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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

How Do I Know if I Qualify for IRS Injured Spouse Status? – Caroline


“Dear Jim, I need to know if I qualify for an “Injured Spouse” form. Here is the situation: Me and my spouse got married when he was still in the navy. He then went AWOL for some years because I got pregnant, had the baby, and we did not have anyone to babysit her. He went AWOL to be the ... Read More »

    National Advocacy Program Says They Can Save Our House From Foreclosure? – Sandra

    Loan Modification Green Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

    “Dear Steve, bank is trying to forclose our house, worth 234000. and only owe 97000. no sale date yet, working with a lawyer trying to resolve, bank just gives the runaround. Received a letter from National Advocacy Program in CA, we are in PA. They are saying they can help us to get a settlement. IS this company leget? We ... Read More »

      My College Related Debt Creates a Lot of Anxiety. – David

      stressed man

      “Dear Steve, During college I moved out with a friend, which went sour and I end up owing about $1,200 when I had to move out because she didn’t pay. Then my father, who had promised to help me with school went on disability and I couldn’t afford my apt and bills. After this I decided to continue on with ... Read More »

        I Was an Authorized Credit Card User and Used It After the Cardholder Died. – Beverley


        “Dear Steve, About thirteen years ago, my Dad was living with us after my Mom passed away. He added me to his Citicard as an authorized user. I have used this card ever since and owe over $30K due to medical issues and too many other unfortunate issues down through the years. I have never been able to talk with ... Read More »

          Amex is Refusing My Settlement Offer. What Now? – Jenie

          credit card verification

          “Dear Steve, Amex balance of $15,000. Originally, my monthly payments were $400 and then out of nowhere, they closed my account, but funny how my statements always reflected “open spending account”. A few months later, they raised my interest rate. I stopped paying because the payment was too high. I have been summoned, and called their attorney last week, and ... Read More »

            Can We End Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Early? – Art

            Bankruptcy Road Sign

            “Dear Steve, we thought we had a good modification only to find out 2 and half yrs later it wasnt…so we filed ch 13….since filing we obtained a good modification, signed agreed and going well…we also have pd off our vehicle loan through this ch 13…..believe debt left is some very small medical bills…seems we could benefit more now by ... Read More »

              What Do You Know About Family Financial Care? Are They a Scam? – Stacy

              Woman in home office with computer and paperwork frowning

              “Dear Steve, I have incurred alot of credit card debt that is associated with a small business that I own and I am faced with closing the business. I have been told that I will held personally responsible for the debt since it is credit card debt and not directly owed to vendors. I don’t want to file bankruptcy but ... Read More »

                I Settled My Debt With Emirates NBD Bank But They Say I Still Owe Them Money. – Maria

                Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 4.59.14 PM

                “Dear Steve, I got a settlement letter from Emirates NBD Bank and were able to comply with their requirements to pay the full value in the letter on the date mentioned Dec 30, 2012. The next day we got Clearance letter for the police to close my case. All the while i feel that everything is ok, until January 2013 ... Read More »

                  Credit Acceptance Corporation Repoed My Car by Mistake! – Toni

                  tow truck

                  “Dear Steve, Company acceptance corporation, bought at. billy navarre, Well, my.suv got repossessed about two Weeks ago. I bought the vehicle in march 2012, so I haven’t even had it but 10 months. I signed up for autopay thru western union, and they would send confirmation of payment to my email every time they get paid, which is every ... Read More »

                    Santander Consumer USA Says My Car Payment is Late and I Say It’s Not. – Kelly

                    Car Payment

                    “Dear Steve, I live in Colorado and I have a car loan with Santander Consumer USA. My payment due date is the 15th of every month. Over the past 2 years I have been paying this loan 2 or 3 weeks late. There have even been quite a few times when I paid the note on the 14th of the ... Read More »

                      Bankruptcy Isn’t an Option. We are Getting Divorced and Creditors are Calling. – Jennifer


                      “Dear Steve, Divorce pending, upside down on house we’ve had for 16 years (don’t qualify for the HART program for re-fi), two credit cards are maxed ($27,000+) and now we’re both paying rent/mortgage since I moved out into a condo. It’s put a huge strain on the finances with additional monthly costs associated with the second house. Something has to ... Read More »

                        We are in Our Late 60s, in Debt, and Afraid. – George

                        middle age couple

                        “Dear Steve, Married; living in Texas; age 67 & 66; owe credit cards about $60,000+; Social Security income = about $1500/month; part-time jobs = about $1200/month; own our home (house built in 1908 by great great-grandfather); current on all payments. (Debt is some medical and restoration expense of house to start a B&B that failed.) Main expenses besides utilities and ... Read More »

                          How Can I Move My Debt Around to Pay It Off Faster? – Max


                          “Dear Steve, I’m back again. This time with a different subject, though I’m still working on the other issue we talked about previously. So, I want a credit limit increase or a new card, though I already have 4 cards. I want to transfer my $6,000 Chase card balance with an APR to one of my no APR cards (2 ... Read More »

                            Life After Bankruptcy: How to Quickly Have Great Credit and Dumb Mistakes to Avoid

                            With a little education and guidance your life after bankruptcy will be awesome.

                            So you filed bankruptcy. Congratulations on taking steps necessary to deal with your old debt and get the legal protection and fresh start you are entitled to under the law. Your journey isn’t over though. The best days are now ahead of you but you will need to take action to rebuild a better financial future. Below you will find ... Read More »

                              We Want to Settle Our Second Mortgage That Charged Off. Is That Possible? – Michael

                              Handshake with Money Sign

                              “Dear Steve, I owe 490,000.00 on first mortgage and just finished 3 trials of loan modification with fannie mae for a much lower affordable payments. Dropping our interest rate and extending loan for 40 years. Payments went from 4,000 to 2600.00 . Our final papers have not come in yet to finalize. In the meantime we fell behind on our ... Read More »

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