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Real Estate

How Can We Refinance Our Mortgage While I’m Unemployed? – Nicole

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“Dear Steve, Unfortunatly as I found out the HOPE program and all other programs will not modify your loan if you are currently on Unemployment benefits. What are options for people who are unemployed. I am working but my husband was laid off over 2 years ago. I have tried to modify my mortgage thru Citi Mortgage but they are ... Read More »

    Can I Get a HAMP Modification if I Have a Second Mortgage? – Jim

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    “Dear Steve, Residence is underwater Can I acquire a “HAMP’ loan modification if I have a first mortage with GMAC and a second mortage (Equity line with Wells Fargo). GMAC balance $71,000 and Wells Fargo equity balance $99,500. Zillow value is $123,400. Please advise as Wells Fargo could not accomodate with loan or GMAC due to second mortage. I do ... Read More »

      I Looked Into Living Free and Clear and I’m Confused. – James

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      “Dear Steve, My wife and i owe about $20,000. credit cards debt. We have adjustable mortgage that we owe more than the house is worth. We bought the house for $280.000. We owed more than $320,000. The current market value is about $160,000. We would like to pay off our debts sooner. I looked into “Living Free And Clear ” ... Read More »

        My Mortgage Company Won’t Give Me a VA IRRRL to Modify My Mortgage. – John

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        “Dear Steve, I am a US veteran with a 6.5% VA mortgage loan. Additionally, I have about $13,000 on a credit card. I have tried for several years now to get the credit card debt down from it’s highest level of $18000 but every time I get to a point where I can pay additional amounts on the credit card ... Read More »

          Should I Be Worried SC Law Group Has My Information?


          “Dear Steve, I saw your postings regarding SC Law Group and was curious. The person I talked to over the phone seems knowledgeable of mortgage modification. I have provided them info regarding my financial documents (bank statements, mortgage statements, and employer pay stubs). I needed to pay an upfront fee (several thousand) for the loan modification. I did not pay ... Read More »

            What is the Best Way to Stay in Our Home; Foreclosure or Short Sale? – Marc

            “Dear Andy, We (my wife and I) have been in our home for 7 years. We are current on our payments on both our first Loan of +/- $370k (5 year ARM tied to LIBOR) and our Second loan of +/- $75k with Citibank. We paid $499k for our home with only $15k down. Our home lists on ZILLOW (as ... Read More »

              Is Cronauer Law Center a Scam? – Nancy

              “Dear Steve, I am looking for a good place to get my loan modification done Is Cronauer Law Center a scam? They are asking me for $5000 up front to pay for loan modification services. I can’t find much information except their website. Nancy” Dear Nancy, All I can tell you about them is what I have found through some ... Read More »

                Is Elite Legal Group, Elite Financial Solutions, Elite Financial, or Elite Financial Real Estate Services a Scam?

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                “Dear Steve, I received a letter in the mail that seems exactly like the mailer one of your posters described from another one of your posts. I called the number on the letter and spoke with a man named Art Tores, he also said his name was Arturo Tores who explained to me that his company Elite Financial Solutions could ... Read More »

                  We Split and Now I Can’t Afford the House. But I Want to Keep It. – Nick

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                  “Dear Steve, My wife and I bought a house about a year ago. Since then we have split and went are own ways. I am now left with the house and the morgage. I have been paying on time but it’s getting hard and I can’t continue this every month. I want to keep the house and ask B of ... Read More »

                    Collector Says DOJ Told Chase They Don’t Have to Release Second Lien in Short Sale Unless They Get Some Cash

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                    “Dear Steve, I am a real estate agent negotiating second lien with Chase During the course of my negotiations on the second lien with Chase through their agent I was told by that agent that he would not submit the request for second lien release to his investor unless he gets (Chase) 8% of the total ORIGINAL second loan. Usually ... Read More »

                      Checking Out Solicitation By Brookstone Law. – Gene

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                      “Dear Steve, I just discovered your website while doing the background work on my solicitation by Brookstone, PLC, as stated in my recent (todays 4/19/2012) blog.The work you are doing is truly helpful and I for one am very grateful for this expertise. Is Vito Torchia Jr. a “hero of the day ” or a goat? All I and the ... Read More »

                        Is Preferred Law Legit? They Won’t Put Guarantee In Writing.

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                        “Dear Steve, We were contacted by Preferred Law LLC about getting a modification of our home mortgage They painted such a rosy picture of reducing our mortgage rate by 2-3 pts. which would save us thousands over the term of our loan. I read your article about Modifiation Review Board LLC, based in Sandy Utah, which when sent the final ... Read More »

                          Loss of Family Member and Income Leaves Me Unable to Afford My Mortgage

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                          “Dear Steve, I recently lost a family member this February who’s name was on the mortgage also. I am not able to pay the current mortgage amount because there is only one income now. I received a Mortgage Relief Advisory flyer in the mail also. I called and gave a little information and the advice I received was to get ... Read More »

                            My Son Was Approved for a Mortgage Way Above His Means. – Anna Marie

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                            “Dear Steve, My son and his wife were approved for a mortage way above their means. The realtor of course only showed them homes at the top prices and made it sound like no others were available. She then got them a home inspector which seemed to miss that the whole house was falling down. Now they have been in ... Read More »

                              Should I Hire UFAN, Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition or File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Ivan

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                              “Dear Steve, WF dragged me for one year and 3 months to get the Loan Modification. I got assisted by housing services of LA county “agency approved per HUD to help people to avoid foreclosure. The last attempt again offered by WF offering HAMP was after I submitted a complaint against them with the Consumer Financial Credit Bureu. I sent ... Read More »

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