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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I Just Can’t Seem to Stop Spending Money. – Chase


“Dear Steve, Hi, a little about me. I am 29 years old separated from my former fiancé who is also the mother of our 5 yr old awesome daughter. We owned a condo together which I gave her and moved in with my mother :( so I am saving money there but I just can’t seem to stop spending money ... Read More »

    Capital One Collector is Threatening to Sue Me. – Becky


    “Dear Steve, I have a credit card debt with capital one. I havent heard from them in over 8 yrs…a Collection agency called today and asked Me questions…if i worked last yr…am i Getting a refund. Etc. He said he is going For a judgement against me. Can the garnish my wages? Can they take Money from cking acct? I ... Read More »

      Modification Review Board Wants to Sell Me Advance Fee Loan Modification Help. – Danielle

      Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 5.52.33 PM

      “Dear Steve, I have been looking into the Making Home Affordable Program. I found some companies offering assistance and asked for call backs. I have also been reading some of what they are allowed to do, not do, offer or not offer. I got a call back today from “the Modification Review Board.” I am writing you tonight after seeing ... Read More »

        Is DDS Debt Defense Services a Legal and Legitimate Company? – Martineau.

        Magnifying Glass - Q&A

        “Dear Steve, My wife and I are in a difficult financial situation. We ride to file bankruptcy in the past, but that didn’t work out for us, but we consider a debt consolidation or dispute. However we were contacted by the DDS for services, before we sign any agreement with them , we want to make sure the company ” ... Read More »

          American Loan Corporation Wants Me to Get a MoneyPak Green Dot Card First.

          no bullshit

          “Dear Steve, American Loan Corporation is offering me a loan. But they are requiring me to use a Green Dot Money Pak to send money to show I am able to make the payments on the loan. They say the money sent by way of the Money Pak will be refunded Is this a rip off or for real. they ... Read More »

            How Do I Settle My Capital One Judgment? – Karen

            Handshake with Money Sign

            “Dear Steve, I have a capitol one judgement against me from 2007. At that time it was 1685 now its 3780 with interest and court costs. I want to settle with a one time payment but they want alot of personnal info to see if I qualify for a discount. Can they charge interest on a judgement? court costs? What ... Read More »

              I Was in a Debt Settlement Program and Was Sued by a Creditor and Never Knew It. – Elizabeth


              “Dear Steve, I thought I was so close to closing the chapter in my life from the past full of debt. Then I recently learned of something else that came to light as a total shock! I have lived in Michigan for the past 2 years after living in Washington DC for 2.5 years before that. Prior to DC, I ... Read More »

                How Do I Begin to Negotiate Debt Settlements With Allied Interstate for Student Loans?


                “Dear Steve, Defaulted student loans. 5 in all dating back to 1988. have consolidated before but took out 3 while attending ASU between 2003-2005. I only have borrowed approx. 25,000 total with my student loans. With the consolidations it doesnt show this but says my principle is 42000 and total owed is 72000 with 10000 coming from allied interstate. My ... Read More »

                  We Went With Fast Track Debt Relief, Also Known as Credit Advocates. – Suzanne


                  “Dear Steve, Awhile back I was doing research for a debt solution program. I found your website and if I’m not mistaken you gave a good review of Fast Track Debt Relief. I was so happy to read this. So I spoke to my husband about it and I called this company and enrolled in their program. Since enrolled in ... Read More »

                    Sallie Mae – Consumer Complaint – February 20, 2013

                    customer service feedback

                    Consumer Statement: Long story short, I was called a few years back by Sallie Mae to make higher payments on a student loan I co-signed for, since $150.00/mo was taking too long for them. I told them that I couldn’t afford it. I asked if they were refusing my payment and was told that they were until they were increased ... Read More »

                      I’m Skeptical About Selling Tax Resolution for Tax Defense Network. – Sean


                      “Dear Steve, Hello I read this post after some research I had done on the tax industry. I interviewed for this job (source) and they said i would sell for the biggest and best tax relief company in the country and make more money on commission than I do at my current job making over six figures in commission. I ... Read More »

                        Student Loan Service in California is Selling Me Student Loan Help. Is This Legal? – Ryan

                        Drive Carefully

                        “Dear Steve, I have $43,540 in student loan debt. They are charging 1% of the payment and a monthly maintance fee. Is this legal? How are they doing this? Seems to be a legit company and have a good BBB rating. Ryan” Dear Ryan, If you want to pay some money for something you can do yourself. That’s your ... Read More »

                          Where Can I Get Approved for a Bill Consolidation Loan? – Erv


                          “Dear Steve, I have recently been turned down for a bill consolidation loan for $30,000 . I have a credit score of 640 and I am current on all of my bills. Since I have been turned down for a loan and I am a little leary of debt settlement companies what other options do I have. I would rather ... Read More »

                            I’m in Serious Debt With Payday Loans. I’m Scared. – Bill

                            payday loan

                            “Dear Steve, I’m in serious debt with payday loans, credit cards, medical bills. I hounded on a daily basis by creditors, collections agencies, and debt collectors claiming to be the police saying their coming to my job or home to arrest me. I’m so scared that I have a nervious stomach, can’t hardly function, sacred to answer the phone for ... Read More »

                              I’m a Single Mother of Four. What is the Best Way Out of Debt? – Dawn

                              mother and son

                              “Dear Steve, I am a single mom of 4. I recently went through a divorce in which my former husband incurred alot of credit card debt – to the tune of $76,000. While the credit is not all mine, it is all in my name and legally I am responsible. My montly net income is approximately $5800. I have been ... Read More »

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