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Real Estate

How Do I Know if a 1099-C Has Been Issued? – Nancy

We had a house go into foreclosure last year, the house was in our separate names as we were not married, and live in Washington State. I did have a lawyer after the fact trying to keep us out of court for another matter relating to this. From what the lawyer said, because Washington is a non-recourse state, the bank ... Read More »

    Bank of America Won’t Take My House. What About Keys for Cash?

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    I bought an one bedroom apt turned condo back in 2007 at the Courts of Oakland Park in Oakland Park, FL. The mortgage company then was Country Wide. My initial mortgage was $787 the first year, the next year it skyrocketed to $1,366. The place had gone into foreclosure in 2009. Bank of America bought out County Wide Loans and ... Read More »

      Is my California second mortgage a non-recourse loan they can’t collect on?

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      I purchased a home in 2006 with a 80/20 purchase loan in the State of California. In 2008, I became disabled and was no longer able to pay. Subsequently, the home foreclosed. The 2nd lien holder has attempted to collect since 2008 on the balance they say I owe them. From what I understand under California law if a loan ... Read More »

        I’m Very Skeptical of the State Law Group Modification Claims. – Jim

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        My wife and I have been contacted by The State Law Group. I have seen that you have been asked about this organization in the past with regards to loan modification. As with many Americans, times have been tough in our household and as a result we have accumulated a significant amount of debt that I fear we will never ... Read More »

          Bank of America Says They Will Modify Our Loan But Won’t Give Us Details. – Julie

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          When we bought our home 8 years ago, we got an 80/20 loan from Countrywide for interest rates in the 8% range. We have been working with B of A, or trying to, for almost a year now to mocify our loan as they said we didn’t qualify for any of the government programs. They say they are going to ... Read More »

            How can Bank of America lock me out of paying my mortgage online when I am behind a month? – Lisa

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            My husband and I are in the process of trying to get Bank of America to modify our mortgage for the second time. We are under water and are behind 2 months now. I’ve been assigned an account manager who I cannot get in touch with–all my calls are sent to voicemail. I can’t talk to a real person because ... Read More »

              How Can We Get Bank of America to Modify Our FHA Mortgage. We Make Less Now. – Dana

              “Dear Andy, I was injured and out of work for over a year,and required surgery. My husband was a truck driver, and leased a truck, that was new, and kept breaking down. He could not hardly make enough money to pay the bills,except the mortgage payment. We had to also let a car go back to the bank. We had ... Read More »

                Filed chapter 13 bankruptcy but mortgage company did not foreclose…house still in my name and is now a public nuisance. – JC

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                Hello! I filed chapter 13 about 3 years ago, in Las Vegas, NV, which is where I have been living for past 9 years. I owned a home in Toledo, OH during that time as well, which never sold when I moved to Vegas, putting me in further debt to try to pay a mortgage, rent, and credit cards, thus ... Read More »

                  Should I cash in 401k to pay debt down to get better mortgage rate? – Carol

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                  Going to buy a home soon. Would like all credit cards to be at the 30% mark so that we get a better rate. Was told wed get 4.125 now but im wondering if I could get better. We make plenty of money but made bad choices in youth. Cc with high interest rates= a tone in lost money. Carol Read More »

                    Where to turn for mortgage modification help? – Larry

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                    3 1/2 years ago I switched jobs. My wife and i were high on our credit and mortgage, and i took a 12k pay cut (also lost medical insurance from company prior). The slowed economy has slowed my catching up on income. I was soon maxed on credit cards. I turned to CuraDebt for debt settlement help back in May ... Read More »

                      Lost Job, Wife Left, Behind on House and Farm. – James

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                      I refinance my home and did major renovations in 2005. I am a self-employed general contractor in the state of Florida. Well we all know what happen next. Work stopped. my credit scored fell 300 points. My wife divorced me. I have two notes one on my home and one on my farm. I declared chapeter 13 and I am ... Read More »

                        What Are the Options for Timeshare Owners Who Want Out? – Hollis

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                        I own a timeshare that I wish I didn’t own. I paid about $12000 cash for it – no debt – and have kept current on my quarterly maintenance payments of about $160. Without going into too much personal detail, the problem is – I’m probably never going to use it. And there are thousands of happy fools just like ... Read More »

                          Would you continue making payments in my situation? – Dan

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                          Defaulting on 80/20 interest only loan intentionally. Have enough income to make mortgage payments. Home is approximately 100,000 underwater. Entering 6th year of mortgage, nothing towards principle at all. Payments adjust in 4 (2016) years with an increase of 400 dollars. DO NOT qualify for loan remodifications due to sufficient income. No chance of refinancing in the near future. 1ST ... Read More »

                            Getting a refund from the Hoalm Advocate? – William

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                            I went through My Hoalm Advocate around feb/march of 2011 ( that time they had an A rating from BBB). to make it short my house was forclosed on and in the agreed signed paperwork it stated I was to get a full refund of 3995.00 if they did not save my home. They requested I send them a notarized ... Read More »

                              Chase is Giving Me a Runaround About My Mortgage – LeeLuv

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                              Sorry if this is too long… I became disabled due to medical condition. I am now drawing adequate private disability insurance after 6 months out of work. There have been many other factors, but I am 6 months behind on my mortgage. I have been trying to work with Chase, but they have been terrible. I get letters telling me ... Read More »

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