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Real Estate

I Have Prostate Cancer and Trying to Get My Mortgage Modified? – Steve

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“Dear Steve, We bought our current home as he market feel out from under us in 2007. In late 2006 we have 300-400K in equity in two homes. By the time we closed we one under water (eventual short sale) and one we made $22K on. Our $540K purchase was initially on a bridge loan as we sold these other ... Read More »

    I’m Looking for Information on Liberty Credit Law. – Rick

    “Dear Jon, Just retired after 36 years in education. Retirement income is half of previous income. My wife works in school system as well. Our health insurance has increased 300 fold. While we were both employed previously our insurance was just dollars a month. Now that she has picked me up it’s increased to 300 a check or 600 a ... Read More »

      My Lender is Taking a Long Time on My Loan Modification. – Tenaz

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      “Dear Steve, I still have issue with my Home lender because is taking such long time to get Loan Modification for almost One year and 8 months.Now recently in California has passed several bills protecting the Home owner.I believe I have strong case,I’m looking for a Legal representation in contingency basis. Please Steve If you can refer me anyone I’d ... Read More »

        My Tax Assessed Value Dropped and My Lender Won’t Modify My Mortgage. – Michael

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        “Dear Steve, First and foremost I would like to thank you for all of the advice and help that you offer on your website. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon it while doing a Google search, and applaude you for offering your feedback free of charge. My situation is as follows… I bought my townhouse a little over ... Read More »

          I’m Thinking of Filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Strip Second Mortgages on Two Homes – Rey

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          “Dear Steve, I own two properties one is a single family home which is our primary residence and the other is an income property. Both houses have a second loan. The second loan in the income property is for $175,000.00 founded through a private lender with a high interest rate. I owe about $65,000.00 on credit cards, personal line of ... Read More »

            We Defaulted On Our Real Estate Investment Property. What Can I Do? – Thomas

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            “Dear Steve, I entered into a joint investment in a real estate home site in North Carolina in 2005 with a close friend. The investment totaled $119,000 and we put in about $ 15,000. each and financed with a local bank for a three years interest-only bearing loan. After three years, the real estate industry collapsed and we decided to ... Read More »

              How Do We Get an Old Lien That We Paid Cleared Against Our Home? – Julie

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              “Dear Steve, We recently applied to refinance hoping to get a lower rate. They thought they could save us about $600 to $700 a month on payments. We have 2 mortgages and about $75000 in credit card debt and my 15 year old car has been deemed illegal to drive, so I need to purchase a vehicle. Our credit rating ... Read More »

                What Program Can I Use to Lower the Amount I Owe On My Mortgage? – Rich

                “Dear Steve, I have a home mortgage that was modified at very favorable rates. However, in order to motivate IndyMac my attorney told me to stop paying the original mortgage (my income, self-employed was tanking) and they would be more amenable when I made my HAMP application. My original amount on which I was paying was about $275,000. I was ... Read More »

                  Newport Mortgage Relief Called Me to Modify My Loan Under HAMP. – John

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                  “Dear Steve, I received an unsolicited call from Newport Mortgage Relief regarding redoing my home loan under the HAMP program. I’ve read your letters from Jim and Larry. I cannot find any record of the company and as they stated, no address or physical location is stated on any of the documents or website. NMR states they are a loan ... Read More »

                    Retired Air Force Member In a Mortgage Pit After a Divorce. – Cortland

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                    “Dear Steve, I’m hoping you can point in the direction where I can get some assistance. Long story short, I’m retired AF (retired in July 2010) and own a home that I purchased in 2003 when I was on active duty. As a result of a permanent change of station move while on active duty and a divorce 2005), the ... Read More »

                      I Discharge My Mortgages in Bankruptcy and Now Want to Settle Them. – Carla

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                      “Dear Steve, I have a first motgage with Wells Fargo for $97,000 and a HELOC with Fifth Third for $29. My property value on Zillow is $88,000. I filed chapter 7 that was discharged in March 2009 and never reaffirmed either mortgage. I was thinking of stopping the payment of my HELOC and continue to pay my first mortgage in ... Read More »

                        My Wife Filed Bankruptcy and Included Mortgage and Home Equity Loan. – Stan

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                        “Dear Steve, My wife filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I have a 1st mortgage and a home equity loan from the same bank. Both are showing as discharged on my credit report since neither were reaffirmed. What happens if we stop paying the 2nd? Do we have to pay it off or will their be a lien attached to the ... Read More »

                          Does The Resolution Law Group Sales Pitch Sound Like Those Mass Joinder Cases That Were Shut Down? – Todd

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                          “Dear Steve, Hello Steve, I am following up on a recent response to another question…’Should I believe what the Resolution Group is telling me – Larraine‘ I have also receceived same letter but requested further information from the Resolution Group. Below is an email response from one of the ‘intake specialists’ that works for the resolution group, and I have ... Read More »

                            What is the Latest in the Brookstone Law Suit Wright v. Bank of America? – Yan

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                            “Dear Steve, I’ve read some of your info on Brookstone and I used to follow John Wright’s blog but he has been on a leave so I thought I’d get your input on this whole case. I am a little concerned as lately I have not been able to get any I formation or updates on the case. Reading your ... Read More »

                              My Mom Didn’t Pay the Rent and It’s Hurt My Credit. – Sunshine

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                              Dear Steve, I am a young adult that is trying to establish credit. When I was 18 years of age I stayed with my mother and signed the lease as an occupant, because I was of age. Therefore, I was held responsible for any damages or anything that could happen to the apartment. My mother skipped out on the lease ... Read More »

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