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Real Estate

Narasimhan Consulting & Mortgage Eliminators Says The Can Use Bankruptcy to Get a Quiet Title on My Property. – Tom

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“Dear Steve, We have been fighting foreclosure for 3 yrs trying to get a mod, and have been studying & preparing to go pro se if necessary to save our home, we feel pro se is to much to attempt and hired an atty who basically doesn’t feel we have a case and says to prepare to move out, we ... Read More »

    NACA Saved Blanca, Can They Save Your Home as Well?

    “Dear Steve, We could not afford our house and tried for 2 years to get a loan modification with our bank, after trying almost anything that could help us (also we contacted you) and got very valuable information, we were able to see light at the end of the tunnel, but I want to tell you that we work with ... Read More »

      Short Sale on My Home With Two Mortgages Shows Two Different Dates. – Sunny

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      “Dear Steve, Short sale of home which had 2 mortgages, credit report shows different dates. Closing date for the Short sale was 12/09, 2nd released mortgage on 01/10 but the 1st release mortgage shows 05/10. After further review of Court documents the dates match with the Release filing the 2 banks completed. Now I’m trying to get new mortage but ... Read More »

        Bank of America Just Gives Us the Run Around With Making Home Affordable Program. – Amanda

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        “Dear Steve, Ok…we have been in our home for over 5 years. When we bought it we had a high interest rate, we accepted that because we wanted our own place. After a few years we started getting letters saying we needed to apply to the Making Home Affordable program (MHA) we were not really behind we got are payment ... Read More »

          National Advocacy Law Center is Calling Us to Sell Us Something. – Olga

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          “Dear Steve, We need help as well with Indy Mac bank and this law firm national advocacy law center called our home with a message on a recorder Saying we are preselected to get a loan modification. How can a law group Do this ?? We never called or herd of such a thing any way so impressed 1 and ... Read More »

            I Was Contacted by The National Advocacy Law Center But Can’t Speak to Attorney. – Tommy

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            “Dear Steve, I live in new jersey and we had been contacted by national advocacy law center regarding loan modification help I’m very distressed over the fact they won’t allow us to speak to the attorney in our state or tell us who it is. They told me until I send in all my info such as mortgage statement & ... Read More »

              The Mortgage Law Group is Supposed to Be Saving Our House. – Sharon

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              “Dear Steve, I have had The Mortgage Law Group working on modification of my house note since Noc,2011, Have paid thousands of dollars and are still in the dark about my mortgage. The company is in Florida and I am in Texas. I have gotten letters about foreclosure and am scared of losing my house. My husband and I are ... Read More »

                I Thought Results for Homeowners Reeked of a Scam. – Jim

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                “Dear Steve, emailed you several months ago about a mortgage relief organization that had approached an old HS buddy in So. Cal. with proposed settlement ideas. You and I both did some research on “results for homeowners.com”, found they had no operating license in Ca., nor were they operating in the City of Costa Mesa according to city records. They ... Read More »

                  Can I Get a Mortgage Release for My Second Mortgage if I Settle It? – Patricia

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                  “Dear Steve, I owe on 1st mortgage more than the assessed value of the home. I had a 2nd mortgage like the HELOs you talk about-revolving credit loans. I defaulted on the 2nd but the company did not foreclose probably because of the value of property. I now received a settlement offer from a collection agency for about 25% of ... Read More »

                    If I File Bankruptcy Will I Be Able to Get a VA Loan or Mortgage Again? – Mike

                    “Dear Steve, Hello I am an unemployed male with some income whom is facing divorce with no children. I am considering a bankruptcy to sever things but I have a VA mortgage and cant get the house sold. When I move out I want to retain my VA benefits. I understand that if I have to file bankruptcy I will ... Read More »

                      Should I Believe What The Resolution Law Group Tells Me? – Larraine

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                      “Dear Steve, I received a letter from “The Resolution Law Group, P.C.” (quotations mine) at 500 West Putman Ave, Suite 400, Greenwich, CT, 06830. They claim to have filed a Complex Tort Action against Wells Fargo Bank, my mortgage lender, and have invited me to be a potential plaintiff in a suit for fraudulent lender/servicer actions. I live in Maryland. ... Read More »

                        A Company is Promising to Lower Our Mortgage Rate to 2 Percent. Is That True? – Emmy

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                        “Dear Steve, Home mortgate restructure!!! Just like million people in this country, My husband lost his job last year , we couldn’t affort the mortgate. we got some mail, i call and those law firm said that they will be able to get us to some program like Restructure home loan.. and the rate only 2%. Is there really that ... Read More »

                          Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition Says They Are Non-Profit But Want to Charge Fees.

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                          “Dear Steve, I have been attempting to get a home modification for the past 2 years and I was scammed once before. I contacted a “non-profit” company called Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition and I have been offered a chance to go in and have a meeting with one of the lead attorney’s. Before I set an appointment, I asked them ... Read More »

                            Meracord / Noteworld is Offering Me a Loan Modification for a Fee. – Noreen

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                            “Dear Steve, Received a call from a Mr. Chapman from Meracord offering to get us a loan modification for less than what we pay on two mortgages now. Claims that there is no charge for this they get paid by the company they work for? He just asked for $1,060. in escrow and told us not to pay next months ... Read More »

                              My Problem is With Mitchell Stein and Kramer-Kaslow. – Char

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                              “Dear Steve, My problem is I paid Mitchell Stein, Kramer-Kaslow $6000.00 to help me with my financial situation. I was never told the truth from the beginning (foreclosure?). I still have the papers from Mitchel Stein, I had talked to someone about where is my copy of Kramer signing it since it switched hands. As soon as they zapped the ... Read More »

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