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I Don’t Live in the U.S. But My Student Loan Cosigner Does

Contemplation and introspection are far better tools to deal with problem debt than knee-jerk bad solutions.

Question: Dear Steve, I moved to NYC from France to find work in 2002, and somehow was convinced that I needed to have a Masters degree form an Ivy League school in order to get a shot at a good job. So I took out a loan with Navient (Sallie Mae) back in 2003 with the help of a guarantor ... Read More »

    MOHELA and Performant Are Telling Me Different Things But Garnished My Wages


    Question: Hi, Steve. I need your help! There are 3 players in this situation: Missouri Department of Education MOHELA (loan issuer) Performant (collection agency) I defaulted on a student loan that was originally issued by MOHELA. I got a letter at the end of November from the MO Dept of Ed saying I needed to work out a payment plan ... Read More »

      The Army Said They’d Pay Off My Student Loans and Didn’t

      Military Flag

      Question: Dear Steve, I was in the army. The army said they would pay back my student loans but did not. I did not have a federal loan it was a private loan. I was in the army from 2006 to 2012. Then in the reserves from 2012 till 2015. I had a student loan from Sallie Mae. The army ... Read More »

        How Can I Build Good Credit When I’m Legally Blind?

        Happy child enjoying spinning ride at carnival with motion blur

        Question: Dear Steve, I am legally blind. I partially see out of my right eye and am totally blind in my left. I don’t work and my finances comes from getting Social Security Benefits from my father’s retirement. I live in an apartment and trying to move because the rent has increased again in the 4 years I’ve been here. ... Read More »

          With Forgiven Debt Both Spouses Can Get the Full Tax Bill

          Boom! Comic Speech Bubble, Cartoon.

          Question: Dear Steve, I came across your site doing research for a client on 1099-c from an ex spouse. Very helpful and it led me to this information on my Intelliconnect research site. You may already know this but I thought I would send it on. Thank you for your help and I just wanted to try and pay it ... Read More »

            I’ve Never Been Able to Pay My Sallie Mae Student Loans


            Question: Dear Steve, Im probably one of the more stupid people to come and ask for you help since I haven’t paid Sallie Mae a dime since I’ve graduated in 2010 thinking I could get a great job with my hospitality associates degree. But here goes. After I graduated with nearly $20,000 in debt, still eating at my credit till ... Read More »

              Who Can Help Me With a Private Student Loan Dispute?

              Adult Ed - Questions

              Question: Dear Steve, Who do I need to contact to dispute my loan due to private school misleading students into loans not required? John Answer: Dear John, I would suggest you contact an attorney who is licensed in your state. There is no other authority I can think of to go after a lender and school for an individual to ... Read More »

                How Do We Deal With the IRS and Our Failed Business?

                Audit Stamp Shows Financial Accounting Examination

                “Dear Jim, My family owns a small restaurant that’s been struggling for years. We owe the IRS and the state back taxes and have been working with various payment plans but can never get caught up. My dad even took a second job in 2011 to aid in repayment. A lawyer advised him then to shut the business down but ... Read More »

                  Should I Just Stop Paying Navient and Not Tell My Cosigner?

                  Senior couple at home focusing on angry man

                  Question: Dear Steve, I have a Naivent private loan in the amount of $56,000 and just recently graduated. Unfortunately since graduating I have been unable to find a job and was forced to put my loan in forbearance. My forbearance will be up in March, yet I still have not found a job. Naivent informed me that my minimum monthly ... Read More »

                    Can I Get My Sallie Mae Student Loans Forgiven From My Public Service?

                    big emergency exit

                    Question: Dear Steve, I had Sallie Mae student loan…it was sold to Navient which turned it into a private loan or so they tell me. We have tried the loan forgiveness or reduction twice with no results because it’s a private loan. The lender as so stated on his account site says “Navient Federal Loan Trust” How can this be ... Read More »

                      Should I Apply for a HARP Mortgage Loan?

                      Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.40.35 AM

                      Question: Dear Steve, I’m recently retired and looking for ways to reduce my debt. My credit status is very good. I have a standard mortgage with Chase and am paying 3.5% interest. I’ve heard much about the HARP loan and am curious about your thoughts on applying for the HARP loan. Connie Answer: Dear Connie, You have an awesome interest ... Read More »

                        My Business Failed and I’m a Disabled Veteran


                        Question: Dear Steve, We bought an existing business – a gym- with an SBA loan. Even though we grew the membership from 80 to 430 within 2 years, the overhead and servicing the loans were crushing us. Enter the $10 per month gym chains and we had no other option than to sell the gym for a fraction of what ... Read More »

                          I’m On a Fixed Income. What is the Best Way to Deal With My Debt?


                          Question: Dear Steve, I am an 80 yr old retired man on a fixed income. Previously I owed credit debt of about 17000 but took some savings and reduced it to about 11500. My credit score is about 780.I am getting letters from settlement companies and wonder if I should settle this debt with chase for a lesser amount.One negative ... Read More »

                            I Want to Start Repayment My Defaulted Law School Private Student Loans. But How?

                            tug of war

                            Question: Dear Steve, I have defaulted on a private student loan owned by Citibank. I tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a lower payment plan when I lost my job and gave up making payments in 2012. Since then I assume the loan has entered default and it has been referred to a collection agency. I’m in the position now to start ... Read More »

                              Is There a Way to Get My Wife Off as a Student Loan Cosigner?


                              Question: Dear Steve, My wife and I have 3 boys all have graduated from college, they are not behind and have good jobs. They are very responsible about paying there bills. One is a nurse has about $90,000 student loan and other has about maybe $15,000. My wife co-signed for the younger two while they were in college. Is there ... Read More »

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