Payday Loans

What Do You Think About Curadebt and Peak Legal Services?


Question: Dear Steve, Watching you site for quite a while. Recently I took out a pay day loan to help my son. Huge mistake. They are charging over 300 dollars every two weeks. We were making the payments and then got hit with a auto renewal we were not expecting. Bang! everything bounces and then we get hit with bank ... Read More »

    Did I Make a Mistake by Agreeing to Pay an Old Payday Loan?

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    Question: Dear Steve, Payday loan from four years go went unpaid and was sent to collections. When I talked to the debt collector I asked for a letter or something in writing and he said they couldn’t mail me anything because they tried doing that already, but the address they sent the info to was an old address. Not even ... Read More »

      I Was Scared With Wage Garnishment and Paid Again a Debt I Previous Settled

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      “Dear Steve, I used to have various payday loans back in 2009-2010 that I settled through a company but somehow back in April of this year, I received a called from my HR Department to let me know that my salary was about to be garnished by an agency because I had a balance of $600; even though I requested ... Read More »

        Will My Tribal Payday Loans Recognize My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? – Alice

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        “Dear Steve, Just filed chapter 7 bankruptcy after years of struggling and I have 2 internet tribal loans. I currently have 2 internet loans – Great Plains & Plain Green. I have had multiple instances of these loans over the last couple years & paid all of them back in full & on time. And I have been paying on ... Read More »

          My Mother Died, I’m Behind on Rent and My Car. I’m Scared. – Michelle


          “Dear Steve, My mother passed away in October – no life insurance – I took out 2 pay day loans and 3 payday installment loans to cover expenses and then my bank finally gave me a loan for her funeral expenses. But now I am caught in the vicious payday loan cycle and can not take care of daily living ... Read More »

            Why Did Check ‘n Go Lend Me So Much Money? – Christian


            “Dear Steve, I borrowed $2500 from check n’ go as an unsecured installment loan in Ohio. I have to pay back $370 every two weeks for 6 months. My gross income is $1400. First question is, how the heck did they loan me that amount based on my meager income? Can I get out of it somehow because they knew ... Read More »

              What Can I Do to Payoff American Web Loan Crooks? – Ernie

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              “Dear Steve, I got a $400 loan from American Web Loan and made my first payment to them. Then I called them and wanted to pay off my loan early and the said I would make a payment and they would take out their $120 loan fee and apply $80 dollars to my balance. I would have to let them ... Read More »

                Georgia Payday Lenders Are Illegal. How Do I Get My Money Back? – James


                “Dear Steve, I have discovered the online payday lenders are not licensed to loan money to Georgia residents. Therefore, all online payday loans are considered illegal in Georgia. However some Georgia residents received loans because the companies stated they were sovereign entities. However the State attorney office of Georgia states it is still illegal. Some of these companies were instructed ... Read More »

                  American Indians Won’t Stop Calling to Collect on My Payday Loan. – Cameron

                  Possible native American debt collectors.

                  “Dear Steve, I made the huge mistake of taking out an online payday loan 3 years ago. The company is owned by an Indian tribe in the U.S. and is located on tribal land. I defaulted. Still can’t pay it as my income is very limited due to disability. After they started collections, using their in-house staff, I sent a ... Read More »

                    Will the Payday Loan Store Go After Me for Check Fraud? – Dave

                    payday loan

                    “Dear Steve, I had several payday loans that I took out on line.Each one was for $250.00. I payed on it for a while just the interest. I got in touch with a consolidation company that said they could help . They kept saying that they would help but they never did. I have made arrangments with 2 companies to ... Read More »

                      Does the Solid Ground Financial Program Work for Payday Loans? – Julie

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                      “Dear Steve, I currently have 5 payday loans and drowning as my paycheck all goes to payday loans (just paying off interests)… I really need help and i cant seem to get personal loan so I checked online on payday loan consolidation companies. came across Solid Ground Financial and received all the documents to enroll to the program but as ... Read More »

                        I’ve Learned My Lesson About Borrowing From Payday Loans. – Hillary

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                        “Dear Steve, I have several payday loans out and they are all due at once. I made arrangements to make payments on two of the loans but the other company wants the full amount. I want to find a legitimate payday loan consolidation company if possible or to get help figuring out the best way to pay off the debt ... Read More »

                          Great Plains Lending Won’t Let Me Pay Them Back. – Patricia

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                          “Dear Steve, Took a loan out with Great Plains Lending and lost job. Now I want to pay it back but they don’t have my name in their system. How do I pay it back? Was getting calls from collection agencies about it, but couldn’t pay it back then either. Contacted Great Plains to pay it back when I got ... Read More »

                            I’m in Serious Debt With Payday Loans. I’m Scared. – Bill

                            payday loan

                            “Dear Steve, I’m in serious debt with payday loans, credit cards, medical bills. I hounded on a daily basis by creditors, collections agencies, and debt collectors claiming to be the police saying their coming to my job or home to arrest me. I’m so scared that I have a nervious stomach, can’t hardly function, sacred to answer the phone for ... Read More »

                              I’m Falling Behind on My Other Bills to Keep My Payday Loans Current. – Rebecca

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                              “Dear Steve, I have 2 payday loans 1 for $650 w/a local loan service and 1 for $750 with a online company. I’m current on my payments with both (online company withdraws from my bank acct) but I’m only able to pay the minimum balance owed and I’m falling behind on all my other bills. It seems like I’m paying ... Read More »

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