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Can I Transfer My Allegro Law Debt Settlement Contract to Another Company? – Rafael

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“Dear Steve, I have been with Allegro since June of 2008. They have helped me pay down over $4000 on a huge debt and lowered my interest rate by half. I have seen the recent news and I am concerned about losing my rate and fixed payments. The phone system at www.allegrolawreceivership.com says that all the current contracts will be ... Read More »

    My Husband is Going to 1099 Me. We Are Getting Divorced. – Suki

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    “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I helped my husband run his business, he paid me each month, and for the first time in our marriage, he said he will 1099 me at the end of the year. I unfortunatly have gotten myself in heavy debt, 32 thousand in only credit cards that are in my name only. Im so scared to ... Read More »

      Do You Have a List of Reliable Credit Counseling Organizations? – Liz

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      “Dear Steve, My hubby currently has two major cc debts of around $8500. I do help him pay off his debts however, we are considering to consolidate his debts because the interest rates are around 27% and a huge percentage of our earnings go to bill payments. We are based in NY. I was wondering if you could recommend a ... Read More »

        How Can I Refinance My Car With Bad Credit? – Erik

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        “Dear Steve, My situation revolves around my car loan. I got my loan back in July 2006, and the interest rate was high, understandably because I had bad credit. Now two and a half years later, it seems that it still is horrible, because NO ONE will refinance me. I tried LendingClub.com (I googled my problem, saw you recommended it ... Read More »

          My Wife And I Are Teachers But Our Finances Are Failing. – Jon

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          “Dear Steve, My wife and I are both teachers. I just lost my job. We have a $310K mortgage on a home that is only worth $250K. The mortgage is a five year ARM that changes in December. We have about $45K in credit card debt and a $40K student loan. We can only make minimum payments on the cards. ... Read More »

            Are There Any Grants That Can Help Me Go Back to School as a Divorced Single Mother? – Kathy

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            “Dear Steve, I have met an unfortunate time with a recent divorce. I only make 17,000 a year, but am going back to college. I am a single mother of three children, all in college. I work and go to school full time. My attorney fees are 40,000 and am still in and out of court. I need to pay ... Read More »

              I Was the Victim of a Fraudulent Loan Scam and Can’t Pay My Bills. – Catherine

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              “Dear Steve, I was recently the victim of a fraudulent loan scam losing over $5,000. Federal/State authorities are looking into the company. As a result of this, many of my bill payments have fallen behind and my credit score is poor. Should I try to get a personal loan with a co-signer with good credit or work with a debt ... Read More »

                Damn, I Was About to Enter a Debt Management Plan When a Debt Settlement Letter Arrived. – Richard

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                “Hi Steve, Thank you again for all of the great advice you provide for so many of us in need! It is greatly appreciated. My question is regarding a single creditor. I entered into a Debt Management Plan with a legitimate organization in the industry. My single concern at this point is that one of my creditors decided to sell ... Read More »

                  I’m Not Sure What Type of Lawyer I Need. Bankruptcy or Real Estate? – PJM

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                  “Dear Steve, I am not sure what type of lawyer we need Bankruptzy or realestate? We are current with or 1st and 2nd mortgage and are quickly falling behind in credit cards and car payment. What type of lawyer do I need i would like to get rid of the 2nd the bank does not want to lower the rate ... Read More »

                    My Husband Walked Out on Me and Left Me Disabled and in Debt. – Maggie

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                    “Dear Steve, Divorced, disable on Social Security, 61 yrs. old. My husband walked out on me in 2005 after taking every dime of security I had worked for all my life. I have a refurbished trailor I purchased by mortgaged property I received after my mother’s death in 2003. I had two credit cards at the time of my husbands ... Read More »

                      Should We Payoff the House, Make Improvements, or Neither? – Nare

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                      “Dear Steve, My wife and I would like to make about $60 K worth of improvements to our house. The problem is, the house right now (with improvements over time that we’ve made) is already worth $11 K less than the maximum selling price it would fetch on the current market. We don’t necessarily improve just to meet market demands ... Read More »

                        Debt Settlement and Student Loans. Will My Student Loan Lender Negotiate With Me And Reduce What I Owe? – Alexandria

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                        “Dear Steve, Long story short: i have student debt from the mid-late 1980’s. after graduating, i ended up working in careers that helped people, but not myself (financially!). i deferred and defaulted, but finally consolidated and got back on track. i only borrowed $25000, but after all this time (and many years of payments) i owe $60000. this is really ... Read More »

                          The Credit Exchange Introduced Me to Allegro Law. What Do I Do Now? – Ashley

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                          Ashley “Dear Steve, I set up with Allegro Law through what i now know was a marketing tool The Credit Exchange. When I spoke with the credit exchange they told me they had millions of customers and specialized in my situation. I am a single mother who is losing her home since my fiance left and I did not want ... Read More »

                            We Pay Large School Tuitions Right Now and Having Problems Paying Our Bills. – Adam

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                            Adam “Dear Steve, We’re currently have about $85,000 in unsecured debt. Also have two school tuitions. Right now, we both have 700+ credit scores and are current. We are considering 4 options. 1) Debt Management Progam – the problem is the payments are higher than our budget allows. 2) Debt Settlement – I’ve read all about it and still don’t ... Read More »

                              I’m 33, Just Married, and Drowning in Debt. – Sean

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                              “Dear Steve, I am 33 years old and just married in August of 2008. My wife and I bought a home last September but I was laid off in February of this year. So now I have a $1200 mortgage, $300 car payment, and tons of credit card bills which I cannot pay. I recently started a temporary position which ... Read More »

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