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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

Writ of Garnishment Leaves Me Unable to Car for My Wife and Kids. What Should I Do?

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“Dear Steve, I was recently delivered a Writ of Garnishment, taking $348 per check to pay back a $6200 personal loan from Springleaf. I only clear $1000 per check. My mortgage is $1385 and My car is $375 That doesn’t leave a lot of room for gasoline, natural gas, power, phone, food, clothes, student loans, car insurance, water, and the ... Read More »

    Should I Go With Williamson Law Firm for Debt Help? – Karen

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    “Dear Steve, I am 54 yrs young and I have recently divorced. My husband left 3 yrs ago and after him pulling his pay check I found myself living on my credit cards. We had plans made for our future.. bought some land,gather building supplies to build a home and had 401k to go along with selling our house for ... Read More »

      I Used a Bankruptcy Filing Service Instead of an Attorney and Now I’ve Got Problems. – Alicia

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      “Dear Steve, I am in need of advice. I filed for individual Chapter 7 bankruptcy and my husband didn’t file at all. I am not on our mortgage loan, but the bank is saying that because I used our mailing address which our house address they had to include the property in the bankruptcy. So now to make payments my ... Read More »

        My Mother Will Visit Me Here in Dubai. Will She Be Arrested at the Airport? – Nangfa

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        “Dear Steve, Debt not pay want sponsor mother’s visa in Dubai Please help me, I want to sponsor visit visa for my mother in Dubai. 4 years ago my mother and her husband are here in Dubai. Her husband got loan from the bank but he left without finish the debt. Then my question: Is that any problem at the ... Read More »

          I Moved Back to the UK From Greece and Have All Sorts of Debt. – Julie

          “Dear Jon, I left the UK to live in Greece in Oct 2008 during a severe mid life crisis. I left existing debt of around £20k and used credit cards whilst in Greece to the tune of around £10/15k. I previously had an unblemished credit history for about 20 years. I returned to the UK due to Greece’s financial meltdown ... Read More »

            I’m Sad Desperate, Totally Confused and Drowning in Payday Loans


            “Dear Steve, I came up short on a bill and needed immediate help to cover the payment. Someone suggested that I apply for a payday loan to cover the bill. I applied for a loan and of course I was approved. That helped the immediate problem, but what happened further down the road is the real issue. I have continued ... Read More »

              I Want to Settle My Debt But Will My Credit Score Drop? – Mariam

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              “Dear Steve, My annual income is 22,000. a year, I have almost 12,000 in debt, i want to debt settlement, because its tooo much Ive been paying my minimum payments and i am current. I want debt relief, on my income I cant pay it back just tooo much, i want to know about how much would they settle, me ... Read More »

                I’m Having Nightmares Because of My Debt in Dubai. – Maria

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                “Dear Steve, I used to live in dubai from 2000 to 2009 and i failed to pay the loan and the credit cards before moving to the US and this year 2012 when I was visiting my family in my home country i got a call from a lawyer office telling me that they are the local collective agency and ... Read More »

                  I Had IRS Tax Debt in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy That Was Dismissed. – Sam

                  “Dear Jim, The IRS is still trying to collect $15,000 from 2000. We were in Chapter 13 in ’08-’10 and the BK was DISMISSED in Dec. ’10. In Oct. of 2011 we began making monthly payments of $50. These payments are toward the $15,000 and $640.00 assesed for 2009. Do we still owe the $15k? We entered the agreement AFTER ... Read More »

                    I Will Not Do Bankruptcy But Have No Income in My Name. – Monica

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                    “Dear Steve, I have massive credit card debt. I thought I had it under control, but now that I stay at home with our son, I’ve realized how out of control it is. I have 3 major credit cards, 2 with balances over 10,000 and one with a balance of 6700. I thought i was “earning money” by paying bills ... Read More »

                      I Have a Telex Transfer That Was Sent to the Wrong Bank Account. – William

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                      “Dear Steve, I have an outstanding telex transfer, that the Federal Government was overseeing. The fund was transferred into the wrong account, when I had already given them the Correct information. Now they want me to pay thousands of dollars to get the transfer where it was suupose to be in the first place, into my account. Is this legal ... Read More »

                        After a Failed Relationship I’m Left With Piles of Bad Debt And I Want to Settle One Account. – Kathy

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                        “Dear Steve, The short version…. As the result of a failed, long-term relationship, I was left responsible for a significant amount of credit card debt. My ex- boyfriend agreed to work with me to pay off the debt so we agreed to go through a Debt Settlement Company. After 1 year and several thousands in fees, only 1 account was ... Read More »

                          Who Can I Talk to at Bank of America to Buy a Defaulted Mortgage From? – Joseph

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                          “Dear Steve, We have purchased a second note on a vacant house at courthouse steps auction by mistake, Bank of America has the First non performing (almost two year) Note. This house has been posted for foreclosure by bank of America several time, however they repeatedly pulling it back. I have been trying for over a year to find the ... Read More »

                            HSBC Changed the Terms of My Loan After I Signed a Document With Blanks

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                            “Dear Steve, I have a mortagage with HSBC for 5 years now at fix rate 5.625% 30 with PMI no Fannie Mae, no Fmac and I wanted to refinance with a lower rate no PMI. They send me and initial set of documents with lower APR for same initial value of the property without the APR. I signed them I ... Read More »

                              I Don’t Want to Claim Bankruptcy But Have No Means to Pay Our Debt. – Dawn

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                              “Dear Steve, I work full time, and do extra jobs just to make it each month. We have credit card debt (our own fault) approxiamately 20,0000.00 with the economy inflation paying monthly bills-home, food, electric etc. has been a struggle. We have stopped paying 3 credit cards due to being short on money, we did contact them prior to stopping ... Read More »

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