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Payday Loans

Is American Web Loan a Legal Company? – Tommie

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I became involved with an online cash advance company called American Web Loan. I set up payments for the loan to be paid back. It wasn’t explained to me that the payments made would not cover the principle. Every payment only covered the interest. I notified the company who then explained to me that the payments only covered the interest ... Read More »

    Pay Day Loan Consolidation Advice


    I have several pay day loans and would like to know who I can go about consolidating them into one lower monthly payment. Anne Dear Anne, There are good options for unsecured debt consolidation through LendingClub.com and Proper.com. I’ve recommended those companies to people in the past and people seem to be happy with either of those companies. I hate ... Read More »

      How do I get out of this payday loan cycle of doom. – Joe

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      I live in CA. I took out 9 payday loans. I have been paying nothing but interest and finance fees. From what I understand, it is illegal to have more than one payday loan out at a time in CA. Does this negate my other 8 current loans? None of my lenders are in CA, they are all out of ... Read More »

        How Do We Get Out of Payday Loan Hell? I’m a Navy Veteran. – Monica

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        “Dear Steve, We are in payday debt hell, owing a current balance of $7461.92. We have a montly income of over $6,000 with monthly household debt of approximately $3,000. We are in this situation for several reasons, all my fault, bottom line. We should be able to live very comfortably; actually we have a mortgage, a car loan payment, and ... Read More »

          I’ve Got Payday Loans While in My Debt Management Program. – Jim

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          “Dear Steve, I’ve been in a debt management program for about 2 years. During the last couple years I have also got over my head in e-pay day loans. My wife has gone from a $17/hr full time job to $7.75 part time job. Best way to get out from under about $5000 in pay day loans. Jim” Dear Jim, ... Read More »

            I’m At the End of My Rope and In Debt to Payday Loans Again. – Nicey

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            “Dear Steve, I am at the end of my rope Steve. My finaces are out of the roof. Payday loans have once again become a part of my vocabulary, where I once promised myself I would never do it again, becuase of previous payday loan trouble. So I am back into the trap where I cant go without the payday ... Read More »

              Had My Hours Cut Back and Took Out Payday Loans I’m Having Problems Paying. – Linsey

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              “Dear Steve, My husband and I had hours cut backs at our jobs for a while and took out payday loans (5 to be exact : ( ) We are now in debt to our eyeballs with these stupid loans. What can I do to pay these off but have money lol. They take every payperiod out of my account, ... Read More »

                Who Can I Trust for Payday Loan Consolidation? – Rebecca

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                “Dear Steve, I have five payday loans that I am not behind on, but the renewal fees that they charge me each month is causing my bank account to become negative and making it hard for me to pay my other bills. I would like to consolidate these payday loans into one monthly payment so that I can pay them ... Read More »

                  How Can I Break Free of Payday Loans Without Bankruptcy? – Mary

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                  “Dear Steve, payday loans after years in some payday loans now i find myself in a situation that i can’t seem to break free of i tried to work out a payment plan with the three of them it’s like i hit a brickwall. do i have anything to say, i want to pay them off i just need a ... Read More »

                    The Loan Shark Says They Will Take My Car. – Patricia

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                    “Dear Steve, I am currently dealing with a loan shark who I missed three payments for because I got scammed and my bank account was wiped out. They told me that if their managers did not agree to let me pay them in a couple of weeks they would repo my car. I did not give them the title or ... Read More »

                      Knocked Hard and Took Out Payday Loans. Husband Now Unable to Work.

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                      “Dear Steve, Our family has had several hard knocks lately which has led me to take out several payday loans to the point of paying ALL of my paycheck every two weeks to the lenders. My husband’s check covered our rent, utilities, etc., but he was involved in an accident and is now unable to work. Are there any LEGITIMATE ... Read More »

                        My 80 Year Old Father Feels Victimized by e-payday-loan.com – Shannon


                        “Dear Steve, I am asking for my father. He is 80 on ss and recently applied for a payday loan. Which resulted in about 4 loans and one which the documents he signed and everything on there website states that for $350 he would repay interest of $105. They sent a email to him that said he was approved for ... Read More »

                          Can My Son Be Arrested for Not Repaying a Payday Loan? – Karen

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                          “Dear Steve, My son who is 32 years old and not employed at this time was contacted by a collection agency about a payday loan that apparently he took out over 3 years ago. They claim they can have him arrested for check fraud if he does not pay $355 every two weeks to settle this debt. I contacted Relief ... Read More »

                            I’ve Got Payday Loans I Don’t Think I’ll Be Able to Pay. – Eddie

                            “Dear Damon, I’ve got 5 payday loans from the internet totally $2610 in principal. I’m not late or have any late fees, but its starting to catch up with me and I find myself wondering what to do. Do you have a company you trust or some advice on what I should do? Do you have any suggestions or someone ... Read More »

                              What is the Best Way to Handle Payday Loans I Can’t Pay? – Scott

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                              I have several payday loans that currently I can’t pay back on time. I have three that are current, within the last 2 months and 2 or 3 that are several years old. I have recently been contacted by 1 of the older payday loan companies for payment. What is the best way to handle these payday loans and get ... Read More »

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