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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I Have Old Credit Card Debt in the UAE But I’m Now Living in Yemen. – Joelle


“Dear Jon, I Have a CC debt in the UAE and I want to ask an advise if the police can arrest me in Yemen though the country is not part of GCC? 2 years ago I lost my job in dubai and left CC debt with 4 banks. I moved to Yemen,regardless os the situation of the country I ... Read More »

    I Have Some Debts in the UK. Will Debt Settlement Hurt My Credit? – Nicki


    “Dear Jon, I have a few unsecured debts. i have been offered a reduced settlement on one of them. Am I better off continuing to pay a small amount each month and paying the full amount owed or accepting the settlement. Which is better for my credit rating, if any? Thanks for your advice. Nicki” Nicki, It is difficult to ... Read More »

      I’m Unemployed and Looking for Debt Help. All the Programs Require Monthly Payments. – Rich

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, I lost my job and cannot repay my debts — all unsecured. Shopping for a debt reduction program. The only debt reduction programs I am learning about require monthly payments. I have no monthly income for making any payments. However, I may be able to find a private benefactor to loan / give me the lump sum for ... Read More »

        Will My Bad UK Debt Stop Me From Getting a Visa to Move From Australia to the UK? – Michael


        “Dear Jon, I have an inquiry and would like to know if you can help me. Soon after the GFC I lost my job and a typical situation of not being able to pay rent, loans, council tax etc followed. In a few months I was evicted from my flat and had to return to my own country in the ... Read More »

          Is Lending Club a Good Place for an Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan? – Mary


          “Dear Steve, In debt to my eyeballs, starting with under-employment and day care for three kids, including infant twins, 10 years ago. Paid cash for day care and put everything else on credit particularly when husband was unemployed. Snowballed from there. Now have a loan from credit union (less than $10,000), two massive credit card balances(roughly $12,000 each) and other ... Read More »

            I’m Paying Off My Ex-Husbands Credit Card But Only an Authorized User. – Clarissa

            Divorce papers and cash with misc items

            “Dear Steve, Credit card in husband name only, but I was a authorized user. On my divorce decree I am responsible for my ex-husbands credit card(that is in his name only,but I was an authorize user) I recently found out that the credit card number in the divorce decree that he gave was closed. What I think happen is my ... Read More »

              I’m Divorced, Disabled, and Being Chased for an Old Car Loan. – Angelica

              angry caller

              “Dear Steve, Over ten years ago maybe more I got divorced, lost my job and was pretty much homeless then my car was repossessed and want I found out is that Collection agencies have been reselling my loan keeping it for about 30 days then reselling it again I was told that is illegal they call then a month or ... Read More »

                We Are Both Public School Teachers and Getting Sold by Accredited Debt Relief. – Amanda


                “Dear Steve, My husband and I are both public school teachers. We have had two children in the last 5 years, and we have not had a raise. We pay $1200 a month in daycare along with our mortgage, student loans, and the other standard bills. We have leaned on our credit cards, and we now owe almost $40,000 in ... Read More »

                  They Took My Truck After I Made My Payment. – Tee

                  tow truck

                  “Dear Steve, My truck was reposed on 11/27 from my finance company the repo man had a paper in his hand saying the repo was issued to him on the 11/7/ and my payment was made 11/06/ I even showed the guy my bank statement where it was taken out…. I called the company this morning and they advised me ... Read More »

                    Will I Be Able to Get Back Into the UK Even Though I Have Old Debt There? – Julie

                    “Dear Jon, I lived in the UK 4 years ago on the 1 January 2013. I moved back home. I left with debt as i honestly could not pay it. It was less than 3000 pounds. credit card was on about 2000 and then an electricity bill which I was disputing for the remainder…ran out of time…. I want to ... Read More »

                      I Run a Much Needed Non-Profit But My Finances are a Wreck. – Sher

                      Beautiful blond girl with sky as a background

                      “Dear Steve, We had a small business for 24 years (semi truck body shop); like most body shops, we felt the economic crunch prior to everything collapsing-when money gets tight, people repair their motors, not their bodies. Blew through all our savings keeping employees on as long as possible. We shut business down and my sig other started to collect ... Read More »

                        What is the Statute of Limitations for Old Debt in Dubai? – Sharon


                        “Dear Jon, i have a UAE debt and had been informed that a case will be opened against me and a travel ban instituted. My current income is low, I am not in the UAE, and the amount that I can afford to pay, amounts to ae207. the debt collecting agency from the emirates find this unacceptable, but i cannot ... Read More »

                          I’m Stuck With an Apartment Loan in Poland I Can’t Pay. – Rafal


                          “Dear Jon, In 2007 I took a loan to by a flat which was still under construction and all money from that loan of almost 100K £, has been disbursed directly to the building company account towards the price of the apartment. Unfortunately, this building company bankrupted and non assets left to cover my debt so I still have pecuniary ... Read More »

                            I Worked in Dubai and Left a Loan Due There. I Now Live in Morocco. – Ayoub


                            “Dear Jon, I lived & worked in Dubai for 3 years (2006-2009) I took a loan (Dhs100.000,00) and another one for (Dhs 69.000,00) to buy a car. I left Dubai to Morocco (My Home country) with unpaid loans and a credit card debt of (Dhs 10.000,00). Last Year (2011) A lawyer in Morocco called me and treathened me if I ... Read More »

                              How Can I Get Rid of My Car I Financed? – Andrea


                              “Dear Steve, I’m 22 , I made a bad decision to buy a car that was nice at first but not very accommodating. How can i get rid of my financed vehicle? I understand i may end up upside down on my loan but what happens after? how will this negatively (if so) affect my credit? Andrea” Dear Andrea, In ... Read More »

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