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My Life Didn’t Turn Out Like My Student Loans Wanted


Question: Dear Steve, I attended a private college and felt super confident I’d have no issues finding a job after college with an AA, because of everything I was told at the school. I had a difficult time finding a job, I had to return to my old job, which had NOTHING to do with my degree. I then learned ... Read More »

    I’m a Teacher. How Can I Lower My PLUS Loan Payment?

    Decision time

    Question: Dear Steve, My student loan (originally taken out for my children) is now owned by the government and administered by fedloan.gov. The loan is in my name alone — my wife is not on the loan. 1. Does filing separately exclude my wife’s income from consideration in an IBR? When I started with fedloan.gov my payments were $0, but ... Read More »

      I Moved to Australia But Will I Be Stopped at UK Border for Tax Debt?

      Blue Sky

      “Jon, I left the UK in 2007 and settled in Australia and have not been to the UK since. I closed all accounts and paid all things off. I had a savings account for a year or two then transferred it all to AUS. I don’t recall doing a tax return and am concerned there is a debt that has ... Read More »

        I’m so Stressed Over Having to Pay the IRS

        Profile Portrait of a Bald Eagle Against  a Black Background

        Question: Dear Steve, I’m a very long time followers and you’ve helped me out numerous time both in answers to my direct questions as well as the general information. And I was hoping for one more time. This is not directly about debt and I’m hoping to keep it this way as you will see below. Hopefully you can help ... Read More »

          How Did These Debt Relief Marketers Get My Information?

          Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.29.57 PM

          Question: Hey Steve, Just saw your page here and wanted to ask you a question about a similar problem I’ve been having. Since I got a high limit credit card, I notice that periodically I’ll receive letters like this with NO company name or address, yet with all my personal details (first name, last name, ball-park debt amount, and address). ... Read More »

            I Want the Department of Education to Get Their Sh*t Together

            angry woman

            Question: Dear Steve, I am not sure exactly who to direct this issue to, therefore, if you are not the correct person/dept, please advise. Well Over 20 years ago I took a student loan through the Department of Education to attend college. If I recall I made payments for some time after graduation in 1988. When I began teaching in ... Read More »

              I Defaulted Again on My Rehabilitated Student Loans. Now What?

              Problem Solving Series

              Question: Dear Steve, I just got word from my employer that they will be garnishing my wages due to unpaid student loans. This is the second time this has happened to me. I went through the rehabilitation process the first time but was told at that time this you can only be eligible for that once. I also did not ... Read More »

                Can U.S Hardship Group Really Eliminate My Private Student Loan Debt?

                Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 11.35.39 AM

                Question: Dear Steve, I have a question. I have defaulted on many of my private student loans. I had been making payments but the payments were so high I wasn’t able to make as much they wanted so they defaulted. I came across a company called US Hardship Group. They seem very reputable through BBB (A+ rating) and I have ... Read More »

                  Can I Move to Sweden Whilst I’m in a UK Debt Relief Order?

                  Dog using a laptop and surfing the web

                  “Dear Jon, I am in a debt relief order at the moment. I am thinking of moving to Sweden in the summer, whilst I am still in the DRO. If I move to another country and get a job whilst still in the DRO, will I have to repay the debts I owe from there? Cal” Cal, There are no ... Read More »

                    Teacher With Reduced Salary is Struggling With Bank of America and Chase Bank


                    “Dear Michael, Thanks so much for providing the people with this opportunity to communicate with you! I am writing to you to seek advice since I find myself in a desperate situation with credit card debt. I will be as brief a possible. I am a Biology teacher and have been a teacher for the past 17 years. My credit ... Read More »

                      I Don’t Live in the U.S. But My Student Loan Cosigner Does

                      Contemplation and introspection are far better tools to deal with problem debt than knee-jerk bad solutions.

                      Question: Dear Steve, I moved to NYC from France to find work in 2002, and somehow was convinced that I needed to have a Masters degree form an Ivy League school in order to get a shot at a good job. So I took out a loan with Navient (Sallie Mae) back in 2003 with the help of a guarantor ... Read More »

                        MOHELA and Performant Are Telling Me Different Things But Garnished My Wages


                        Question: Hi, Steve. I need your help! There are 3 players in this situation: Missouri Department of Education MOHELA (loan issuer) Performant (collection agency) I defaulted on a student loan that was originally issued by MOHELA. I got a letter at the end of November from the MO Dept of Ed saying I needed to work out a payment plan ... Read More »

                          The Army Said They’d Pay Off My Student Loans and Didn’t

                          Military Flag

                          Question: Dear Steve, I was in the army. The army said they would pay back my student loans but did not. I did not have a federal loan it was a private loan. I was in the army from 2006 to 2012. Then in the reserves from 2012 till 2015. I had a student loan from Sallie Mae. The army ... Read More »

                            How Can I Build Good Credit When I’m Legally Blind?

                            Happy child enjoying spinning ride at carnival with motion blur

                            Question: Dear Steve, I am legally blind. I partially see out of my right eye and am totally blind in my left. I don’t work and my finances comes from getting Social Security Benefits from my father’s retirement. I live in an apartment and trying to move because the rent has increased again in the 4 years I’ve been here. ... Read More »

                              With Forgiven Debt Both Spouses Can Get the Full Tax Bill

                              Boom! Comic Speech Bubble, Cartoon.

                              Question: Dear Steve, I came across your site doing research for a client on 1099-c from an ex spouse. Very helpful and it led me to this information on my Intelliconnect research site. You may already know this but I thought I would send it on. Thank you for your help and I just wanted to try and pay it ... Read More »

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