How Can I Deal With Payday Loan Debt?

You Do Know Debt Forgiveness Fuels a Healthy Economy

There are legitimate ways to stop payday loans and cancel or pay less, depending on your specific situation. Here are some options to consider: Negotiate with the lender: You can try to negotiate with the lender to work out a payment plan that is more manageable for you. Explain your financial situation and offer to …

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I Am Swimming in Payday Loans and Drowning

Question: Dear Steve, I am swimming in payday loans, unsecured debt and I’m not going to make it. I am seriously considering going bankrupt, but I’m not sure that’s the best choice. I truly need your assistance Can I get out of debt? I have about 4000 dollars in payday loans and am making payments …

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Is First Choice Advocacy Legit?

Question: Dear Steve, I have multiple payday loans. A company offered me debt relief. Is First Choice Advocacy legit? Jamaal Answer: Dear Jamaal, I have written about First Choice Advocacy before and I would direct you to these posts. The term “legit” is always problematic. I have no idea what that means to you. As …

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