, I would like to know the best way to deal with my debts. I have good credit, always pay on time and my fico score is 702. My debt is due to my business closing 2 yrs ago. I have paid off at least $30,000 and still have $30,000 to go. the debt is on at least ... Read More »

                          My House Burned Down But The Insurance Didn’t Pay Off The Two Mortgages. – Michael

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                          “Dear Steve, Real Estate Issue: In 1998 i bought a house in 2000 the house burned down it had a first and second mortgage, i assumed that the insurance company paid off the both loans. i havent heard anything about any loans til 2008 when the second lien holder (BHM) sold the account to (WCR). (WCR) is now trying to ... Read More »

                            I Signed Up For Debt Settlement Services and Got Sued Anyway. – Dog

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                            “Dear Steve, I signed with the credit exchange and the jhonson law group and they let me be sued for 8000 dollars because the law group did nothing. My garnishment is for 168 a week Dog”   Dear Dog, Recently I reviewed the client agreement for a different debt settlement company. But I think if you look in the fine ... Read More »

                              My Husband and I Have Fallen Into the Constant Cycle of Debt. – Sharon

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                              “Dear Steve, Hello! My husband and I have fallen into the constant cycle of debt. We bought our townhouse in Halifax Massachusetts in 2000 for $124,900. Since then we have refinance, paid off credit cards, racked up credit cards, refinanced etc etc etc… We now have a mortgage of $155,000. We make appoximently $95,960 together. We also STILL have about ... Read More »

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