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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I’m a Soon to be Homeless College Student With Unpaid Rent. – Danielle

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Danielle “Dear Steve, I currently owe $1,465 for rent cause I lost my job and now its in collections an my sister wants me and my 2 year old daughter out. How can I get help paying it I’m a full time student in college? Danielle” The Answer   Dear Danielle, It sounds like you’ll need to not be a ... Read More »

    I am a College Student and Owe Bank of America $1,200. – Keith

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    Keith “Dear Steve, I am a college student, with bad credit. I have one bank of America credit card that I haven’t used, but it is $1,200 past due because I haven’t made payments. With one more year of college left, I need to know how I can resolve this credit situation. My college loans do not pass 20,000 for ... Read More »

      I Have Bad Credit And Want a Loan to Pay Off My Payday Loans. – Charlene

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      Charlene “Dear Steve, Please I need some help right now. I dont know why I did this but during the holiday season I needed xtra cash and i got some payday loans and all of a sudden my checking account was in the red for almost a thousand dollors and right now my checking account is well over a thousand ... Read More »

        I’m Not Making Any Progress Paying Back My Sallie Mae Student Loans. – Krista

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        Krista “Dear Steve, I have just over 74k in student loan debt with sallie mae. One bill is for about 55K at a 5.1% interest rate. The other if for about 19k at a 4.75% interest rate. I have been paying $550 a month for almost a year now and I am not seeing a reduction in my loan! Please ... Read More »

          After the New Truck and Dental Bills, We Can’t Afford Our Home. – Cassie

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          Cassie “Dear Steve, My fiance and I bought a house about a year and a half ago. When we purchased our home we were making more than enough money to pay ALL our bills. Since then, my fiance bought a truck and needed major dental work done… And on top of that, we have aquired about $6,000 worth of credit ... Read More »

            I Fell Behind and Can’t Get Caught Up. – Paula

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            “Dear Steve, I can’t meet my monthly payments. I lost my job after 23 years, but have found another one and am currently working, but fell behind and cannot seem to catch up! My credit isn’t good because of late payments. I do have decent income, but fell behind and am drowning just trying to get caught up. Paula” The ... Read More »

              We Are Using Money From Our IRA to Pay Our Bills. – Sandy

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              “Dear Steve, This is going to sound like we are are sleeze bags. Wife and I age 60. We owe $170K on credit cards and $295K on house that is worth at best $250K. We have about $110K in it. House was huge mistake… We have just under $500K in our IRA’s and zero in personal assets, other than Honda ... Read More »

                I Have Too Much Debt And I’m Going Back to School. – Ken

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                “Dear Steve, Hello i have to much debt i am going back to school and need some relief i want to pay what i owe but i can’t make the payments Is there a way to consolodate all my debt and lower my interest rate and how will this ffect my credit Ken” The Answer   Dear Ken, No, there ... Read More »

                  We’ve Gone From No Debt to Desperate. – Rachel

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                  “Dear Steve, Three years ago we had no debt except a house payment. We chose to move closer to family and took a 2/3s pay cut to do it. My husband works in sales and we expected that the money we come, so although we are smart people we continued to spend like we had the money. Now we are ... Read More »

                    Can the Debt Collector Really Do That Under the FDCPA? – Jason

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                    “Dear Steve, Unemployed, increasing debt, previous attempts to settle and/or maintain debt payback inconsistant, delayed and past due payments. 1. Can a debt collector call outside of the hours 8am-9pm the debtor’s location and time? Are there any day restrictions (i.e. Sunday, holidays) 2. Is is legal for a debt collector to call a third party (who is an unrelated ... Read More »

                      I Owe $200,000 on Credit Cards. – Richard

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                      “Dear Steve, I’m currently way over extended with credit card debt, to the tune of $200,000. Can credit card collectors (amex, discover, visa) attach wages? Is my 401K account safe? Can they attach my checking account? Can credit card collectors (amex, discover, visa) attach wages? Is my 401K account safe? Can they attach my checking account? Richard” The Answer   ... Read More »

                        I’m Not Sure Where to Begin to Get Out of Debt? – Sharon

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                        “Dear Steve, MY CREDIT REPORT DEBT = >40,000 DOLLARS I’M NOT SURE WHERE TO BEGIN TO PAY THIS DEBT OFF. I’M NOT SURE IF I’M READING MY CREDIT REPORT CORRECTLY. I’VE PAIDED OVER 1400.00 DOLLARS TO CREDIT SOLUTIONS BEFORE I REALLIZED I WAS WASTING MY MONEY. Sharon” The Answer   Dear Sharon, Identifying who you owe is a relatively easy ... Read More »

                          Should I Do an Informal Bankruptcy? – Melissa

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                          “Dear Steve, I owe 40k in credit card debt. I am a freelance contractor and after five years of working solidly, the work came sparingly this last year. I haven’t been able to pay on the debt since September, the interest rates are now 30% because I’ve defaulted and my husband, who is working and has tens of thousands of ... Read More »

                            Can I Get My Bank to Reduce My Car Loan Interest Rate? – JT

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                            JT “Dear Steve, At this moment, I am paying high interest on my car loan? Do you think I can get the bank to reduce the interest even if my credit score is bad? JT” The Answer   Dear JT, No. The best way to get them to lower the rate is to improve your credit score and then refinance ... Read More »

                              How Can I Get Out of Debt Quickly and Fix My Credit Report? – Manny

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                              Manny “Dear Steve, I have five credit cards and I have made agreement with two out of five creditors, the other 3 creditors do not want to help me out. What can you advise me to do. I have five cards all five cards comes to 21000, my daughter will be in colllege in about 51/2 years and I want ... Read More »

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