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I’m 25 and Not Making Enough Money to Pay Off My Debt. – Jackie


“Hi Steve, I am a 25 yr, who has a big load of student debt and i have debt from two credit cards when i was 20. I only make 20,000 a year so there is no way i can pay if off. If i have credit card debt from when I was 20, and never touch it yet, what ... Read More »

    We Can Just Make Our Minimum Payments and Have Good Credit But Need Help. – Becky

    couple working

    “Dear Steve, My husband and I are in our late 30’s with 2 sons. We have $22k in debt, $10k personal loan and $12k credit cards. We make the minimum payments each month as that is all we can do and our credit scores are above 750. I look at all of the snowball theories and paying highest interest first ... Read More »

      Single Mother of 6, Working Full Time and Going to School. – Walquiria

      big family

      “Dear Steve, single mother of 6… I hold a full time job plus I go to school 3 nights a week Hi Steve I am a single mother of 6. I work full time and I go to school 3 nights a week. I got divorced about 4 years ago, I would like buy a house for my children but ... Read More »

        We Make 150K But Living Paycheck to Paycheck. What Should We Do? – Roy

        middle age couple

        “Dear Steve, My wife and I are in our mid 50s living in suburban NY. Our kids are in college. Combined, our income is $150,000. While this is considered to be good money, it just doesn’t seem to be enough to cover our needs and save for the future during the years that we should be doing that. We owe ... Read More »

          I Have Several Payday Loans I Can’t Afford to Pay. What Company Should I Use? – Myma

          payday loan

          “Dear Steve, several payday loans, cannot make house payments at this point. I know I have not been very respoisble but need help what company is legit to use to help do settlements with these companies? I want to pay them just need to reduce the payments so I can pay my other bills. Please help I dont want to ... Read More »

            I Can’t Get Out of Debt With What I Make. What Can I Do Without Hurting My Credit? – Michelle

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            “Dear Steve, I took all the debt from my previous marriage plus a mortgage. I have been able to pay at least the minimum for the last 3 years but have been unable to pay down anything. I have asked for rate reductions, etc. One card offered me a temporary rate reduction but the others have not. My credit was ... Read More »

              Falling Behind and Living Check to Check. What Should I Do?

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              “Dear Steve, I have too many bank loans from various financial institutions. I have falling behind and I am living check to check to the point where it is hard to pay my bills. Can I consolidate the loans or is that a bad option. I really don’t want to get more loans I don’t know what to do. Omari” ... Read More »

                Should We Sell Our House and Rent Instead? – Kathy

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                “Dear Steve, Should we sell our house and rent until we find a house for less. We bought our house at the height of the market in 2003 (North of Boston). We also sold a house at the same time so it all is a wash I guess. We are having trouble making ends meet although our salaries have increased, ... Read More »

                  We Are at Our Breaking Point Trying to Pay the Bills Each Month. – Michelle & Phillip

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                    Credit Card Consolidation Program is Not Working For Us. – Peter

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                    “Dear Steve, My wife and I moved about 10 months ago for me to start a new job and it seems that our debt situation has gotten worse to the point of now wondering if we can make it month to month. We are both currently employed but it seems that our paychecks are not covering our debts. We went ... Read More »

                      The Past Few Years Has Been Very Difficult. I’m Living on Borrowed Money. – John

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                      “Dear Steve, I’m self-employed and have been so since graduating college back in 1997. I operate an online business, selling ads on websites that I build. Some years ago I was making good money, but the past few years have been really quite difficult to say the least. Living on borrowed money and living beyond my means to some extent ... Read More »

                        I Need to Get Out of Debt But Not Let My Husband Know. It Needs to be a Secret. – Karen

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                        “Dear Steve, I am 51 year old woman with a husband and two kids 21 and 17. been married for 32 years. the last few years or more i should say things just have gotton way out of control. i work two jobs and hubby one. i have always supported my kids to do there racing. as our town is ... Read More »

                          I’m in a Bind and Need a Recommendation for Legitimate and Reputable Debt Help. – Mike

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                          “Dear Steve, I am in a bind. I have about 65,000 in credit card debt and house is worth 200,000. I owe $200,000 on the house and about $250,000 in student loans. I make about $150,000 per year. I have about $10,000 in medical bills alone. I cosigned on the student loans for my daughter. She has been out of ... Read More »

                            I’ve Sold Everything And Still Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Linda

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                            “Dear Steve, I work in the financial industry as an assistant. Over the last 2 years my income has been reduced approx 40%. I have not been sucessful in finding a part time job to make up the difference. In these past months I have used up all savings and am not able to make my house payment. I do ... Read More »

                              I Don’t Believe You Will Help Me for Free. – Mona

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                              “Dear Steve, I stumbled onto your website quite by accident, and have been reading the various articles and information you’ve provided. I am amazed that you would offer your services of financial counseling totally free, as I’m reminded of the old adage – ‘if if sounds too good to be true…’ However, out of sheer desparation, I’m going to take ... Read More »

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