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Real Estate

I’m Moving Out. Will I Still Be Obligated for the Rest of the Rent? – Ross

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“Dear Steve, I signed a lease to live in a house with 2 other roommates from Aug. 2011-Aug. 2012. One of my roommates is always late in paying his portion of the rent and we received a letter from the realty company saying we have until the end of the month to pay his portion or else we will be ... Read More »

    What Do You Think About FinancialHotline.Org and StayInYourHome.Org? – Marilyn

    “Dear Steve, I am on permanent disability, in an upside down mortgage, purchased house in 1978, combined 1st/2nd mortgage 1992, divorced, refi 125% mortgage 2005, house overappraised 2005, unfairly fired from job in 2008 ending 36 year career as xray tech, $45,000 in unsecured debt which will most likely resolve by Chap7 BK Jan 2012. Income total $2175/mo, mortgage payment ... Read More »

      Looking to Purchase First House. Is My Credit Good Enough? – Mark

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      “Dear Steve, My credit was messed up when my wife had to quit her job because our son was born at 25 weeks, and was in the hospital for a couple of months, and now I am just getting it back on track. I am looking to purchase my first house and have scores of 672, 608 (still showing a ... Read More »

        My House Was Foreclosed On But the Bank Wants Money From Me. – Xiomara

        “Dear Andy, I owned a single family house in N.Y. First and second mortgage were held by chase. The house was foreclosed almost two years ago. I received a letter from an attorney in August asking me to pay 10% of the debt on the second about $10,000 now I received another letter from same firm but this time they ... Read More »

          Do I Need to Be Worried About Getting Scammed by Hardship Center? – Tasia

          “Dear Mitch, I received this above email alone with a phone call and wanted to know if it was a scam or not, please advise. Don’t want to fall into a scam! “I spoke with you today regarding your situation. I look forward to assisting you in creating a long term solution for your mortgage. Attached is the prequalification package ... Read More »

            I’m a First Time Homebuyer. Will I be Able to Buy a Home After Bankruptcy? – David

            “Dear Andy, Went bankrupt 2 years ago. Been a discharged bankrupt for just over a year. Is it possible to get a mortgage? I am a first time buyer and would love a house and am more financially stable than i have ever been. David” Dear David, With the mortgage products available today, there won’t be anything (that I know ... Read More »

              Bank of America Was Going to Foreclose and Then Changed Their Mind. – Nancy

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              “Dear Steve, We own a house in Urbandale,IA. My husband and I lost our jobs and our house was foreclosed on. Due to lack of legal advice (we used vastly case over-loaded IA. Legal Aid and a state funded mediation service) and lack of foreclosure knowledge we moved out of the house after the foreclosure. We continued attempted modification process ... Read More »

                I’d Like a List of Reverse Mortgage Counselors to Help Me. – Pat

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                “Dear Steve, 70 years old, unemployed for 2 1/2 years, unemployment run out. 14 months left on mortgage, 3 credit cards in collections, 8 medications, medicare d which is going up, 2 strokes, little damage to self. have money from teaching pension going into account to pay mortgage and irs, state taxes, property, home, life, car insurance; want to look ... Read More »

                  My Ex-Husband Wants to Give Me the House. He Can’t Afford the Payments. – Kelly

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                  “Dear Steve, Ex and I divorced last year. I left him the house but the judge did tell us the decree did not relieve me of the mortgage responsibility. Unfortunately he was not able to refi because of his current income. Called me last week to ask if I’d like the house back because he cannot afford it any longer ... Read More »

                    Is The Prudential Law Group in California, Legitimate or a Scam?

                    Prudential Law Group

                    “Dear Steve, I received a notice in the mail claming to represent the former owner of my mortgage loan. The notice was attempting to advise me that I qualify for a mortgage assistance program to lower my payments. I found it fishy so I called the number to learn more details. The person I spoke to sounded confident but was ... Read More »

                      I Signed a Reaffirmation Agreement for My Second Mortgage But Not My First. Do I Owe It? – Annabelle

                      “Dear Lewis, Filed Bankruptcy in 2009. First mortgage was discharged, the second got reaffirmed. My question is: Do I have to pay on the second mortgage? The first was discharged, but the second somehow got reaffirmed. Since the equity in the home was the collateral for the second loan, and I do not “technically” own the home anymore, am I ... Read More »

                        Avid Law Center Says They Can Get Our Bank of America Mortgage Restructured. – Debbie

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                        “Dear Steve, We were going to do an exchange in 2006, we bought a house but the sale of our rental house didn’t go through. We now have a mortgage of approx $338,000 and the property is worth approx $102,000. I called the lender Bank of America to see about a loan modification and I have an appointment on October ... Read More »

                          State Law Group Said They Can Restructure My Loan for a Fee. – Jason

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                          “Dear Steve, im trying to re-fi or re-structure my existing interest only loan that i got with my mom as a cosigner about 5 years ago at around 6.2% “state law group” sent me a letter, i responded & brian lewandawski says that i fit a profile based on a hardship letter & a bank statement & recent mortgage stub. ... Read More »

                            I’m Trying to Help My Neighbor With a Loan Modification On His Home. – Regina

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                            “Dear Steve, I am trying to help a neighbor out with a loan modification on his home, but Wells Fargo keeps dragging their feet, now he got a summons from their atty’s I am hoping you can suggest a loan modification service company that may help him through all of this, or where he needs to start to get help ... Read More »

                              We Can’t Get a Loan Modification or Refi Our Mortgage. What Can We Do? – Sabrina

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                              “Dear Steve, Steve…just came across your site. Must say very informative. I recently received a mailer in regards to the law firm Fieldstone Law out of Newport Beach, CA. I have always been skeptical about these mailers and contacts. Not to mention, I have never contacted them back. I am in dire need of help or suggestions on how to ... Read More »

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