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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

A Guy With an Indian Accent Says I Will be Arrested for an Old Payday Loan. – Cha


“Dear Steve, I had a pay day loan that i default after a few payments because of personal situation that i had very little control on. Now i am getting calles from an indian accent person threating that cops will be sent to my house or work place to arrest me on felony charges and that I will need a ... Read More »

    Payday Lender is Threatening Me With a 1099-C IRS Form. – Julia


    “Dear Paula, i recived a 1099-c form with a cover letter sayng they will report deffault paydayloan as ordinary incom and that they officialy had forwarded the 1099-c form to the irs and it tells mea settlement agrement i called them and the guy told me if i didnt want the irs to get the 1099-c form to pay the ... Read More »

      Preferred Law Told Me to Stop Making My Mortgage Payments. – Iris

      Loan Modification Green Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

      “Dear Steve, I recently contacted Preferred Law PLLC to help me with BOA Modification. I have tried for 14 months on my own and this is just to much stress. Of course, they said that they could get it done within 4-6 months and the cost would be $3,900.00. Stop making my mortgage payments, they guarantee it 100 % and ... Read More »

        How Do I Establish Credit After a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? – Patti

        credit good

        “Dear Steve, Filed chapter 7 & was discharged. This was all due to credit cards (alot from medical bills). My attorney said I might as well give the house to the bank also. He said it would not hurt the credit card debt that much at that point. I had met someone anyway & was planning to move. I helped ... Read More »

          I Heard I Can Pay to Delete Things on My Credit Report. Is That True? – Lori

          eraser and word bad credit

          “Dear Jared, Hi, I have quite a few accounts in collections that are delinquent. I am a young adult and have recently became more concerned with my credit score/history. I have heard many things about a pay-to-delete that can be sent to a creditor. I have some small inquires like $125 cable bill, $225 AT&T, and $147 to a gym. ... Read More »

            I Lost My Job and Legal Advocates Wants to Settle My Debt. – Tammy

            Woman in safari hat looking through binoculars

            “Dear Steve, I owe over $31,000.00 in credit card debt and I don’t know what to do? I lost my job almost 2 months ago, my unemployment is finally coming through, but unemployment is only about 60% of what you was making at your job so its very hard to make ends meet, I’ve called my mortgage company & hopefully ... Read More »

              My Husband Was Having an Affair and Left Me With Bad Credit. – Mary

              Swimimng pool and Apartment houses

              “Dear Steve, Husband sign the certified mail slip and never told me about court or judgement against me from Fath Properties, Ohio. Mother-in-law passed away of cancer. Her apartment was right next door. Our family lived in both apartments but I was the only one on lease of second apartment. Family wanted to vacate and live together but we could ... Read More »

                My Second Mortgage Was Going to Settle So They Got a Judgment. – Din

                closeup of a gavel on cash, from above

                “Dear Jared, I had to short sale one of my investment condos in 2010. We thought the 2nd lien was settling at closing and then they pursued me for the full amount owed and have now place a judgement against me. They refused to settle for less than 75% of what was owed. I also have a promissory to Wells ... Read More »

                  My Elderly Neighbor is Getting Debited by a Debt Collection Company. – Ann

                  Elder Care

                  “Dear Steve, I am helping a 78 year old neighbor with diminished capacity get settled into an extended-care facility, and noticed that there is an amount of $99.02 starting to come out of her bank account paid to a JJD Collections LLC in California. Her social security is $675 a month, and her section 8 rent amount is $515.15, and ... Read More »

                    What Debt Relief Company Can I Trust? – Dana

                    Portrait of beautiful young sexy woman

                    “Dear Steve, Credit card debt of 30,000.00 and 3 accounts are delinquent…..don’t want to ruin my husbands credit by getting into a debt relief company, he also is in debt for 30,000.00 no delinquencies….. I hope u can help me find a company to pay off my debt and be free of it, non profit organizations monthly payment is to ... Read More »

                      Our Income Dropped. Is Debt Settlement The Way to Go? – Kim


                      “Dear Steve, Our financial situation has totally changed in the last 3 years. We are making 15-20K less a year and our expenses have increased. We currently have about 39k in credit card debt. We are no longer able to pay even our minimum payments as well as all other househould bills. We are thinking of doing debt settlement, but ... Read More »

                        I Have a Repossession on My Credit Report. How Should I Deal With It? – John

                        car broken

                        “Dear Steve, Car was turned over for voluntary repossession in 2010 due to engine failure and inabilty to continue making payments on a car that would not run. Not scheduled to come off credit report until 2017. Balance is approximately $8300 on the loan. Original loan amount was around $15,500 from 2006. Should I attempt to settle this amount? Should ... Read More »

                          Why Do People Think Bankruptcy Gives You a Fresh Start? – Jeronell

                          Bankruptcy Road Sign

                          “Dear Steve, Separated from my husband. we filed bankrupt separately because we lived at different addresses. he filed a chapter 7 and was done i filed a chapter 13 supposively because of income and it has been a nightmare. I was left with the responsiblity of paying all the bills. we surrendered our house in the bankrupt. i had two ... Read More »

                            Is Preferred Financial Services Okay to Relieve My Debt? – Tina

                            Woman in home office with computer and paperwork frowning

                            “Dear Steve, I want to trust someone to help me get out of debt and a young lady suggested preferred financial sevices. She says they really helped her. Is this site okay to relieve my debt situation. I do have other every day bills. phone (comcast triple) its basic. Insurance hm and car. Car is paid off. Rent. tracfone $25 ... Read More »

                              I’m Paying a Credit Repair Company to Erase My HELOC Deficiency. – Jim

                              eraser and word bad credit

                              “Dear Steve, I went thru a divorce in 2009/2010. I moved out of our main home in 2009 and even though I was giving my ex money to pay the house and home equity loan she did not do that. Anyways, the home was short saled in Oct 2010 and the Chase Home equity was charged off in Nov 2010. ... Read More »

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