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Real Estate

My Father Wanted a Divorce and Filed Bankruptcy. Mom is Now Stuck With the Full Mortgage. – Siu

“Dear Andy, I need help, asap. Okay, my parents had the current house for 15 years, and refinanced it and got a 2nd mortgage on it and all that. 2 years ago, my father wanted a divorce. He filed for bankruptcy to discharge debt, however, my mother (listening to her friends) refused to sign on to the bankruptcy and so ... Read More »

    We Were Ripped Off On Our Mortgage By a So Called Friend. – Linda

    “Dear Andy, We were ripped off on our home mortgage by a so called friend of 12 years. He took all equity out of our home and left us with high paymnts He is still free and i cant collect a dime from him. The stress was so much for my husband that he had a stroke in 07 and ... Read More »

      I Got a Mortgage Litigation Notice from Consolidated Litigation Group. – Michael

      “Dear Andy, I received a mortgage litigation notice from Consolidated Litigation Group in the mail. It said I was a potential plaintiff in a national lawsuit against Suntrust Mortgage. They stsate that there were potentially fraudulent lender actions. I called and spoke to Meshawn Davis.(323)-410-7502. She stated that there was a 100% chance that my loan was fraudulent and said ... Read More »

        I’m 70 Retired, With Some Health Issues and Trying to Get Chase Bank to Modify My Mortgage. – Lyn

        “Dear Andy, I’m 70, retired with some health issues. Have quite a lot of debt besides my condo on which I owe $29900, and its only worth about $49000 at the moment. When I purchased it in 2000 it was $118000. In 2003 I refinanced to bring the interest rate down to 5.75 and switched to a 15 yr. fixed ... Read More »

          How Soon Can I Buy a New Home After Foreclosure? – Raeburn

          “Dear Andy, We refinanced our mortgage with the assurance we could refinance our home in two years. The company had our appraisal fixed to overstate the value of our house. The mortgage was sold to another comapny and when we went to refinance we were too far upside down for them to pursue helping us. In 2008 we tried for ... Read More »

            I Got an H-118 Litigation Settlement Notification in Mail to Join a Mass Joinder Lawsuit. – Agaton

            “Dear Andy, I have been trying to help a freind to get a loan modification since May 22, 2009 with no avail. It has been fustrating. I am still in the process and awaiting a response from the services. All the time the services said that the documents are not complete and I need to send them again. During this ... Read More »

              I Was Mislead by Citi Customer Service to Default on My Mortgage. – Woody

              Ready to Collapse

              In 2009 I applied through CitiMortgage then new HAMP (five times!) but always being turned down. After a few frustrating calls, I cited that I was a very good customer (never late or default on our mortgage monthly payments since 2002) and only to get BIG surprised, same answers that my diligence in paying monthly mortgages WAS the culprit why ... Read More »

                I Don’t Know What to Do About AVID Law Center. – Bill

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, Steve sorry to bother you but I read very closley what you had to say about Avid law center. But there seems to be both good and bad reviews on the internet about this company. I am about to lose my home and they say they can help! I have gon to my Senator Cograssman, No one want ... Read More »

                  Upside Down in IndyMac Mortgage. What Should I Do? – Paul

                  “Dear Andy, Upside down value on a house is not news these day – mine went from 680,000 to about 400K. Loan is 500K at 6.9%. Wrote to IndyMac for reduced interest rate and they ignored me -tried several times – then withheld one months payment and all hell broke loose – yes they responded but not in a positive ... Read More »

                    I’m Facing Foreclosure and Falling Behind On Other Bills As Well. – Dora

                    “Dear Andy, IM FACING FORCLOSURE AND NEED SOME HELP,IM FALLING BEHIND AND TO MANY BILLS I HAVE REAL BAD CREDIT DUE TO MANY UNPAID DEBT AND BECAUSE OF THAT NO ONE CAN HELP ME . CAN U FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN? Dora” Dear Dora, I don’t have a lot of information to work with but from the sounds of it ... Read More »

                      Who Can I Go to For a Mass Joinder Suit Against My Lender? – Andrew

                      “Dear Andy, Note & TD assigned 4 times.MERS,lenders and servicing companies refuse to send documents.” Modification” started 2 years ago.Only talked to telephone operators.Submitted docs many times.Was told to get 2 months behind.Did trial payments.No modification. Received info about joinder law suits.Seemed way to go. Considered Brookstone and Mitchell Stein.They do not check out by me.Too busy suing each other.Attorneys ... Read More »

                        I’m Trying to Get Mortgage Modification But Considering Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement As Well. – Sandy

                        “Dear Damon, My credit is already ruined because I ‘m trying to get a modification on my mtg and haven’t paid my mtg since 11/2010. Want to get out of the 30k credit card debt too. Should I wait until the modification is over or do everything at once. Also should a use a consolidation company or use a debt ... Read More »

                          I Want to Sue the Law Offices of Macey Aleman & Searns. – George

                          Ready to Collapse

                          “Dear Steve, I signed a contract with The Law Offices of Macey Aleman & Searns (17767 N. Perimeter Drive, Suite B101 Scottsdale, AZ 85255) I now realize that after they collect your money ($3000.00) that it is a scam. I am a hard working person and sought legitimate help to get a Home Loan Modification and now am worse off ... Read More »

                            I Got a H-118 Mortgage Litigation Mailer From Consolidated Litigation Group. What Should I Do? – Kimberly

                            “Dear Andy, I received this Litigation Notification Final Notice (only one rec’d) ID#HCV-0421. Litigation Settlement vs Sierra Pacific Mtg. Co. Funded FHA loan 11/2009 sold to Wells Fargo 10/2010. The other party on this loan has vacated this property. I can no longer make the payment with only my income. I stopped making a payment in 11/2010. I have contacted ... Read More »

                              We Tried to Sell Our House With a Short Sale But It Never Sold. Should We Let it Go to Foreclosure? – JoAnn

                              “Dear Andy, We have been in a bad mortgage for 7 years now where you only pay part of the interest and the rest gets tacked onto the principal well, we took the loan out for 347,000 but now owe 460,000. which the house isn’t even worth. For 4 years now we have been trying to get a mortification and ... Read More »

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