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Will I Be Arrested Trying to Leave the UK With Debt? – John


“Dear Jon, I am currently international student and will be leaving the country towards the middle of 2013. I currently owe £400 to the banks and £196 on an unpaid mobile contract bill. As it has been more than 60 days since I’ve repaid both, I am assuming that my credit score and information has been circulated to the credit ... Read More »

    I Was Studying in England But Had to Return to Greece. I Left Debt Behind.


    “Dear Jon, I am a Greek citizen and 3 years ago (mid-September 2009) I started a course at an English university. Due to some personal problems I had to return in Greece only after a month or so (October 2009), so I cut my course short. I had a student loan accepted, but I had the right to cancel the ... Read More »

      If We Have Good Credit But Not Getting Anywhere, is Bankruptcy an Option? – Chris

      Business Meeting

      “Dear Steve, My husband and I have about 60K in a combination of personal and failed business debt, but otherwise have sqeaky clean credit. We do not own our home and would like to as soon as possible. Our problem is that we have been paying near $800 a month on debts every month for the past 3 years and ... Read More »

        Crescent Bank and Trust Repossessed My Car. – Yolanda

        tow truck

        “Dear Steve, My vehicle was repossessed by Crescent Bank and Trust which is a second chance bank. I was never notified by the bank that my vehicle was going to be repossessed. Is it required for the bank to contact me by mail or phone before taking my vehicle in the state of Texas? I moved from my prior residence ... Read More »

          My Husband Has a Traumatic Brain Injury and His Spending is Out of Control. – Laura

          Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 11.55.29 AM

          “Dear Steve, I am asking the best way to deal with the credit card companies. My husband suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident years back before we met. I was unaware of the severity of the damage to his frontal lobes (in fact he has none) and was unaware of the severity of the obsessive compulsive ... Read More »

            The Debt Collector Says They Are Going to Garnish My Wages on an Old Student Loan. – Kim

            Student Loan Corkboard Concept

            “Dear Steve, Defaulted student loan; collectors after me; breaking many laws such as harassing me at work etc; no validation notice within 5 days of contact etc. How soon after initial contact from collection agency can they garnish my wages. My angle here is to not panic, do LOTS of research, have my ducks in a row, be smarter than ... Read More »

              The 1st United Mortgage Consultants Took My Money and Did Nothing. – Anthony

              Abandoned room

              “Dear Steve, We signed up with 1st United Mortgage Consultants to take care of our mortgage and debt. The said it was a 4 month program. We have lost about $1800, to them for the first two month and now you call thier number and you get a apartment complex in Maryland. What is the story on this company and ... Read More »

                Why Did the Credit Union Report My Forgiven Debt on a 1099C? – Anthony


                “Dear Jim, I took a personal and car loan out from a federal credit union was unable to pay. Just spoke to IRS they had me setup payment arrangement & told me that i might not owe because bank did a 1099c. Supposedly it was reported as earned income,but this is the first time I’ve heard about it. If i ... Read More »

                  I’ll Be Committing Suicide Next Month Because of My Student Loans. – Bradley

                  Student Loan Corkboard Concept

                  “Dear Jon, Student – Due to illness will be commiting suicide early January If a student with pretty much no estate other than a tv and an xbox was to give said “tv and xbox” away as christmas presents. Then, took out £500-£10,000+ from these various payday loan companies at the maximum amount and time period to pay back (So ... Read More »

                    How Can I Dispute a Credit Card from Cabot Financial in the UK? – Mahadeo

                    Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 10.40.14 AM

                    “Dear Jon, Made request under CCA74 to Cabot financial (Europe) Ltd for true copy of credit card agreement which they claimed (under £2500) were in force since 2002.. They sent t&cs but no copy of the true executed agreement. Wrote to them to dispute their claim as unenforceable and stopped payments. They keep sending intimidating letters with threats of court ... Read More »

                      I Was Working in Dubai, Made Redundant and Left Debt There. Will I Be Arrested? – Solvig


                      “Dear Jon, I have been living in Dubai for 4 years and enjoyed every single minute of it. Sadly i was made redundant and could not secure another job, so I had to bounce my two apartment cheques for around 24,000 Dirhams. The owner said that he filed a case, but a friend of mine in Dubai has a friend ... Read More »

                        America’s Advocacy Law Group Wants Me to Pay Money Upfront for Mortgage Help. – Doug

                        Real Estate Concept

                        “Dear Steve, I was reviewing loan mod companies this morning I was speaking to a group in Fullerton California called America’s Advocacy law group I researched then and I notice they are located in Florida. Now I had been speaking with a person name Chris Isicsa who was my intake specialist and he was wanting me to sign there service ... Read More »

                          Can I Trust America’s Consumer Advocacy Group and Denny Lake? – Steve

                          Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 1.01.03 PM

                          January 4, 2012 – Update: See letter from the attorney of Robert Prado at bottom of post and the statement and states that “ACAG has no affiliation with Denny Lake.” “Dear Steve, My wife and I have been searching for a good loan modification firm for about 3 months and we have been contacted by several companies by phone, mail ... Read More »

                            My Bank Account Was Frozen Because of a Debt Buyer Lawsuit. What Should I Do? – Charles

                            closeup of a gavel on cash, from above

                            “Dear Steve, In 2012 I had my bank account froze recived a letter saying I was sued in 2008 for a debt,I had know idea about being sued it seems its a third party debt buyer I have know idea what the debt is from have not had any credit cards opened since 2002 Is there a way I can ... Read More »

                              I’m Unemployed But Using Savings to Keep Current With Credit Card Payments. – William


                              “Dear Steve, I have a total of $17,000 in Credit card debt ($3800 in Business Credit Card Debt) from 6 different cards. I am current on all my payments, however I have been unemployed for the last 7 months due to a disability and am running out of savings to cover the minimum payments. I recently have received a loan ... Read More »

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