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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

My Husband’s Trucking Business Failed and He Lost It. Should We File Bankruptcy? – Sally


“Dear Steve, My husband lost his trucking business 2 years ago, in turn, we lost our house to foreclosure and turned in our tractor trailer to the credit union. We bought our in-laws house, so we have a place to live. We are paying their mortgage and deed is still in their name for now. After the credit union sold ... Read More »

    How Do I Get My Ex-Husband to Pay The Attorney Fees He Owes Me? – Michelle


    “Dear Steve, I have been divorced for 2 years and my ex has decided to file a chapter 13 to avoid going to jail over 11k of back child support. He was also court ordered to pay back all attorney fees to me after the divorce and has failed to do so. Child support recovery has taken over the child ... Read More »

      Capital One Wrongfully Repossessed My Car and Now Someone is Trying to Collect. – Gregory

      punched-in-face different

      “Dear Steve, 2006: purchased a car through Capital One Auto Finance. 2007: got behind on payment, went into the military, vehicle was repossessed while I was at basic training. early 2008: tried to pay on it a bit, but couldn’t afford to so I stopped. late 2012: Honorably discharged from the military. 2013: Got written word that Capital one wrongfully ... Read More »

        My Parents Were Terrible at Managing Money. Now I Am as Well. – Kassandra

        debt hole law tada

        “Dear Steve, 25 year old newlywed with 16month old child, stay at home mom. Got a job working for a great company at 18, Whole Foods, was making okay money and living at home. Applied for credit cards at about 19 because every store and bank was offering one and I was young and dumb and was never given any ... Read More »

          My Husband Passed Away and Now I’m Trying to Make It On My Own. – Barb

          Isolated wings

          “Dear Steve, Since my husband passed away several weeks ago, I no longer have his income to count on for our bills. I’m already fighting foreclosure so it’s no surprise that I’m having a tough time trying to carry the load alone. I’m working on plans to grow my small business as well as some other sources of income but ... Read More »

            My Bank Says They Won’t Work With Nationwide Debt Direct. – Bill

            time bomb

            “Dear Steve, I noticed you commented before about Nationwide Debt Direct. I had a preliminary talk with them today. They came up with a ballpark monthly payment that, they say, would pay off my grand amount if they can successfully negotiate lesser balances with the credit cards. But what worries me is that they need me to set up a ... Read More »

              Can the IRS Seize Our Bank Account for a Defaulted Student Loan? – Judy


              “Dear Steve, IRS has garnished our income tax refund from 2012, for a student loan defaulted in 1990 or 1991. This is my student loan, for about $2200 at the time. I’m sure it is more now, 23 years later. I am not employed. My husband’s income is our only source of income and we filed our taxes Married filing ... Read More »

                Where Can I Get an Unsecured Loan to Pay Down Debt? – Riss

                thumb up

                “Dear Steve, Approx. $25K in credit card debt. Using 75% of available credit and making minimum payments. Tried the home equity route already and was denied. Have a credit score of about 706. I would like to obtain an unsecured loan to pay down debt, but using 75% of my available credit is probably going to hurt me even if ... Read More »

                  Can You Please Review My College Loan Services Agreement for Student Loan Help? – Lisa

                  Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 1.55.14 PM

                  “Dear Steve, I have two daughter who just graduated college. Between them, my husband and myself, we have 9 federal loans totaling almost 250K. At this time none of us can afford to pay the minimum loan monthly payments. I recently contacted a college loan consolidation company. It’s a private company that charges for consolidating and reducing the monthly payments ... Read More »

                    How Can I Afford My Sallie Mae Student Loans in Retirement? – Nancy


                    “Dear Steve, I owe Sallie Mae about $62,000. I originally borrowed $45 in 1998 for graduate school all are subsidized student loans consolidated at 8.5%. I have been making payments since 1999 with some times of forebarence etc. I make OK money now and pay the loans of $571, but now I am retiring and will make so much less. ... Read More »

                      The Mystery of What Debt Consolidation Really Means. – Gene

                      questions narrow

                      “Dear Steve, I’m overwhelmed with debt and I need your advance once again. Steve, please tell me the best debt consolidation companies? A company that will get the job done and put me back on track with my finance. I have always trusted your advice. Please help!!! Thanks again, Gene” Dear Gene, Thanks for coming back for advice. Unfortunately I’m ... Read More »

                        I Tried Getting My Money Back from Lloyd Ward Law Firm. Nothing Was Settled. – Carolyn


                        “Dear Steve, I tried getting help from you, and you gave me some advice that did not help. I have been scammed by debt resolution companies ( one charged me over $600.00 a month and only applied $100.00 to my debt. Nothing was settled in over a year. I guess I don’t have a question, nothing was resolved before. Carolyn” ... Read More »

                          First National Collection Bureau Falsely Verified I Owe a Debt. – Aaron

                          jump gap

                          “Dear Steve, For the past 6 months I have been dealing with a debt collection agency. First National Collection Bureau. They placed a debt on my credit report. The debt did not belong to me. My name was used fraudenlty. I disputed the debt, and came back verified. I sent 2 certified letters, for validation. They never responded. Ive sent ... Read More »

                            Credit Repair Group Robocalling is Harassment. – Nancy

                            angry woman

                            “Dear Steve, While desperately searching the Internet for help with a Robo Caller, Credit Repair Group, I came across your article. Thru NO FAULT of ours, we’ve been harassed by this Company since last June. I have well documented every call with both my Caller ID, as well as, my answering machine. My Husband and I have lived at our ... Read More »

                              How Do I Get Midland Credit Management to Stop Calling Me?

                              blank screen mobile in woman hands

                              “Dear Steve, Calls started mid October 10/12. Always let unknown calls go directly to VM. Multiple calls – never a message. Sent Cease & Desist letters via certified/return receipt to both of the published California addresses on 11/16/12. Received both return receipts. Calls started again n 11/26/12 – 19 calls to date. I have NEVER spoken with a representative of ... Read More »

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