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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

I Was Told Not to Pay My Default Debts But I Want to Rebuild My Credit. – Leonard

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“Dear Steve, I’m turning 22. I have defaulted student loans, several phone bills that went into collections, a credit card that went into collections and also medical bills that are soon to go into collections. I’ve finally been able to secure a decent job, and I want to start rebuilding my credit … my score is horrible, in the low ... Read More »

    Express Insurance in the UK is Being Aggressive With Me. I Want Out. – Maria

    “Dear Jon, Im insured with express insurance UK and did it online am trying to cancel my car insurance after trying to transfer my original insurance to another similar vehicle but being told that i was up for 75 quid for the admin fee and another 198 quid for the extension cost .i arranged the policy online and have signed ... Read More »

      I Want to Start a Credit Repair Company in Texas to Help Members of My Church. – Karon

      “Dear Steve, I’m a CPA and have retired from the federal government with over 38 years in Finance. I am interested is starting up a credit clean-up / repair business to help people in my community and church. I have also been a mortgae loan officer since 2001 and have some experience in reviewing credit reports. Since I don’t have ... Read More »

        I Started a Bankruptcy With Legal Helpers But They Never Filed My Bankruptcy. – Barbara

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        “Dear Steve, Had a “hard time” dealing with Legal Helpers. Started a bankruptcy when I lived in Chicago. Moved to Atlanta in Oct. 2005. Is the Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, in Chicago, the same Legal Helpers, who I made payments to for a bankruptcy? Can they actually keep all the money I paid them – never had the money for ... Read More »

          I’m in an IVA With Debt Free Direct in the UK But Have Concerns. – Richard

          “Dear Jon, I am in an IVA. I have an equity release clause as follows: ‘After month 54 of the arrangment the Supervisor will obtain a professional valuation of the property. The debtor will then obtain two remortgage quotes from reputable brokers/lenders to satisfy the Supervisor that the equity realisation is the maximum achievable. The property shall be re-mortgaged to ... Read More »

            Lost My High Paying Job and Now Want to Tap My 401(k) to Pay Off Debt. – Tom

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            “Dear Steve, 20 years same company making 200 or more each year in a sales role. Got fired unexpectedly. Been riding large debt load for years, but managing it I guess because of big income. My monthly nut is about 4k. + another 3k to float my excessive bad debt: Two cc: 32k 0% 12 months coming due in jan ... Read More »

              My Parents Were Contacted by Debt Relief Centers of America. – Sharron

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              “Dear Steve, First I just wanted to thank you for what you do….I have been helping my parents evaluate debt settlement ‘companies’ (I now prefer to call them predators) and your site has been extremely helpful. I also wanted to submit some information that I hope can help someone else going through the same process My parents were recently contacted ... Read More »

                Buried in Payday Loans. What Are Our Options With Poor Credit? – Jaime

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                “Dear Steve, My husband and I are currently buried in 4 different payday loans which is costing us over $1200/month. The sick part is…without these ridiculous payments we would be doing just fine. It is so frustrating that we allowed ourselves to get into the situation in the first place. I saw your advice about Lending Club and wanted to ... Read More »

                  My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Dismissed. Wells Fargo is Suing Me. What Now? – Gina

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                  “Dear Steve, I am being sued by Wells Fargo Attorney for a credit card debit, I’ve attempted by letter to attorney to state my circumstances and that I was willing to pay 33% of the bill in full, however they still proceeded to file. What should I do at this point. I’m willing to pay some of it but I ... Read More »

                    Can I Get Rid of My 1-800LoanMart Title Loan by Filing Bankruptcy? – Mai

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                    “Dear Steve, Currently trying to pay my lawyer so I can file chapter 7 BK. Took out a car title loan with 800 loan mart ($3500). Payments are 355/mo for 24 months. My husband currently lost his job and I do not think I can afford this payment.. I have to make a sacrafice, and it is either the car ... Read More »

                      Blank? Mortgage Requires Some Money Up-Front to Help me With My Mortgage. – Cindy

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                      “Dear Steve, Hi my name is Cindy. I tried several times to modify my mortgage loan to a lower monthly payment with my bank. Unfortunately, my bank dined me every time afterwards, they insist I try again later. I began to search for other means to have my mortgage modified. I came across the following companies. Blank? Law Group which ... Read More »

                        This Company Said They Can Settle My Debt For Me. – David

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                        “Dear Steve, Due to divorce, I had a foreclosed mortgage 2 years ago. Was going through a short sale for about a year before the foreclosure. Was relieved on the first. After about 5 months during the short sale process the second lender turned it over to the PMI company. They have sent me letters for about a year. Now ... Read More »

                          What Company Can Setup a Levy Release Payment Plan With The IRS for Me? – Yolanda

                          “Dear Jim, I currently own back taxes and just had my bank account hit with Levy. What tax relief company can help get the levy off and set up payment paid that can support my budget. I just started work and have alot of bills. The levy placed my account in a negtive, can’t pay my rent and other items ... Read More »

                            I Attended the International Academy of Design & Technology IADT in Chicago Won’t Release My Transcript. – Sam

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                            “Dear Steve, I attended IADT in Chicago Fall 1999. I met with an academic adviser who I soon learned was a salesperson not an adviser, I expressed my concern over the high tuition costs and was told that I need to pay an enrollment fee and that the rest would be covered by financial aid and loans. I did what ... Read More »

                              Wells Fargo Referred Me to Take Charge America for Credit Counseling Help. Should I Go With Them? – Charlotte

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                              “Dear Steve, Can I trust Take Charge America? I had read a little bit about Take Charge America on your site. I noticed they had filed a lawsuit with the IRS and laid off employees, but my creditor Wells Fargo referred me to them, so I completed what they call a financial assessment. I gave them all of my credit ... Read More »

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