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Ask The Get Out of Debt Experts

My Mum Took Credit Cards Out in My Name When I Was in Prison in the UK. – Bridget

“Dear Jon, I come from a difficult background and my mum is the person who took various cards out in my name, while i was in prison! She says it’s because she was struggling with her five year old son and was struggling to make her way up to see me on prison visits etc! Which I don’t find good ... Read More »

    What Do I Need to Do to Get an Old Delinquent Item Off My Credit Report? – Shelley

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    “Dear Steve, Working on paying off some old debts. Also trying to repair my credit. Can a old debt that has been charged off and the statue of limitation has past, can be reported by a collection agency as new on my credit report. How do i go about getting this removed from my credit report. Shelley” The Answer Dear ... Read More »

      Debt Consolidation Loan Company CFB Wants Me to Pay Big Advance Fee on Green Dot Pre-Paid Card. – Beverlynn

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      “Dear Steve, Steve, I was contacted by CFB,LLC(Merchant Credit) that I was approved for a $15,000 debt consolidation loan. Unfortunate for them I read your blog about charges for fees to get the loan. They want me to pay $1,300 for Insurance and only 1/2 if I couldn’t pay all. Plus put it on a Green Dot Money Pak card ... Read More »

        What About Deeding My House Back to the Bank as a Way Out? – Renee

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        “Dear Steve, what are your thoughts on deeding your home back to the bank?we went thru a modafication and they dropped our rate 3 pts,but added 16 years and 20,000 and we don’t want to sign because our house is already underwater now and they want us to sign a loan for 179,000 when the value is only like 155,000.we ... Read More »

          We Went Through Tough Times But Now Want to Consolidation Our Debt. – Debi

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          “Dear Steve, We went through tough times.. my husband was out of work and I was a commissioned salesperson and sales were down. we went through loan modification and succeeded and we have alot of equity in out house. Business picked up and we make a good income now. I first looked for a second on my house and I ... Read More »

            I’m in Debt Because I’m Addicted to Pornography and Adult Films


            “Dear Steve, I over extended myself. My consumer debt may be due to an addiction to watching prono films. What can I do about that?” The Answer This is not the first or even the hundredth time people have asked me something similar involving all sorts of fetishes, pornography, sexual interests, etc. First let’s start with the understanding that the ... Read More »

              I’m Thinking of Filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Strip Second Mortgages on Two Homes – Rey

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              “Dear Steve, I own two properties one is a single family home which is our primary residence and the other is an income property. Both houses have a second loan. The second loan in the income property is for $175,000.00 founded through a private lender with a high interest rate. I owe about $65,000.00 on credit cards, personal line of ... Read More »

                Can a Debt Collector Change the Default Date on My Account to Report It On My Credit Report? – Elizabeth

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                “Dear Steve, Got into financial trouble with ex-husband 12 years ago. Some joint accounts were not closed prior to divorce and as a result did not get paid. I am receiving collection notices for accounts that have fallen off my credit report and over 10 years old. Can these “new” collection people report this on my credit report? If any ... Read More »

                  I Have a Debt in Australia I Can’t Pay. I Now Live in the U.S. – Sam

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                  “Dear Steve, I used to live in Australia as a permanent resident from 2008 to 2009 for almost 20 months, (after 12 month I lost my job and for 8 month looking for a new job), Then I decided to leave country and Currently I have a Bank credit card debt around 11000 $. I need to know what are ... Read More »

                    My Friend Just Found Out Her Repossessed Truck is Being Used as a Farm Truck By Her Dad. – Jen

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                    “Dear Steve, A friend of mine just found out she has a repossession on her credit on a vehicle that has been used as a farm truck by her dad since she moved out of the state and still to this day. The repossession shows it was 6 years ago. She was not aware of any of this. She moved ... Read More »

                      We Defaulted On Our Real Estate Investment Property. What Can I Do? – Thomas

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                      “Dear Steve, I entered into a joint investment in a real estate home site in North Carolina in 2005 with a close friend. The investment totaled $119,000 and we put in about $ 15,000. each and financed with a local bank for a three years interest-only bearing loan. After three years, the real estate industry collapsed and we decided to ... Read More »

                        Will You Help Me Get My Money Back From Financial Solution Legal Center? – Anna

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                        “Dear Steve, I have same situation with Financial Solution Legal Center as ”WEEZEY” had.We signed contract in June,2008.I am and my sister had 11 accounts in total.For all years they close one account on my name ,its originally debt was 1047.15 ,they did settlement for $380.00.On my sister accounts they closed AMEX for $4000.00.Total fee was $10602.16 and on second ... Read More »

                          I Want to Get Out of Debt Now But Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy of Settle the Debt. – Stefanie

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                          “Dear Steve, I am looking to get out of debt. I do not want to file bankruptcy or settle the debt. I just want one monthly payment to pay it all back. I have fair credit, own a home and am unable to refinance because there is no equity. Between my husband and I, we have about $35,000.00 in unssecured ... Read More »

                            My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy My Be Dismissed Even Though I’m Making the Payments. – Cynthia

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                            “Dear Steve, I am currently under a Chapter 13 w/ a court (trustee) odered monthly payment. The trustee is seeking a dismissal based upon the wrong amount being paid every month however by their own documentation the submitted monthly payment matches what was ordered to date. In the beginning I was given an amount to pay per month. I was ... Read More »

                              I Filed Bankruptcy on My Sallie Mae Loan And It Says Insurance Paid. – Lori

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                              “Dear Steve, I receieved a student loan back in 1984 and in 2006 i filed bankruptcy. my papers say it was discharged but sally mae said i had to pay then they sent it on to credit report says it was insurance paid..what does that mean? what do i do ive been paying this thing forever. Lori” The Answer ... Read More »

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