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Real Estate

I’m a Colon Cancer Survivor With No Work, No Savings and a Leaking Roof

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“Dear Steve, I am a 72 year old woman…. With a reverse mortgage and a roof that is leaking into my bedroom of my town home where I have lived for 19 years. I owe $112,000 on my home that is now worth $60,000 maybe. I get $8,000 a year, $725 a month, I am unable to work and have ... Read More »

Our Mortgage Was Discharged in Bankruptcy But We Want to Stay. Will Wells Fargo Modify Our Loan? – Joseph

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“Dear Steve, Filed chapter 7 and had debt, including mortgage discharged ( non reaffirmed) nov 2011. Mortgage 209000, zillow says house worth 145000 was taxed at 165000 by the county. Hello, my mortgage was discharged via chpt 7, and we didnt reaffirm and want to stay in the house. We have fallen a month behind on the mortgage and wells ... Read More »

My Mortgage Was Discharged in Bankruptcy But I’m Still Paying It. – Cliff

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“Dear Steve, I lost my job and we had to file bankruptcy in 2011. As of August we were discharged form everything including 1st and 2nd mortgage. Our 1st is 242000.00, 2nd is 43000.00. Our home value is below 200000.00. During the bankruptcy BOA transfered our loans to new lenders, the second went to greentree and is reporting correctly on ... Read More »

Is Results For Homeowners a Legit Company or a Scam? – Jim

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“Dear Steve, Retired on pension of 48K/yr. , mortgage held by B ob A, from Countrywide..Loan is 30 fixed 1st 10 interest only, will roll over in 2 yrs. and payments PITI will be ~ 2800/mo. no way I can pay that, as I’m too young to open SS, and will not till 66. I am current on everything, have ... Read More »

How Much Trouble Are We In For Giving Prudent Law Group Our Information? – Chuck

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“Dear Steve, Have filed chapter 13. In an interest only Fannie loan, upside down. Answered a card in the mail. After my wife e signed all these docs, they wanted $4000 upfront. She started thinking we had to check these guys out, Prudent Law Group, and found your site. The question is, if this is a scam, how much trouble ... Read More »

How Do I Get PNC Bank to Modify My Mortgage? – Timothy

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“Dear Steve, Me and my wife are behind on some mortgage payments and we have lost equity since we purchased our home. I am looking to reduce my monthly payments and I am currently behind on my mortgage. I tried working with my lender PNC Bank last year on a loan Mod and it was granted but they tacked on ... Read More »

How Can We Get Our Short Sale Approved Fast? – Mary

“Dear Andy, I bought my house 5 years ago at the peak of the housing market and live in MD. I have a NC interest only 10/1 ARM and have been unsuccessful at refinancing or any loan modification over the last 2 years. My husband has an opportunity to attend a PHD program in FL in the fall, so that ... Read More »

Does SC Law Group Sound Like a Scam? – Jake

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“Dear Steve, Have a mortgage with a 6% intrest… Starting to have some financial issues.. I was contacted through the mail by the SC Law Group from Long Beach, CA. They say they can put together a package to present to Chase our mortgage lender that will make them reduce our mortgage rate to 3.25% based on our financial hardship. ... Read More »

Is Modification Review Board in Sandy Utah Legit?

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March 4, 2013 – Benjamin Horton takes exception with comments made by others in response to this article. See update below. “Dear Steve, My loan was sold from BAC in January 2012 to Specilized Loan Servicing, LLC. I had tried 3 times to get a modification with BAC first myself, 2 with National Debt Solution in CA scram, 3 with ... Read More »

State Farm Cancelled Our Homeowners Insurance

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Q: We live in the country in a home over a century year old that we have been slowly remodeling. It has been in my husband’s family for four generations. We purchased it knowing that there was a great deal of repairs that needed to be done. We felt because we had remodeled homes in the past that we would ... Read More »

My Mother Took Advantage of My Credit When I Was 21. – Kiera

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“Dear Steve, 4 years ago my mother decided to buy a house, her credit would not allow her to purchase the house. She was recommended by the realtor to try someone else, her kids. I was asked. I declined. The realtor encouraged me to do this and stated in 6 mos it would be placed in my mother’s name. I ... Read More »

I Want to Get Rid of PMI But the Bank Wants an Appraisal. – Jody

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I would like to get rid of my PMI, I have paid almost 22% of my original loan value and now the bank is telling me that it can not be removed unless I pay $135 to have a broker come and appraise my home or I have to wait until the antipated date of 10/2014 of when the bank ... Read More »

Can We Get a Loan on the Equity in Our House Without Refinancing? – Dorothy

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We want to get cash out of our house, but wonder if we can do this without refinancing the house. Because if we refinance it will take longer to pay off the house. We have 6 more years to pay on it. We want to consolidate our bills with the cash. Dear Dorothy, If you are basing your ability to ... Read More »

Deficiency After Foreclosure in Virginia. Do I Have a Recourse or Non-Recourse Mortgage? – MDR


Photo Credit: TaberAndrew Hi. I lost a home to foreclosure in Virginia two years ago. I had no education about deficiencies until I started getting phone calls from a company called LCS Financial services. Well now I have found that the debt was given to this collection agency and they are asking for a whopping $100,000. So far no judgment ... Read More »

How Does a “Mortgage Release” Work to Let Us Hand Back Our House. My Husband is Active Duty Military.

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We can’t make our payments, applied for a modification over a year ago. Paid trial payments and the first couple of regular payments, then received a notice from the mortgage co. that they were mistaken, and the mod had not actually gone through. I stopped making the payments as they were not being credited anyway. I finally heard from them ... Read More »

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