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Real Estate

How soon can I get a mortgage after paying off a repo? – Samantha

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My car was repossessed in June 2010 and auctioned for less than the loan amount shortly after. So the account appears on my credit reports as a charge-off and delinquent for the deficiency amount. I would really like ti buy a home so six months ago I started working to repair my credit (which also had an old cellphone bill ... Read More »

    I Own a Home Free and Clear But Debt Collectors Are Coming After Me. – Rick

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    “Dear Steve, I am 59 years old and have owned a home in Georgia since 1980. I lost my job in 2007 and no matter what I have tried I have been unable to find work. My first wife of thirty four years passed away from a long term chronic illness back in 2005. Since our insurance company canceled her ... Read More »

      We Are Trying to Buy a House With a Short Sale But It’s Going Nowhere. – Joy

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      “Dear Andy, We are buyers. We have placed more than two offers on a short sale. First time, we were apparently out-bidded. Second, house was taken off market, then placed on active status and our #2 offer was put through with the Sellers paperwork to the bank. It was “accepted”. Offer made in October of last year. It is now ... Read More »

        Is Nationwide Law Center a Trusted Firm? – Fredy

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          Precision Law Center and MyHomeSupport.org Have Confused Me

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          “Dear Steve, I have several loans that I wish to modify in California … five (5) in total, equaling $3.2 Million in debt. So… I have been following this loan modification industry very carefully. Thank you for being the watch dog for us consumers. I was watching & remotely considering Mitchel Stein or Philip Kramer until they got raided. I ... Read More »

            We Can’t Afford Our House. Should We Hire Someone? – Bianca

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            “Dear Steve, We are in foreclosure,My husband lost his job and my hours at work were reduced , so last year we started to negotiate with our bank to get into a loan modification, so far without success.Last year we did not qualified for any program because we were not behind in our payment and when we started missing our ... Read More »

              I Have Been in Contact With State Law Group to Modify My Mortgage. – Anne-Marie

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              “Dear Steve, I am in the process of trying to modify my home loan and am attempting to do my due diligence. I have been in contact with STATE LAW GROUP, a Californina Professional Law Corp., after receiving their postcard in the mail. They claim that I qualify for a loan modification and that they can help me. I am ... Read More »

                I Reaffirmed My Second Mortgage and Then Got Foreclosed On. – Rosalie

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                “Dear Steve, I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009. At the time I was in a modification plan for my first mortgage. The Bank stopped the modification process due to bankruptcy and said they would only modify after bankruptcy. I sincerely wanted to keep my property, so I signed a reaffirmation agreement for the 2nd mortgage debt of $30,000.00, believing ... Read More »

                  How Can We Get Our Money Back from Precision Law Center? – Antonio

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                  “Dear Steve, me and my wife pay Presicion law center 9000 dlls for their services, two properties that they suposs to get in the mass law asue vs bank of america and vs wachovia now that we pay in full their is no answer and the mananswer the same phone number said that they move i month ago,adress is 151kalmus ... Read More »

                    Metropolitan Law Group Mortgage Reduction Mailer. – Linda

                    Metropolitan Law Group

                    “Dear Steve, Filed for bankruptcy in July 2010. Still have house – was able to modify payment but it’s adjustable and I just had the rate go up. I’m just making it – barely. Received a letter in the mail from Metropolitan Law Group – 2030 Main Street, Irvine, CA. BBB, Complaints Board had no info on them. Trustlink had ... Read More »

                      My Parent Were Helping Me With My Mortgage But They Can’t Anymore. – Sandy

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                      “Dear Steve, I tried to lower my mortgage payments. Got bad advice from a remod company that I thought was reputable company. I got foreclosure papers. Tried another company to help me but again nothin happened. I tried my mortgage company but my payments went up. So I filed a chapter 13, so I thought. The lawyer filed a chapter ... Read More »

                        Do I Have to Pay Someone for a Bank of America Loan Modification? – Margarfet

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                        “Dear Steve, I have a townhouse that I purchased in 2007 for my daughter & grandson to live in. She has not been able to pay rent for 6 months therefore I have not been able to pay the mortgage. This would not have been a problem a few years ago but my husband had a stroke several years ago ... Read More »

                          How Can I Keep My Ex-Wife In Our Old House and Build My Credit Score? – David

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                          “Dear Steve, I am currently going trough a divorce, and am having difficuty in maintaining the current house payment. My ex resides in the house and has commited to paying a certain amount of the house payment as rent. She is currently unable to meet her obligations; and I am falling behind on the house payment. I have attempted a ... Read More »

                            How Do We Refinance Our Interest Only Mortgage With Bad Credit? – Morga

                            “Dear Andy, We have a loan through American Home Mortgage I assume this is Bank of America. Right now it is an interest only loan with a rate of 6.75. There is no way to get it refinanced right now as credit ratings are poor. We have concentrated on getting everything paid off. How would I or can I go ... Read More »

                              Nationwide Financial Consulting Wants to Sell Us Mortgage Help. – Laura

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                              “Dear Steve, We are about to go into foreclosure and we really want to keep our house but due to unfortunate circumstances we are not able to afford it at the current payments. We have tried to get the modification loan but have been given the run-around. We have a second mortgage and just come out of chapter 13. My ... Read More »

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