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Real Estate

I Have Stress and Cancer. I’m Also Struggling to Get Out From My Wells Fargo Mortgage. – Tarah

“Dear Andy, I bought my house 4 years ago. My value has dropped over 100K. I live Maryland. My mortgage is Non-Conforming. I have attempted to refinances 2 and denied because of my appraisal. I also attempted to get a modification 2 times and the investor denied it both times. I am current on my payment, but starting to wonder ... Read More »

    ReCon Trust and Bank of America Can’t Provide Proof They Foreclosed on Me. – Tim

    “Dear Andy, I had owned a home in Oregon with a previous wife and in 2007 we divorced so i kept the house and had to refinance it into my name. By January of 2008 I could no longer afford the home and had tried selling it without any luck. The home foreclosed and was sold in September of 2009. ... Read More »

      I Have a Chase Bank and IndyMac Mortgage and Need Banking Help on My Modification. – Carlotta

      “Dear Andy, 1st mortgage with chase 3. something interest, adjustable, 2nd mortgage Indymac 12. something interest, fixed. No late mortgage payments, very low credit score and no equity in my home. I need wise advice on how to resolve this situation—high interest and two mortgage payments. Please give all information you have on this situation Carlotta” Dear Carlotta, Refinancing both ... Read More »

        My Timeshare Condo is Suing Me for Money I’ve Already Paid. – Ron

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, 2 timeshare condoo i got behind on fees and assessments. Attorney told me to make paymenents which i did. two months later i received a summons and complaint where i had been added to a complaint with a dozen other condos (people who did not have an agreement to make payments. i continued to make payments and paid ... Read More »

          Why is Trying to Get Bank of America to Modify a Mortgage Such a Horrible Experience? – Peter

          “Dear Andy, Was laid off for 6 months and found a job, but at alomost a 50% reduction in pay. Two months behind with mortgage and all other bills are behind as well. Have applied for the remodification program with BOA, but they are as usefull as.. well you must know! Where can I get help to reduce my mortgage ... Read More »

            I Got a Loan Modification And Now I’m Getting Litigation Settlement Offers. – Debbie

            “Dear Andy, In early 2010 I defaulted on my mtg. with INDY MAC for 3 mo. I applied for a loan mod due to financial hardship being a sm. business owner in a poor economy. What was required was that I pay back over $7,800.00 in back pmts. in ONE full pmt. and sign a Forebearance Agreement to make on ... Read More »

              Is The Mortgage Law Group and The Law Firm of Macey, Aleman, and Searns a Scam? They Told Me Not Pay My Mortgage. – Katie

              “Dear Steve, I was looking up this law firm; The Law Firm of Macey, Alman and Searns. I was looking on the web today to find answers and or a solution to my mortgage dilemma. I came accross a site : US Mortgage Relief, called the 866 number and signed up with this firm… I since have called them back ... Read More »

                Is Consolidated Litigation Group a Scam? Are They Legit? – Genaro

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, my situation is that I was foreclosed upon by B of A in Oct of 2010. I am still living in the house and I have a lot of questions about what I was told by Consolidated Litigation Group. Is Consolidated Litigation Group legit or are they a scam group out to rip you off? Have you heard ... Read More »

                  How Do I Refinance My Mortgage When It’s Underwater and I’m Loaded With Credit Card Debt? – Dan

                  “Dear Damon, I have about 53K in credit card debt (18K is @29.99). I plan to reach out to someone for help (still trying to figure out who to call first) for hopefully getting help negotiating a better deal on all the debt. I have house; assessed value is now probably 300k and my 1st mortgage is 272K (@8.1%) and ... Read More »

                    Should We File a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Save Our Home? – Tom

                    “Dear Lewis, I live in Nevada, the highest unemployement in the nation. Both wife and myself have been laid off. I was laid off Feb this year and my wife Feb last year. We have a stack of collection accounts and we have not paid our mortgage in a year. We want to keep our house because we have sank ... Read More »

                      I Was Contacted by the Authorized Attorney Affiliate Legal Service Team to Join a Mass Joinder Suit. – Linda

                      Counts Law Firm, Pasadena California Lawyer. Business, Consumer, Family & Real Estate Litigation (20110627)

                      “Dear Steve, I was contacted by the “Authorized Attorney Affiliate” Legal Service Team (LST) (70 S. Lake Ave., Ste #1000, Pasadena, CA 91101) to join the Consolidated Multi-Plaintiff Litigation against Bank of America (Ronald et al v. Bank of America) w/ The Van Son Law Group, who is supposed to have authorization to assist in the lawsuit. They mentioned Kramer ... Read More »

                        I Purchased a House On Contract But Missed a Payment. Now The Seller Wants Me Out. – Rhonda

                        “Dear Andy, I purchased a house on contract in 2005. The contract expired in Sept 2010. I live in Indiana. I have been making my payments and this month I was late and paid half of the payment and told the contract seller that I will pay the other half by the end of the month. He told me that ... Read More »

                          Can the Collection Company Force the Sale of Our Rental House? – Stuart

                          “Dear Lewis, Our Second lien on our current home was charged of.We are now letting our home go into foreclosure. We own a rental which is paid for. Can the second lien holder, or collection agency force the sale of our rental, if so,would we have time to move back there? The IRS Has a judgment of $20,000 against the ... Read More »

                            Short Sale – How Long Does This Short Sale Process Take? – Mandy

                            “Dear Andy, My husband and I made the decision to do a short sale on our home so that I could be closer to my employer. We began this “situation” over 6 months ago and still have not closed!!!!!! My Realtor has missed deadlines, asked me to pay more money, etc. Am I able to take any of the 32,000 ... Read More »

                              Refinancing My House After Bankruptcy. Who Can I Go With? – Jacquelyn

                              “Dear Andy, I am converting from chapter 13 to chapter 7 I am affirming my house but have 4300.00 in behind payments that I need help with. Is there any company that will refinance my house coming out of chapter 7? Jacquelyn” Jacquelyn, It will be very difficult if not impossible to find a lender able to refinance you fresh ... Read More »

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